Italian Doctors Sanctioned for Raising Questions About COVID Vaccine

When your arguments and data are so strong that you have to resort to censure...

An Italian doctors association has warned or disciplined 10 medics for promoting anti-vaccination propaganda and is considering sanctions against three others who are accused of downplaying the gravity of covid-19.

This comes amid growing concern that public scepticism over covid-19 vaccines could undermine Europe’s fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Antonio Magi, president of the Ordine dei Medici di Roma (Rome Doctors Guild), said that inquiries into 10 medics accused of unwarranted criticism of vaccinations had been completed, with punishments ranging from warnings to two month suspensions. The other three investigations were ongoing, he told the Ansa news agency. The disciplinary procedures followed complaints from other doctors and members of the public.

The three medics still under investigation will be asked to justify claims they have made online, on television, and on radio, to a special commission of the guild.

One of the three is Mariano Amici, who practices in Ardea, 30 km south of Rome. He describes himself as a practitioner of general medicine. He says that he is not against vaccinations as such, despite having some misgivings about the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine that is now being given in Italy. On his website he says that he is “perplexed” about the health risks from such mRNA vaccines and questions whether they are appropriate for fighting a disease that he claims has a death rate of only one in 2000.1 Most estimates put the mortality rate 10 times higher. [“Most estimates” is a weasel term.]

Despite the investigation against him he has continued to make unsubstantiated assertions. Last week he declared, “The English variant of covid that is causing so much concern at the moment confirms what I have been arguing for months: the vaccine for a virus that has already changed so many times risks being ineffective and even dangerous.”

Scientific understanding

Another medical organisation, the Italian Federation of Medical Professional Associations (FNOMCEO), has expressed concern over doctors who are refusing to be vaccinated.

FNOMCEO’s president, Filippo Anelli, told the Italian media that around 100 medics were unwilling to receive the immunisation, adding that vaccine scepticism was “incompatible with the profession because it denied the scientific evidence.”

Pierpaolo Sileri, Italy’s deputy health minister and a professor of surgery, hit out at his vaccine sceptic colleagues. “I am perplexed when I hear of fellow doctors or nurses reluctant to get the vaccine,” he said. “I can understand it regarding a member of the public who perhaps does not have the scientific understanding . . . but frankly, I think that those doctors and nurses, if they still have doubts after seeing everything that’s happened, are probably in the wrong job.”

EU leaders are concerned that anti-vaccination sentiment could seriously undermine the continent’s attempts to vanquish covid-19. In some countries, including Italy, Germany, Spain, and Sweden, public scepticism over covid-19 vaccines is thought to be high.

In France, the latest monthly poll by CoviPrev for Santé Publique France (the public health agency) found that only 40% of respondents said that they would consider getting vaccinated—and of those, only 13% said that they were “certain” to receive it.2

Meanwhile, Spanish authorities have said that they will compile a register of people who refuse covid-19 vaccinations, which they will share with other EU countries. Spain’s health minister, Salvador Illa, said that the list would not be public and insisted that it would be compiled in “full respect” of people’s privacy.



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Source: The BMJ

  1. Mychal says

    It should be your choice what you put into your body. If you die from being forced you put that rushed vax into your body well your dead and who cares you can not even sure or your family. All for a virus with a 99.95 % recovery rate!

  2. XSFRGR says

    If the vaccine was not dangerous it would not be necessary to precede it’s introduction with a vanguard of propaganda, hysteria, threats, and flat out lies. Something is very wrong, and the cattle are sensing it.

  3. Eddy says

    I have easy solution to the problem. Instead of removing legal responsibility from the Pharma company that manufactured the alleged “vaccination” thereby relieving them of any responsibility should there be repercussions from bad outcomes caused by the alleged “vaccine”, they should again, make said Pharma companies legally liable for health issues caused by this “vaccination” The FACT, that such companies do not have to stand by their product, is one of the main causes of the mistrust by the public. No amount of waffling on by the medical fraternity is going to resolve that. In fact that the medical fraternity is unable to recognise this FACT, tells us they are on board with the Pharma companies instead on the side of their patients.

  4. yuri says

    preliminary studies suggest that Pfizer the least effective and most dangerous
    typically vaccine effectiveness varies among age groups, specific populations afflicted w different chronic illnesses, pregnant females, etc
    Some vaccines effective, some not. This is usually only determined by several years of double blind studies…according to emperor gates his arsenic rat poison vaccine will prevent covid—all that have used it did not die from covid

  5. Daisybeagle says

    I agree most whole heartedly with the previous three comments. It is very sad that governments are not listening to their medical profession but relying upon one or two “pet” scientists who already have a conflict of interest and are in the pocket of Bill Gates. Gates has stated publicly that vaccine programmes are the most profitable investments that he has ever made so there is a strong element of financial reward involved which as we know always wins over moral, ethical and professional considerations. The medical profession is already heavily influenced by pharma and has been for years. Ever since Rockefeller hijacked the universities and thus the teachings of medical profession it has been so.
    We the people must insist on free speech and rather than shutting down the misgivings expressed by doctors who have real concerns it should be up to the pharma and government to address those concerns to their satisfaction. There have been many deaths and serious ill effects from the vaccine and it has only just begun. We must look at the fact that this vaccine has been rolled out in less than a year, has not been properly tested, has been authorised under emergency protocol, is using new and never before tested mRNA technology and as mentioned Pharma has zero liability. Of course we have concerns and as XSFRGR has so correctly stated if it was not dangerous the government and media would not have to use threats and propaganda to the extent that they have.

  6. abinico warez says

    “compiled in ‘full respect’ of people’s privacy.” – ah, if you really had full respect for privacy, you would not be doing this.

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