Israel Ruled Out US Transfer of Iron Dome to Ukraine Last Year

Israel halted an attempt by the US to transfer several batteries of the Iron Dome defense system to Ukraine over worries it would damage its relations with Russia, the Ynet news site reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, the defense system’s capabilities — especially during the 2021 Gaza war — piqued the interest of Ukrainian officials.

The country’s representatives began working vigorously in Washington last year to persuade US lawmakers to initiate a transfer of the rocket and mortar defense system to them.

The Ukrainian government officially asked the Biden administration to transfer Patriot and Iron Dome missiles to Ukraine last spring.

At the time, when then there were no worries of a possible Russian invasion, both Democratic and Republican lawmakers supported the transfer.

However, due to Iron Dome being a joint Israeli-American project, a sale to a third party cannot take place without the approval of both developer countries.

According to the report, Israeli officials made it clear to the US administration in informal talks that it wouldn’t agree to the transfer of Iron Dome batteries to Kyiv, fearing it would hurt its relations with Russia, especially in light of Moscow’s influence over Syria.

The Ukrainians, in turn, have in recent months made direct requests to the Israeli government and asked for officials to approve the sale.

Convinced by Israel’s arguments, the US dropped the transfer of both Iron Dome and Patriot missiles.

Source: The Times of Israel

  1. Steve Ginn says

    Those duplicitous jew pricks are now wanting Russia to fly their jew mates out of Ukraine, FFS! Why can’t the Yids fly their own lot out on their own planes?

  2. GMC says

    Israel is the mini Nuke kings, they probably got Ukraine wired already, especially the nuclear power plants. That could be why all the US and foreign agents have left Kiev. The place is wired – waiting for the Russians to enter. You have to think like them or worse , in order to understand their insanity. Think Chka.

  3. Pablo says

    The Russians told the Khazarians that if Russia caught Israel selling Arms to Ukraine, Russia would bomb Isael back to The Stone Age.

    1. GMC says

      Well, I saw a couple photos of the Azov Nazis sporting Israeli weapons so – Putin has no say so. Hell Israel is still bombing Syria and getting away with it. Israel owns the Azov battalion just like the Pentagon owns the Ukrainian military – and the sooner Putin starts to think this way , the sooner the Pentagon army can get destroyed. My 2 rubles worth Pablo. Gracias.

    2. rm p says

      Kazarians sell arms everywhere else – and betray nuclear secrets too…so why would they exempt Ukraine? Besides, if the Bidens can gouge Ukraine, it could not be so difficult…

  4. rm p says

    Israel is not a friend of the USA….or an ally
    . Nor a friend of any other country on earth…good at double-dealing everyone. ( Ultimately founded by the C.I.A…no wonder)

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