Italy: The Pandemic That Never Was, the Authoritarianism That Set In, and the Resistance It Has Birthed

La gente come noi non molla mai — Italy has a new #1 hit song but it's not played on the radio

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Only 2.9% of all Covid deaths in Italy were caused by the Coronavirus alone, according to revised official figures. This did not stop the Italian government from adopting ever harsher, more unpopular, and unconstitutional measures, resulting in mass demos across the country.

They fell upon deaf ears. The mainstream media ignored them, the government ignored them, the opposition ignored them.

People just did not find out. Nor did the news spread beyond Italy. The figures themselves – were it not for the reliability of their source, combined with the silence surrounding them – would be difficult to believe.

Here’s the source, the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS), in its own words:

“We are Italy’s main center for research, control and technical-scientific consultancy in the field of public health. Alongside the Ministry of Health, the Regions, and the entire National Health Service (SSN), our facilities guide health policies based on scientific evidence.”

Since the pandemic first broke out in Italy at the end of February 2020, ISS has recorded, as of October 2021, a death toll of 130,468.

Now, in its latest report published October 21st, ISS analyzed 10% of the medical records of those 130,468 deceased Italians and found out that only 3,783 (or 2.9%) were caused by the Corona virus alone.

97.1% of the dying patients suffered from up to five concomitant, lethal diseases: 67.7% had more than three. Only 18% had just two. The break-up reported by Italy’s daily Il Tempo makes for chilled reading:

“65.8% of Italians who are no longer there after being infected with Covid suffered from high blood pressure. 23.5% were also demented, 29.3% added some diabetes to their ailments, 24.8% also atrial fibrillation. (…)

17.4% already had sick lungs, 16.3% had had cancer in the last 5 years; 15.7% suffered from heart failure, 28% had ischemic heart disease”

Nor was it the first time that such data slip through mainstream coverage.

Last year, on November 6th, Prof. Dr. Bernabei of the Hospital Policlinico Gemelli of Rome, said on La7 TV channel:

“25% of the Covid infected are aged 70 or older. But they make up 90% of the deaths. Hence: those who die from Covid are almost solely the elderly. And since the first week of the pandemics, the average age of the deceased has been above 80. And they have three concomitant diseases.”

The ISS has now put in question another pillar of the pandemic narrative: the role of the jab in preventing Covid. In its latest report published on Monday, November 15th, ISS shows that, between September 10th and October 10th, 2021, more vaccinated people have died than unvaccinated people.

Rule by Decree

Going unnoticed or underreported, these figures are not hindering the latest authoritarian turn in Italian politics: a planned no vax, no work policy; a soon to start vaccination campaign on children aged between 5-11; a series of bans on individual, dissenting doctors; and a general ban on demos in the city centers.

Such measures are being discussed at the time of writing, but the ban on demos has already been passed by a parliament each time forced to ratify a government decree or face a government crisis.

Since the pandemics begun, two successive Italian governments have, within the framework of a continuously postponed state of emergency, de-facto advocated all legislative powers to themselves.

Parliament hardly ever discusses laws anymore. It just ratifies government decrees. Such procedure has often been criticized as unconstitutional by several jurists, but Italy’s Constitutional Court so far has not intervened.

Cracking Down on Anti-Vaxxers

After a few relatively calm late spring, early summer months, things got draconian again in Italy between July and September, when the government made Covid passes (so-called “green pass”) compulsory: initially for social life (bars, restaurants, theaters, cinemas, etc.) and then, for work.

Since October 15th all Italian workers need proof of vaccination, or of recovery from Covid or a test, to enter the work premises. Millions of working, unvaccinated Italian are now getting tested three times a week.

The Covid tests not being free, they are not just a hassle, but an expense of around € 150-200 per month. For households struggling to make ends meet, it’s the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Now the government is planning – with yet another decree – to reduce the validity of tests to 24 hours, instead of the current 48 hours.

Ever since the government introduced the green pass in July, and before it extended it to the workplace in September, Italians have taken to the streets with a participation and commitment not seen for decades.

On Saturday, 13th November, Robert Kennedy jr spoke to the crowds in Milan, decrying the green pass as “a global coup d’état”:

“The more they repress us, the more we rise.

The more they force us, the more we rise.

The more they blackmail us, the more we rise”

At the cry of “We are those who never give up”, unvaccinated and vaccinated Italians alike have descended into the streets asking for the cancellation of the green pass for work and social life. The seaport city of Trieste has been a hotbed of protest whose echo has been felt well beyond Italy’s borders.

Mass demos have been held all over the country for 17 consecutive weekends and counting, battling against all odds: beaten up by the police, mocked by their media, and ignored by their politicians, government, and opposition alike.

Or what remains of the opposition: since Salvini’s Lega joined the grand coalition government led by former head of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi last April, Giorgia Meloni’s Fratelli d’Italia far-right party is the only major political force left outside the ruling coalition.

Neither party has ever been too vocal against the pandemic narrative, leaving the protestors almost without political representation (the only exception being Marco Rizzo’s tiny communist party, now speaking out against the green pass).

Follow “government’s science” – or be banned

For a sizeable chunk of the Italian population, a red line has been crossed. The historical memory of the tessera fascista (1920’s-1930’s fascist pass) seems to be alive, especially among middle-aged and elderly people, but a student group against the green pass was also born and got national attention.

Protesters see the introduction of the green pass in all spheres of life as leading the way to the much dreaded, dystopic, social credit and mass-surveillance system. Household names like Philosophers Massimo Cacciari and Giorgio Agamben, and historian Alessandro Barbero have weighed in, only to have the mainstream media start character assassinations against them.

What makes the green pass especially hateful is its manifest lack of scientific grounding. As several studies show, and as Dr. Fauci conceded, vaccinated and non-vaccinated people have, with the delta variant, the same viral load.

Aware of this, the Italian government candidly admitted that its green pass introduction was solely intended to induce more people to take the vaccinate.

In a democracy, argue the jurists, the State could at most introduce mandatory vaccinations, and pay compensation for eventual injuries. Instead, the green pass is bringing in a mandatory vaccination from the back door, with the State withdrawing from any responsibility.

Vaccination adverse effects such as myocarditis have been recorded, and it seems to affect those very people, the youth, who are the least at risk by Covid. The children do not even develop it in its serious form.

The government’s plan to vaccinate children aged 5-11, hence, is now cause for grievances among large parts of the population.

Dissenting doctors, those who openly voice their concerns, are often banned from their profession by government-influenced medical corporations.

The government follows “the science” – as long as “the science” follows the government. Follow government-sponsored science, or get out of the (medical) profession, seems to be the motto – in Italy as elsewhere.

  1. Maiasta says

    Great update. Thanks for this.

    By the way, let’s not forget that the ISS’ revised “2.9%” that supposedly died from “Covid” is still not right. Without a valid diagnostic test, nobody can said to be a victim of the phantasmagorical Sars CoV-2.

    A little bit more on the Italian dictatorship:

    1. Brenda says

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  2. Robert J. says

    It is correct that Marco Rizzo and the old-style Communist party are now again being noticed of (a comeback of sorts, but only this year), but the author has omitted a quite vocal opposition that has just registered a new party under the name of Alternativa, composed mostly of dissidents a/o people excluded from the numerically speaking largest party, the Five Star Movement (another horror story, worth a report of its own). They count roughly as many deputies and senators as Fratelli d’Italia, but contrary to the latter Alternativa has been adamantly speaking against the so-called pandemic (or pandementia, as some call it.)

    Also, a consensus has been building of late among varied opponents of the regime: the so-called Green Pass is now increasingly perceived as a device intended to be turned into a tool of control over every aspect of the bearers’ existences. With Italy as its primary European testing ground, the aim of the whole operation stretches way beyond the current (phony) sanitary emergency.

  3. Thomas Turk says

    Protest is anti vax.. .. Greg Hunter USAWatchdog dort com Dr. Elisabeth Eads, “Video: Covid-19 Injections Will Cause Massive Deaths”, where Dr. Eads not only points out that the PCR tests false positives are an estimated 97%, but also lays bare the real death count related to
     the Covid vaxxes.

  4. edwardi says

    It can have no other motivation, this science being forced to follow the irrational and illogic of the political machine, has to be knowingly and consciously orchestrating an intentional mass depopulation agenda. The only other option that occurs to me is that somehow the vaccine makers have so incentivized every layer of authority with cash $$ rewards just as they do the average doctors with a % split for all the drugs they prescribe, but still, would cash incentives be enough to butcher the 5-12 year old population, the children. Are there no mothers involved in decision making ? or is the maternal instinct just that dead ? the kids have a 99.99 % chance, or in that close vicinity, of never contracting the virus in any way, or showing little effect if they do, why then pursue the much greater odds of maiming and murdering a significant # ? I think it is the depopulation agenda driving things, the Western financial Ponzi scheme is imploding, plutocrats are justifiably concerned that the mobs could turn on them at any moment, and then the double whammy rapidly gaining speed at about the same pace is the climate situation which is already driving mass migrations and that should accelerate progressively and steadily. so the self appointed world ‘leaders’ of the plutocrat Davos group and other such clubs have come up with and implemented their own solution, the term ‘final’ solution comes to mind. The perfect drugs have been masterminded, subtle yet effective in the short term of a 5 year range, with the added advantage of negatively effecting both male and female ability to reproduce. As fully gamed out on multiple super computers during the live implementation ‘simulation,’ called exercise 201 or whatever, just as they knew that at the same time the newly engineered contagion virus was being released. So far, complete success, plan is working like a charm, nothing seems able to derail it, since when have world wide massive protests and demonstrations ever prevented or stopped anything ? The largest world wide demonstrations in history meant nothing to G.W. and big Dick when they wanted to attack Iraq.

  5. Juan says

    Protesting does shit. Criminals, mortals enemies of the people, only understand force.

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