Israel Sends Condolences for Turkish “Martyrs”. Erdogan Expands War to Hezbollah, Iran

Iran warns Turkey to knock it off or it will respond in kind, but that may be exactly what Erdogan wants

In the aftermath of the (probably Russian) strike that killed 33 Turkish soldiers in Syria late (10pm) Thursday, Israel sent its condolences for the Turkish “martyrs”, ie using Islamic terminology:

In fact, earlier that same day as Turkey was hitting the Syrian army heavily around Saraqib, Israel snuck in two attacks on the other side of the country:

Israeli helicopters struck Syrian military positions in the Quneitra province in the Syrian Golan Heights and wounded three Syrian soldiers, Syria’s official news agency SANA reported overnight Thursday.

Earlier Thursday, Syrian state TV reported that an Israeli drone fired a missile at a car in southern Syria, killing one person whom it named as a “civilian.” Several other media outlets aligned with Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime said that the man was a local policeman.

Soon after Turkey expanded its Syria strikes to Hezbollah:

Turkish strikes using drones and smart missiles late on Friday that hit Hezbollah headquarters near Saraqeb killed nine of its members and wounded 30 in one of the bloodiest attacks on the Iran-backed group in Syria ever according to a commander in the regional alliance backing Damascus.

Sure the Shia Lebanese Hezbollah is fighting on the other side in Syria so hitting them would have some tactical value (at a great cost in other ways), but even at the time, I wondered if that wasn’t really more a dog whistle to Tel-Aviv and the Israel supporters in DC and the US at large.

Apart from State Department apparatchiks and their hack boss Pompeo, Turkey had found itself very lonely in its new Syria adventure. The asked-for US-manned Patriot missiles to somehow wrestle the control of Idlib skies from Russia aren’t materializing.

But start hitting Hezbollah and suddenly you’ve got the attention of the powerful pro-Israel currents in the US, as well as of Israel itself.

My suspicion was confirmed Saturday when it became clear the Turks had hit Iranians as well:

The use of the word “children” above is a misleading translation, the Iranian communique spoke about “sons”, which naturally refers to Turkish troops.

Iran issued a warning to Erdogan to knock it off or his troops will face the consequences but you get the feeling that may be exactly what Erdogan is trying to provoke. Get the pathologically anti-Iranian Trump administration to see Turkey’s ‘safe-zone-for-bin-Ladenites’ Idlib invasion as an anti-Iranian enterprise and the prospects of American backing look quite a bit brighter.

  1. rightiswrong rightiswrong says

    The Jewhadis grow closer, like rats on a sinking ship.

    1. Vera Gottlieb says

      Just can’t miss an opportunity to attack Jews, can you? Don’t even have the balls to spell out the word “Jew”.

      1. rightiswrong rightiswrong says

        You lie with dogs, you get fleas.

        ISIS are an IsraeliUS proxy, so if the Jewish people are to be allied with ISIS, then they are all Jewhadists.

        Now fuck off you Jewhadi p rick.

        1. Vera Gottlieb says

          And you Americans have had the same fleas long time already. You infest the entire world. And to have a decent conversation with the likes of you is just impossible. Always vulgar…

          1. rightiswrong rightiswrong says

            What Americans you dumb twat?

            Go away, you retarded twat.

          2. Italo Vernazza says

            So the mask finally comes down…? Good show! Thanks.

        2. James Willy says

          Thank YOU for telling this joooo POS off. These joooos like this one here all need to be killed enmasse by what ever means available. Thanks to Iran, Hez, and the GREAT Doctor Assad.

          1. rightiswrong rightiswrong says

            The state of Israel are no less guilty than that of the US and Turkey for the atrocities of ISIS.

            They treat ISIS in their hospitals, arm them, transport them, and attack Syria to distract them from wiping them out.

  2. Peter Jennings says

    Dear Marko, please stop using the word ‘regime’ to describe the gov’t of President Assad, who as you know was democratically elected with a big, nay a huge, majority.

    Pompeo & Pense. Sounds like a double act, and it is, although it gets worst by the day. It’s the same old jokes.
    The US stopped comedians using racial slurs but forgot all about their politicians who get away with murder, sometimes quite literally.

    1. CHUCKMAN says


      But I would go further.

      The word should never be used for any government, even one that is a “regime.”

      It is strictly judgmental and pejorative.

      It contributes nothing to anyone’s understanding.

      I regard it as a red flag for propaganda.

  3. Al Carbone says

    for 70 yrs all the death suffering and destruction is caused by the demonic jews and I say pissrael and US created the corona virus. pissrael now saying they have a vaccine

  4. Robert Mcconnell says

    Sympathy for the devil.
    So what does that make the sympathizer?

    1. David Chu says

      Sympathy from the devil!

  5. jm74 says

    By sitting back and doing nothing only gives the Turks, israeli, US the incentive to further escalate their instigations. If Russia/Syria/Iran/Hezbollah defied the US and Turkey the moment they set foot onto Syria then this could have been avoided and the war in Syria could have finished some time ago.

  6. cechas vodobenikov says

    turkey appears to have 2 friends—USA, Israel…birds w no feathers flock together

  7. Ricky Miller says

    Meanwhile, Russia pees down her leg and watches Syria get assaulted and ripped off. Not surprising seeing how two days ago Russia watched as Turkey assaulted Syria all night in response for a strike Russia executed but let Syria take the blame for. It’s past time for Syria to seek a deal with the Israelis and the United States, including a Golan recognition in exchange for Tanf and independence for the Kurdish region and an end to IRGC weapons across Syria to Hezbollah in exchange for protection from people actually competent enough to provide it. Idlib will now become a Eurasian version of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, along with other significant areas of once Northern Syria. It’s easy to see why some disgusted Russian military personnel have taken to removing the Russian flag from their bases after being told to stand down in front of Turkish forces. Vladimir Putin has actually turned out to be a lightweight. Who knew?

    1. Ricky Miller says

      And, no doubt Syria should without delay allow Qatar it’s gas pipeline across what’s left of government controlled Syria. It was that favor for Russia in denying it that set off the regime change operation to begin with. Syria has suffered enough for supporting a lost Palestinian cause that no one else in the Arab world cares about anymore and any alliance with either Russia or Iran is now doing Syria little good in the face of an actual attack by the Turkish armed forces allied to jihadi street gangs inside Syria. Time for the Syrian people, what’s left of them, to get out of the Empire’s way. They’ve suffered enough and their allies are all talk.

      1. RagingAfrikan says

        If you can’t beat them then join them. Putin has always been labelled as a corrupt KGB officer and it’s easy to see why. It doesn’t seem the man has any honour at all since all he wants to make are behind-the-scene deals. His international reputation will never recover from this. The short man has an inferiority complex.

      2. CHUCKMAN says

        Incorrect about about what really caused the horror in Syria.

        Syria’s name was long ago on a secret list of Middle Eastern countries to be toppled in future years.

        The list was seen by General Wesley Clark not long after 9/11.

        A kind of Necon/Pentagon Middle East urban renewal project for any disliked countries in Israel’s greater neighborhood.

  8. Vera Gottlieb says

    I find Erdogan to be an opportunist. He might be playing with a fire he won’t be able to extinguish nor able to afford.

  9. XRGRSF says

    It’s obvious that Erdogan is insane so I wonder how Putin expects to play 4 or 5 or 6 dimensional chess with a lunatic ?

    1. bruce durrence says

      Seems like the destruction of Syria has been outsourced by the US/Israel to Turkey. Putin’s response to Erdogan will be interesting

  10. tapatio says

    Since, according the the Jewish state’s government, Jerusalem Post, Pew and Gallup polling companies (both are Jewish owned and connected to AIPAC) and many anti-Zionist Jewish organizations and authorities, 65 – 85% of all Jews support the criminal Zionist cult and its state spawn, Israel, THE DISEASE SICKENING OUR WORLD IS JUDAISM.

  11. James Willy says

    poohtin should be disposed of. What a traitor he turned into. Hope he’s dead SOON.
    Replaced by a man who WILL fight back. Absolutely disgusting POS poohtin is.

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