Israel May Force Teachers Who Do Not Get Vaccinated to Pay for a PCR Test Every 48 Hours out of Pocket

In light of students’ upcoming return to schools, Health Minister Yuli Edelstein told Army Radio that “teachers who are not not vaccinated may be required to pay for a coronavirus test with their own money every 48 hours.”

Edelstein continued: “We are currently looking into the possibility of enacting a law that will prevent anyone who has not been vaccinated, or anyone who has not been tested for 48 hours, from standing in front of an audience – in front of a classroom of students, for example.”

Source: The Jerusalem Post

  1. ken says

    God’s chosen. Of anyone in the world,,,THEY,,, know Sars 2 is a scam.

    Time to find a new career.

    1. Ron says

      Spot on…it’s ALL about compliance and obedience. Every government in the World is overshooting it’s compliance targets on purpose. Reality dictates they can only achieve some but not all demands. For everyone who knows this is a SCAM/PLAN demic, it’s 100% civil disobedience or nothing.

  2. Voz 0db says

    Another fine example of:


  3. Mr. Natural says

    According to the man who invented the PCR test, it does NOT test for viruses. If used for that purpose, the test will be positive in up to 90% of cases, even for perfectly healthy people with NO virus whatsoever.

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