Italy Makes Injections Compulsory for Health Workers and Pharmacists

Or they face being "suspended" without pay

Phase III trials will be completed in 2023 and neither the makers nor the government is liable for damages.

Italy’s government has passed a decree making vaccination mandatory for all healthcare and pharmacy workers with the aim of protecting medical staff, patients and vulnerable people.

Healthcare workers who refuse the vaccine will be reassigned where possible to roles where they are not in contact with patients. Where that is not an option they now face being suspended without pay.

The Italian Federation of Doctors and Dentists argues that the government should have gone further and made the legal procedure to suspend non-vaccinated workers easier and faster. However, a minority in the healthcare community remain strongly opposed to compulsory vaccination.

It remains unclear whether the decree is constitutional, and many believe that future legal cases on the Covid vaccines are likely.

Roberto Lanna, a pharmacist and owner of a pharmacy on the outskirts of Naples, told CNN he was unconvinced.

“I am not against all vaccines,” he said, adding that “we know very little” about the coronavirus shots. “I don’t like that they oblige us to do the vaccine. An obligation has to be accompanied by certainties and guarantees, that this vaccine doesn’t have,” he said. “What am I going to do now [after the government decree]? I don’t know.”

For others, the measure is an essential step as Italy battles to contain a third wave of coronavirus infections.

Roberto Agresti, the owner and director of a care home in Fiano Romano, about 20 kilometers (12 miles) from Rome, told CNN an outbreak of Covid-19 cases appeared to be linked to an unvaccinated caregiver.

Out of 36 guests in Agresti’s care home, 27 tested positive for the virus in mid-March, two of whom had to be hospitalized, he said.

Agresti said the cluster originated “presumably” from a caregiver who had refused to be vaccinated and began to suffer a fever during her shift on March 16. She was sent home and tested positive for Covid-19 after a swab test, he said.

“It should have been done earlier,” he said of the mandatory vaccination measure, passed Wednesday. “I only wanted vaccinated people to work in my care home, but before the decree I couldn’t say it.”

He believes that the caregivers were mainly “scared from the collateral effects of the vaccines that are amplified by the media,” and hopes that all of them will now change their mind.

Three Covid-19 vaccines are now administered in the country — AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna — all approved by Italy’s medicines agency. Common symptoms of inoculation include soreness, redness and swelling at the site of the injection. Some of those vaccinated may also develop headache, fever, fatigue and muscle aches. However these minor side effects are normal and expected.

Reports of rare blood clots affecting a small number of people in Europe who had had the AztraZeneca vaccine made headlines last month and led to a brief suspension of use of the jab in Italy. However, the European Medicines Agency and the World Health Organization both said there seemed to be no link between blood clots and the vaccine, and both bodies said the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks.

Even before the decree was passed, it was lawful to move anti-vaccine health workers around in Italy to non-patient-facing roles, but the decree will make it harder in theory for employees opposed to vaccination to seek legal action.

Health Minister Roberto Speranza expressed “great satisfaction” about the decree’s passage, adding that winning the “health battle is a prerequisite for a real restart of the country.”

The decree also protects those who administer the vaccine by excluding them from criminal liability as long as the inoculation has been carried out in accordance with instructions laid out by the Health Ministry.

Vaccine confidence has risen significantly in Italy in recent months, according to polling by the World Economic Forum. A survey conducted in late February indicated that 85% of Italy’s population would be likely to get a Covid-19 vaccine when offered, with the proportion of those surveyed saying they strongly agreed up by 36% since December.

Source: CNN

  1. Art says

    CNN is now anti empire? I smell Soros money.

  2. Mark says

    Mandatory vaccination with a vaccine which neither promises to prevent you from being infected with the disease, or from spreading it if you are infected. It’s like selling aspirin as a vaccine against headache. From Moderna, whose ‘vaccine’ is its first commercial offering and which was allegedly whipped up in two days, and which product’s clinical trials do not complete for more than a year from now.

    Remember thalidomide? Everybody in the industry claimed it was safe as could be, and side effects did not manifest themselves until women started bearing children who had flippers like seals instead of arms.

    Does mandatory vaccination violate the Nuremberg Code? Well, what do you think? Article 6 says, “Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information.”

    Of course the public-health social engineers jumped on that fast, with both feet. Informed ‘legal experts’ and medical authorities were rushed out to say that the Nuremberg Code spoke only of medical experimentation. That’s the way things are done these days – if you want to discredit something, report that ‘experts’ say it isn’t so. Or is, depending on which viewpoint the Empire is defending.

    Read the letter of the law. Does it say anything about medical experimentation? You can argue ’til the cows come home about how you interpret what it says, but what does it say? Let’s just recall for a moment how ‘legal expert’ John Yoo assured President Dubya that nothing going on in Abu Ghraib was torture – ’tisn’t torture until the recipient experiences organ failure, you know. All the ‘legal experts’ say so.

    But let’s just say, for fun – as if there was any to be had any more in this joyless world – that the Nuremberg Code DID refer to medical experimentation.

    What would you call vaccination with a vaccine which does not promise immunity from the disease, against a disease type (coronavirus) for which no vaccine has ever been fielded in medical history, which is approved for emergency use and will not complete clinical trials for more than a year? Experimentation? What say you, legal experts?

    You will see this effect again in the alleged prohibition of discrimination against those who refuse vaccination, issued by the Council of Europe. Italy, last time I looked, is part of Europe. As before, ‘legal experts’ are on hand to assure you that governments can do exactly as they please with their citizens, because….are you ready?

    The decree is not binding.

    At every turn, the ‘fact-checkers’ are there to tell you you have no recourse – the government is being the adult here, and you’re being childish with your silly fears about monsters under your bed. We’re just going to have to put our foot down here, because this is for your own good and you are just determined not to see it, you silly. It doesn’t say ‘must’; it says ‘should’. So that means we can disregard it as we see fit.

    Which means there really is no such concept as ‘law’; it’s a quaint and outmoded relic. The law is now subject to creative interpretation. Here’s what we think it meant, which says we can do it if we want.

    Is that even ‘government’, do you think?

  3. Jerry Hood says

    Just another satanic jew playing Dr.Mengele!!!

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