Israel Mulls Shortening Vaccine Passport Validity to 6 Months for Those Who Don’t Get a ‘Booster’

The doubly-jabbed to soon join the uninjected unwashed

Israeli health officials said that eligibility for a third vaccine might soon be open to all those over 30 and then to everyone, and the validity of the Green Pass – currently set to expire at the end of the year – might be shortened to six months after the second shot for those who don’t receive a booster.

Israel began mass vaccinating citizens over 60 with a booster on July 30, and since then 1.52 million people have received the third shot. All individuals over age 40 who have been fully inoculated for at least five months have been eligible for the jab since Friday.

In total, 5.9 million Israelis have received at least the first shot – around 58.5% of its population – with 1.08 million eligible individuals having chosen not to be vaccinated.

Of those who have not gotten vaccinated, 16% live in haredi (ultra-Orthodox) cities, 32% in Arab cities, and 53% in mixed cities (and also include residents that identify with the haredi or Arab sector).

The government is also pushing to get Israeli students inoculated as they return to school.

In interviews with Israeli TV, both Horowitz and the ministry’s director-general, Nachman Ash, said the eligibility might be extended very soon to everyone over 30.

Horowitz also said that when the booster is available to everyone, they will consider shortening the validity of the Green Pass to six months after the second shot, and renew it again after people receive a booster. At the moment all Green Passes in Israel – which grant access to several venues and activities – are valid until the end of the year.

Source: The Jerusalem Post


    and then another 6 months after that then another and so on so forth……

  2. Albericus says

    With any luck 6 months is all any Israelis have anyway.
    It will be the greatest irony in history if they all die because of greedily grasping the vaccine to get ahead of everyone else in line.

  3. ken says

    What’s really sad is how many actually believe the covid fairy tale. The planet today boasting the highest tech ever is filled with ignoramuses that are clueless. They immediately ‘believe as gospel’ words from any person with a PhD, MD or gov title. The word ‘science’ has been totally destroyed. Facts will get one banned from “social media”. Gov paid ‘fact checkers’ are everywhere making a mockery out of that word.

    The FDA approves the extension of the EUA and the entire world now ‘believes’ they approved the kill shots. It’s utterly incredulous!

    Go to the store today. Last Wednesday six days ago very few masks,,, today 99 pct are masked and that’s here in Florida! The Governor is doing his damnedest to eliminate the sickness cult with very little success. No one will listen to reason. There are no mandates, laws or otherwise requiring this mark of a cult. And I am in the conservative part of Florida,,, not down south in Commieland.

    The Medical Nazis have done nothing but lie for the last 18 months, from the lockdown for 15 days to flatten the curve,,, to when your immunized fully you get your freedom back. Today the dumbshits that believed that crap, got the jab and still have to wear a mask, social distance, and now get booster shots for the hooty cootchy variant.

    Australia and NZ are completely fascist. GB and Kanada is 90pct there. France is trying to starve people to get the kill shot. In Russia, Putin has destroyed 25 years of political capital pushing the jabs. And the People just do what their told. Every now and then a protest but overall pretty obedient.

    There is no way this could be happening world wide without Satanic intervention. Every country,,, every state,,, every city,,, every town,,, both hemispheres,,, are doing exactly the same. Some say people have been hypnotized. IMO they have been mesmerized and deceived. I highly suggest reading Revelation 13,,, especially verses 16-18.

    We have in fact created the beastly system. (Digital) The Vaxx Pass is the Mark. The verse 16 is an allegory of sorts according to knowledgeable pastors. Not the 501c3 Mega Churches looking for Fed$Bux. The mark does not HAVE to be on the forehead or right hand.

    READ,,, then Look around. The entire world is acting nutzo. No way low IQ politicians could achieve this on their own.

    I was not a solid believer of Christ until all this craziness happened. Now I believe. And if you do not believe it doesn’t matter because those that are doing this evil,,, absolutely believe.

    I have yet to hear any other plausible scenario.

    1. Raptar Driver says

      I believe the mark is in the shots.
      There are nano gels that can be traced anywhere on the planet using the 5G system.

      1. Marshall Lentini says
  4. Voz 0db says

    Nowadays I just say: HOLOCAUST THEM ALL!

    They don’t deserve the O2 they waste while breathing.

  5. tunamelt says

    These are the evil consequences of allowing the state to bully you around: become a human pin cushion and a lab rat all because they say so!

  6. Big JiLm says

    The Nazi’s have come home to roost…

  7. edwardi says

    What outrageous Nonsense, the frigging (polite term ) vaccines don’t work, they don’t last, this is forcing people to use a Defective product that harms their own health, just utter Nonsense. The 1st vaccine doesn’t work on the Delta because it didn’t work on the first alleged virus either, and ultimately neither works at all as the increasing pile of bodies and injuries keeps adding up. So the Jews are now committing their own Holocaust upon themselves, self administered, talk about self hate. and from what I’m reading the Sputnik vaccine is equally Defective, bad product, stupid science. They are tricking your body, tricking your immune reaction, horse manure. on a shingle. People need to take responsibility for the health of your own immune, know your vitamin D levels and keep them up. stay fit, lose the chub. Overweight is not acceptable. it’s not healthy, period. take zinc, quercitin, C, magnesium, and get your trace minerals and eat healthy. if you still get infected, not likely to the seriously healthy, then recognize it early and get Ivermectin and treat yourself. I just researched Ivermectin can be had on the internet and Dr. Fauchi can go blow gas bubbles. If they are still restricting our doctors from prescribing then screw them, do it yourself. there is some mild anti biotic that goes with the Ivermectin, will have to look that up, on the black market internet, simple as pie and affordable. These top officials are blowing smoke, they need to be punched right square in the nose. on camera. this resistance needs some dramatics.

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