ISIS Denounces the Taliban, Dismisses “Delusional Victory”

The Taliban previously eradicated ISIS with silent US drone support


ISIS has come out against the Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan, declaring the Taliban “apostates” in a weekly newspaper released by the groupaccording to Arab media reports.

According to a report from Arabi21, ISIS accused the Taliban of implementing a “deficient” version of Sharia law when they previously ruled over parts of Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. ISIS slammed the Taliban for negotiating with the US in Doha, Qatar, which led to the US withdrawal.

“The victory of Islam will not come via hotels in Qatar nor the embassies in Iran and China,” ISIS said Thursday in its newspaper Al-Naba. “The victory signed and protected by the US and Qatar and its media, and hailed by Syria, Iran’s scholars and the Muslim Brotherhood is delusional!”

It’s no secret that the Taliban and ISIS are sworn enemies. The Taliban has fought battles against a Central Asian ISIS affiliate known as ISIS-K, which was started by Pakistani militants who previously fought under the umbrella of the Tehrik-e Taleban Pakistan (TTP).

The US has actually provided air support for the Taliban while they were fighting against ISIS in Afghanistan’s northeast Kunar province. A unit of the US Joint Special Operations Command was flying drones in support of the Taliban that called themselves the “Taliban Air Force.”


On Thursday, White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said while the US is evacuating people from the Kabul airport, it is “laser-focused” on a possible ISIS-K attack. “One of the contingencies we are very focused on, laser-focused on, is the potential for a terrorist attack by a group like ISIS-K, which of course is a sworn enemy of the Taliban, so we will keep working to minimize the risks and maximize the number of people on planes,” he said.


  1. mijj says

    > “The victory of Islam will not come via hotels in Qatar nor the embassies in Iran and China

    … sounds like CIA talk.

  2. Larry says

    Scumbag ISIS ARE the SCUMBAG SATANIC PARASITE ISRAELIS created by H0M0BAMA and funded, ARMED and RESCUED by P0S Epstein guilty Trump and continued to be used by Biden. THEY ARE ISRAELIS! NUKE Tel Aviv not Tehran. ISRAEL DID USS Liberty, ISIS, 911 and Epstein,

    1. Curmudgeon says

      ISIS – Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

  3. PJ London says

    Oh boy! Not just “focussed” but “Laser focussed”.
    That makes me feel much safer.

  4. NGg says

    ISIS is Obama creation and CIA continue to supply them with money and weapon

  5. Hoyeru says

    this is just one more perfect proof that the so called “ISIS” is US made and ran. Same as “Ali Queda”. What perfect timing, the “ISIS” shows up EXACTLY when they are needed and say exactly what is needed of them.
    The whole so called Afghanistan debacle is all fake; now ISIS will mysterious appear in Afghanistan and Afghanistan will experience 20 years of “civil war”

    1. Eddy says

      There’s a reason the U S saved their ISIS terrorists by flying them out of Syria before the Russians totally wiped them out.

      1. wwwww says

        Remember how, right after 911 when all civilian airlines were grounded, the US government flew the entire bin Ladin clan OUT of the USA?

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