Israel Scraps Vaccine Pass Proving It Was a Pointless, Wasteful and Oppressive Idea

Not to mention idiotic

Israel has scrapped its “green pass” system. The pass was scrapped as a formality that bowed down to the reality that the vaccine passport system had on the ground already been abolished by society, which in fact did not abide by it:

In particular, venues were effectively banned from admitting children, who aren’t eligible for vaccination — fine for bars, terrible for cinemas and ice cream parlours.

In reality, though, cafes were full of kids as the green pass was widely ignored. In the last three months, I was only asked to show my pass twice. A few times I was asked if I had one, but taken at my word without needing to show the ‘paperwork’. Most often, I wasn’t challenged at all. Enforcement of the green pass rules was close to non-existent; as long as coronavirus cases kept falling, nobody was very bothered.

So what does that mean?

If the vaccine passport system was not in fact adhered to, but an illness outbreak dissipated rapidly anyway, it means the scheme had always been unnecessary.

If the vaccine passport system was decreed by the state, but not in practice adhered to by the society, it by definition means the society found it oppressive. Forget about poll data. What people say and what people do are two different things. They are such because they are governed by two distinct parts of the brain. The speaking brain, and the acting brain. It is the job of the speaking brain to say whatever works best for inter-tribal politics, and it is the job of the much older acting brain to know better.

The Israelis in favor of the vaccine passport were absolutely free to only patronize those shops that diligently checked the passport. Had they done so their weight would have forced the majority of the shops to do so. Yet they did not do so. They may say what they want, but their actions prove that when it came to practicalities of life they found the danger of mixing with those without the pass tolerable enough and the state’s imposition not to, oppressive.

It also goes to show that without a constant stream of hysteria and fear totalitarianism faces a high hurdle indeed.

That said it’s unlikely that Israelis, or anyone else, will be getting all of their old freedoms back. The most oppressive aspects of the Great COVID Tyranny may not survive for long, but we will remain for decades, perhaps centuries, under a “public health” Sword of Damocles, with bureaucrats constantly pouring over data for any excuse to plunge us back into lockdowns and demonstrate their importance and status.

  1. ken says

    Notice how everyone calls the Gene Therapy a ‘Vaccine’?

    Notice its experimental status is never, ever mentioned?

    Notice they never, ever question the actual existence of the fictional virus?

    Notice they never, ever question the validity of the PCR test?

    They don’t mind being lied to about the virus, the test or the therapy,,, Lie to us all you want, kill us with whatever concoctions you want,,, just stop the lockdowns!

    1. Spike says

      Humans are weak.

      BTW, I wouldn’t even refer to it as a “therapy”… a therapy implies a benefit can be obtained.

  2. speciem libertatis says

    This vaccine passport has failed miserably around the world so far, but I do expect them (govt of the worlds) to try it again sometime after summer (they need to open up the economy and also allow global money events that generate lots of money for the rich and corporations aka Olympics, EURO 2020, sports in general etc..They also need to give people a break aka allow them to go out in order to spend )
    I believe the lock downs will be back in Oct since we are expecting huge inflation and a really bad economy .They will blame it on the so called new variant citizenship virus(I wonder what flag they will see under the microscope ?? LOL ) and also on the people that did not get their Gene Therapy (it is not a vaccine and yes words do have meanings) and benefited from the so called HONOR system

      1. Spike says

        Trust me… if they could, they absolutely would.

      2. FREEDOM says

        How did you get a picture of my neighbor?

    1. Spike says

      I feel so naughty going into stores without my mask – but hey, I identify as “fully vaccinated” so why not! LOLOLOL

    2. FREEDOM says

      If people had brains and balls, the would boycott all venues, corporations and institutions demanding vax passes…

  3. silver9blue says

    This article is from or about an oppressive country though.

    1. Spike says


  4. Spike says

    Funny, but I would have thought the Israelis, or ALL people, would have seen the implications of this “papers please” tool and flat out rejected it. I guess they did, but it would have been nice to hear them be a bit more vocal about it.

    1. FREEDOM says

      The people who were extrminated in nazi and communist death camps in Germany, the USSR, Cambodia, China were never heard (censorship), didn’t fight (for most of them) and weren’t defended by anyone.

      People seem to accept fascism, oppression, and their own destruction without fighting. The proof is they wear FACE DIAPERS and queue to get POISONED by fake vaccines.

      Also, most people can’t fathom the degree of corruption and evilness of their “leaders”. they can’s believe that people would be so bad to do them so much harm.

      This is why they remove their clothes when the kapo tell them to do so in the concentration camp and why they accept the unnacecptable like masks of forced jabbing.

      But true, Jews in Israel, of all people should have revolted against the 2021 yellow badges…

      Proof that human beings never learn

  5. FREEDOM says

    This is great news. And strangely it follows the loss inelections and departure of NEO-NAZI (yes i insist neo-nazi) Netanyahu…

    Netanyahu can now be sent to jail for all the crimes he committed.

    green passes are fascism, nothing else.

    And who else tries to force them on populations? Guess?

    The EUSSR, the totalitarian regime led by unelected, unnacountable bureaucrats…

    Europe is now the centre of fasicm and apartheid…

    Europeans are in their majority too coward and stupid to revolt or ignore the fascist rules from their new masters.

    only a tiny minority resists, and thei lead the way.

    ‘Those who give-up their freedom for temprorary safety and the illusion of liberty, desevre neither safety nor liberty”

    Let the sheeple be exterminated by fake vaccinesand be slaves as they are. they’ll get only what they deserve.

    Forus, the free people, we will keep being free and ignore all covid diktats:

    -no masks
    -no lockdowns
    -no jabbing
    -no distancing and isolation

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