Israeli Air Attacks on Syria Again Force Two Civilian Flights to Scramble for Safety

When you're cruising on your way and Israel starts lobbing cruise missiles into Syria because it's Thursday

Two civilian airplanes bound for Qatar were reportedly used as cover by Israeli jets launching missiles from Lebanese airspace against targets near the Syrian cities of Homs and Quneitra.

Syrian air defenses engaged incoming missiles shortly after midnight local time on Thursday, both near Homs in central Syria and Quneitra in the south, on the armistice line with the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Following the attack, reports appeared that at least two flights – one passenger, one cargo – had to change course to avoid getting struck by air defense missiles.

Lebanese airspace is often where Israel fires off its cruise missiles from at “standoff distances”

The flights were tentatively identified as a Qatar cargo flight QR8294, bound for Doha from Basel, Switzerland.

The other was QR419, a passenger plane that had taken off for Doha from Beirut, Lebanon and made a loop around Tripoli before continuing its course south of Homs.

Israel regularly strikes targets within Syria claiming that it is bombing “Iranian” targets. When asked about it last month, PM Benjamin Netanyahu said he knew nothing, wouldn’t comment on military operations one way or another, and laughed it off as possibly being the work of the “Belgian Air Force.”

This is not the first time Israeli jets bombing Syria have endangered civilian airplanes. Most recently, an Airbus A320 flying from Tehran to Damascus was forced to make an emergency landing in early February, after a near-miss during an Israeli strike on the Syrian capital.

The Russian Defense Ministry afterwards described it as “commonplace” for Israeli Air Force pilots to use civilian aircraft as a “shield” in their operations.

Russia has had bitter experience with the tactic, notably when a RUAF scouting plane was shot down in September 2018 during an Israeli strike on Latakia, and all 14 people on board were killed. It was later revealed that Syrian air defenses had struck the plane because an Israeli F-16 was using it as a shield. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu later traveled to Moscow to offer an apology.

Source: RT

  1. tapatio says

    What is certain is that the Jews’ ‘state’ is not going to fight. Their goal is to goad Syria & Russia into downing their yellow pilots or accidentally downing a commercial flight behind which the Jews hide. Then the slimy cult can howl for America to beat up anyone who dares to resist the criminal Jews.

    1. Margaret Swift says

      tapatio – it has become very clear over time that the traumas and mental torturer the Jewish community had during the internment in concentration camps has never been healed as a people and with each generation of Jews those mental health issues have been embedded upon their children, each generation becoming more determined that they would “do unto another race of people that was done unto them”

      And the American Military funds them to continue to visit their sick minds upon this world

  2. Mary E says

    What in the hell is Russia (more specifically, Putin) waiting for? If their military is there to assist Syria, shouldn’t they get to the business of assisting????

    1. stevek9 says

      What he is ‘waiting for’ is a means to restore Syrian sovereignty completely, without a bloodbath or starting WWIII. He’s done an incredible job so far.

      At some point you may see someone arm Hezbollah with anti-aircraft missiles, and that will be interesting and dangerous.

  3. nick1111 says

    Putin is an Israeli whore

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