It Now Pleases the COVID Rouge to Permit You to Hug, But Only If You Have Been Injected and Don’t ‘Take It Too Far’

Vaccinated people will be able to hug their grandchildren once restrictions are eased next week, the chief medical officer has confirmed.

As part of the “vaccine bonus”, people who have had their jabs will be able to meet with unvaccinated people from one other household, indoors and without masks from Monday, May 10.

On Friday, CMO Dr Tony Holohan confirmed this meant that grandparents will once again be able to hug their grandchildren.

He said: “People who are vaccinated will be in a position to meet other people who are unvaccinated, so long as those unvaccinated people come from just one other house, and are in the low-risk groups.

“So that’s what the bonus applies for and it enables them to do that, to not have to take the other precautions.”

Put to him that his comments will have made a lot of people very happy, Dr Holohan replied: “I hope so.”


There is no better snapshot of Britain’s slide into Covid dystopia than the argument over whether Britons should be allowed to hug each other again from next week.

Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove announced on The Andrew Marr Show on Sunday that ‘intimate contact’ and hugging would be ‘restored’ alongside the next easing of the lockdown restrictions. Yet within 24 hours of Gove’s cheerful announcement, the government started to row back. ‘Cautious cuddling’ is fine, according to BBC sources, but officials are still concerned that the public will ‘go too far’. Could orgies of hugging be on the horizon?

Scientists from SAGE have also appeared in the media to warn that, while hugging will be allowed, we need a new Covid-secure way to hug. Professor Catherine Noakes told the BBC her top tips for ‘hugging safely’ from next week: ‘Don’t hug too frequently, keep it short, try to avoid being face to face… and even wearing a mask could help.’

Some believe that allowing the public to hug at all is a terrible mistake. Good Morning Britain’s resident lockdown scold, Dr Hilary Jones, has decried the recklessness of hugging. ‘We’ve still got 2,000 cases that we know about every day’, he warned this morning. Zero Covid advocate Dr Deepti Gurdasani says there should be no return to normal – and no hugging – until the government has got ‘on top of the pandemic’ and brought transmission down.

But if not now, then when? The latest ONS estimates suggest that just 0.08 per cent of people in England have currently got Covid. The percentage of Covid tests coming back positive in the UK is among the lowest in the world. Then there’s the small fact that two thirds of adults have had their first dose of the vaccine, and a third have had both. Those most vulnerable to this disease have a significant amount of protection. Even the modellers at SAGE, who earlier this year ludicrously warned of a summer bloodbath of thousands of deaths per day, have conceded that a third wave of Covid is unlikely in Britain. Where is the danger in enjoying a hug?

The scientists pushing for continued restrictions are not only wildly out of touch with the data, but also with how the public are now responding to the pandemic. Many people will have been surprised to learn that hugging is still against the rules, especially as Brits have been happily meeting friends at pubs and restaurants for a month now (if only out in the cold). Following the success of the vaccination rollout, most people are now happy to admit to pollsters that they no longer follow the government rules.

What has become abundantly clear in recent months is that there are a significant number of scientists and officials who support restrictions on everyday life indefinitely – even in the absence of a serious viral threat. For at least the past month now, there have been fewer deaths than we would normally expect at this time of year. And yet there is still endless talk about extending certain restrictions and inventing new rules.

One of the most absurd interventions of late came from Professor Dame Theresa Marteau, a behavioural scientist who sits on SAGE. Social distancing and mask-wearing should become ‘an inherent part’ of being a football fan, she argues. Public-health messages, she says, can be weaved into the game just as Black Lives Matter has been. (And we all know how fans feel about that.)

So far, it seems as if the government will resist the demands that we should extend the lockdown or keep hugging illegal. But the roadmap out of lockdown is still maddeningly slow. And questions remain about how many social-distancing measures will remain after 21 June.

We must not forget just how unusual it is to allow the government to dictate the terms of who we may and may not hug. And we need to be vigilant about the government’s and scientific establishment’s casual embrace of authoritarianism and their constant attempts to micromanage our intimate lives.

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  1. ken says

    Isn’t that nice of the medical nazis!

    Let us look at at the logical end of this scamdemic using their data and numbers.

    1: They changed the criteria needed to be a pandemic so any passing virus can now be called a pandemic.

    2: The virus is so benign they have to use forced testing to find those they claim are infected. Not long ago to be infected meant you had had symptoms. Now now. Their PCR test running at 35-40 cycles finds avocados positive. The test is not looking for any particular virus so we don’t have a clue what a positive even means.

    3:The virus has not been isolated so no one has any actual genome sequence other than the one they had a computer design.

    4: They somehow made a gene editing concoction without the actual genome sequence.
    They tell us this concoction cannot prevent the illness nor prevent the spread but somehow it makes the symptoms easier.

    5: The concoction in 3 months has killed more than all vaccines combined for than past 11 years.

    6: This concoction garners 45% of the deaths of all vaccines over the past 31 years.

    7: During the Swine flu fiasco 450 folks came down with Guillain-Barre syndrome, they pulled the vaccine. Today over 4000 have died and they claim its completely safe.
    Note they never locked down. They never tried to force a mask. They never mentioned the 6 foot distancing. You did not have to have the shot to work, attend funerals, visit grandma. They did not kill thousands of elderly.

    8: The virus kills few people.

    0-20 0.00001%
    21-40 0.0003
    41-60 0.0035
    61-70 0.02
    72-80 0.01
    80+ 0.05

    Now compare a real pandemic

    Sars 9.6%
    Smallpox 30
    MERS 34.4
    Ebola 50

    They never locked down

    Look at the stats again….

    0-20 group. Now their giving children the shot. From their stats,,, if only one dies,,, if only one gets some horrible neural disease it will be more than what their numbers say they would have gotten from the disease itself. Why would any responsible parent allow their children to take on this kind of risk! From their numbers the parent would be complicit in the death of their child.

    Same goes for the 21-40 group.

    Using logic only,,, why would anyone take the shot!

    Check out the chart that shows the covid shot compared to other vaccines.
    So far covid has the lead at 45% in only 3-4 months,,, but its safe per the nazis.

    Do you really want to do this,,, over the flu!

    1. Miles says

      It’s not the flu, it’s a corona virus, the type responsible for common colds, it’s a common cold. But because people were told it was deadly they complied and died. I accept more old people die but death is an occupational hazard associated with being old. EG. Corona.. Maybe die, bD Greg’s sausage roll, maybe die, slip on the ice, maybe die. Its almost like its dying by design 😜

  2. Joe_Below says

    If you’ve been injected, you shouldn’t be hugging anyone. You’re a disease carrier.

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