Israeli Planes Attack Syria Through Lebanese Airspace; Forced Civilian Planes to Reroute

Israel had not launched an attack in nearly a month prior

Overnight Thursday Israeli warplanes carried out attacks against the Syrian capital of Damascus and nearby Homs. As is so often the case, the Israeli planes used Lebanese airspace to attack Syria.

This is a problem most of the time, and was even more perilous this time, as a pair of civilian airliners had to be rerouted. Violating Lebanese airspace is one thing, endangering aircraft is quite another.

Lebanese PM Hassan Diab has instructed the ambassador to the UN to raise a complaint about the attack, and the repeated infringements on Lebanon’s sovereignty by Israel.”

The attack fired an estimated 24 missiles at targets in Syria, killing four who were identified as “pro-Iran fighters.” Russia reported that 22 out of 24 missiles were successfully intercepted by the Syrian air defenses.

That Russia is commenting is noteworthy, because Russia has been trying to curtail the number of Israeli attacks on Syria. Up until this week, Israel had not launched an attack in nearly a month,

When reports of Russia wanting to stop the strike first went public, Israeli strikes stopped cold. This week’s first attack, missile fire at Quineitra, seemed to be testing the environment, and when there was no Russian reaction, Israel almost immediately launched a bigger, more ambitious attack. It seems they’re back to the old policy on strikes.

As is generally the case, Israel did not comment on the strike, nor have they clarified any policy changes. That they’ve carried out the strikes, however, suggests they may be back to striking regularly, or at least gauging Russia’s reaction, or lack thereof.


  1. ken says

    In days gone by the Israelis would be considered back shooters to cowardly to take on the Syrians mano y mano.

  2. NGg says

    Putin dermo, time to drop some on Tel Aviv

  3. XSFRGR says

    To the Israelis missiles are like Fritos Corn Chips: Go ahead, and destroy them because the U$ will just make more.

  4. Jerry Hood says

    Rus.Putin is controlled by the KHAZARIAN JEWS, therefore,he is inefective leader, just another puppet…im this heavily corrupted world BEFORE APOCALYPSE!

  5. Jerry Hood says

    Hezbollah need S- 400!!!!

  6. Tim says

    Israel keeps attacking Syria and nobody ever returns the favor. ??

    Seems like launching equal numbers of missiles at Israel within minutes of their sneak attacks would be the only effective strategy to counter these war mongers.

  7. Pat says

    Israel has a right to defend themselves. If Lebanon wants Israel’s respect they should rout out Hezbollah from their quarters. Hezbollah attacked Israel from Lebanon in May and in August of this year.Hezbollah, funded by Iran, is deeply rooted in Syria. Both Syria and Hezbollah, as well as Iran, have sworn to annihilate Israel and have sworn death to America. Which side are you on?

  8. john223 says

    As always, media will say Israelis attacked this and that. It is true that the missile attacks happened But in reality Israelis are historically cowards and will not attack without permissions from British and Americans. We don’t know it they really are Israeli pilots or Americans or British just like in when Saudis attacked Yemen most of the pilots are Americans or British. Nonetheless, if Lebanon does not want their airspace violated they have to buy S400 or at S300. Those fighter jets will just be like fish in the barrel. I always felt bad when Syria is attacked by the West. It is such a beautiful historical country. God Bless Syria.

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