Israel to No Longer Recognize Kosovo as Serbian, so Serbia Will “Punish It” It By Moving Embassy to Jerusalem

Trump deal squeezes and humiliates Serbia's Quisling leadership to an incredible extent ( -- but unlike the Palestinians they actually signed)

Serbia to defy the UN and international law that its claim to Kosovo rests on, in order to join the US and Guatemala with an Embassy in Jerusalem, right after Israel says will “recognize” Kosovo as territory under the sovereignty of an international subject other than Serbia

Anti-Empire’s note: Author, Vuk Jeremić, is Serbia’s former pro-Western Foreign Minister 2007-2012 who ostensibly defended Serbia’s territorial integrity and right to its Kosovo province, but purposefully did so with one hand tied behind his back to ensure he would not succeed (he still needed the West onside for ideological, power, and personal career reasons), but whom the present (even more shamelessly collaborationist) leadership has made to look like an absolute heroic figure by comparison.

If not an actually a fully sincere defender of his country, Jeremić had at least been a capable and professional diplomat who would not have allowed to have his intelligence insulted in this way.

Serbia was humiliated in Washington yesterday, as rarely before on the international stage.

Aside from treatment protocol-wise more appropriate for indigenous tribes than sovereign states, as well as startlingly bizarre statements to the media (pencils, dubious tales of pressures on Washington’s pedestrian islands to sign a recognition, of feeling agony in the hall as he speaks, etc.) the very fact that the Serbian delegation traveled to Washington for “negotiations on Kosovo”, without a single international relations expert and without an institutionalized negotiating platform, is something that puts us in real danger. Thus, the negotiation process, by the will of Belgrade, was moved to the White House — which sets a precedent for the continuation of the process on probably the least favorable ground for us, without allies.

Aside from the fact that the signed “agreement” in an extraordinarily bizarre way combines the relations between Belgrade and Priština with decades-long problems in the Middle East, the rights of the global LGBT community, US-Chinese technological frictions, issues of sovereignty in choosing energy suppliers — that a dog would not eat with butter. [Serbian expression.]

Several points of that “agreement” are directly harmful to our national interests, on several levels.

For example, Priština has pledged not to apply for membership in international organizations for a year. That in itself would not be bad, if Belgrade had not committed itself to stopping its campaign of unrecognition and lobbying with countries that have not yet recognized “Kosovo” to not do so in the future. Priština has therefore NOT committed itself not to lobby bilaterally around the world, AND WE HAVE.

For starters, “Kosovo” received recognition from Israel, which had not done so since the unilateral declaration of independence in 2008 – how can that be in Serbia’s interest? To make matters more bizarre, according to this agreement, Serbia REWARDS Israel for Kosovo’s recognition by moving our embassy to Jerusalem — which will allow us to join (along with the newly recognized Kosovo) only the United States and Guatemala! If Vučić had a diplomat with him in the delegation, he would have warned him that Security Council Resolution 478 from 1980, which calls on all UN member states to withdraw their embassies from Jerusalem, is still in force. It is, to say the least, a controversial move for a country that insists on respecting some other UN Security Council resolution, e.g. 1244. As well as agreeing to the comprehensive designation of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization (thus equating its political and military wing), this is a direct finger in the eye of a large number of international actors with whom we have extremely important relations – the EU, Russia and China, for example.

Normalization of living conditions in the region, including economic relations between Belgrade and Priština, is a noble goal that should be pursued in the interest of citizens and future generations.

But the way to achieve that must not be via the dilettantish trampling of national interests, creating enemies in the world, and the humiliation of country and nation.

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