Is SARS-CoV-2 a Bioweapon?

"As usual, what the mainstream and politicians are saying has absolutely no bearing on the reality of the situation, and can tell us nothing about anything, except their current agenda"

“Maybe the virus was grown in a lab, maybe it just jumped from bats to people. Since all evidence suggests it’s not very dangerous, it doesn’t really matter”

What is the Covid bioweapon theory?

Sometime in the winter of 2019/2020, when the coronavirus “pandemic” was still only incipient, a theory started doing the rounds that the alleged “novel coronavirus” had in fact been grown in a laboratory, and either released by accident or deployed deliberately as a bioweapon.

Calling it “the theory” is somewhat of a misnomer, really. It was more a collection of theories with the same core idea. Variations on a theme, if you will.

Who was responsible, and why, was never really nailed down. Some articles said it had escaped by accident from a Chinese lab. Others said it was loosed deliberately by the US to weaken China.

Was there ever any evidence to support it?

In short, not really. There is a lab in Wuhan, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which does indeed do research on coronaviruses. It’s also true that around 300 US service personnel were in Wuhan in late 2019 for the Military World Games.

So both the main branches of the theory have a vague basis in fact that makes them hypothetically possible, but not much more than that.

What was the mainstream media reaction?

That’s an interesting question.

At first, last spring, it was universally derided as “misinformation”. Mainstream outlet after mainstream outlet chortled at the conspiracy theorists spreading their crazy nonsense. Some people said they were racists for blaming China. The Guardian blamed Russia, as they usually do.

In this way, the theory served a purpose for the mainstream narrative – it was used to attack all Covid sceptics by association. As recently as February this year, research papers were being published that “debunked” this “conspiracy theory”.

But that was then, and this is now. Things change,

Recently mainstream outlets have been giving what they call the “lab leak theory” a little bit of serious consideration. The New Yorker, just two days ago, published an article stating:

Scientists and political commentators are no longer dismissing the possibility that COVID-19 emerged from a Chinese laboratory.

The BBC has their own version:

Covid origin: Why the Wuhan lab-leak theory is being taken seriously

The change is not just in the media sphere, but the political one, too. Joe Biden’s administration is ordering an investigation into the “lab leak” theory.

It’s not just the US either.

Last year, WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, ordered an investigative team to write a report on the origins of the virus. Their report, which was released a few weeks ago, found a laboratory origin to be “extremely unlikely”. But Ghebreyesus, rather than simply accepting the findings of his team, stated more investigation was needed. Keeping the lab leak theory alive in the public mind.

Nowhere is the volte-face of the establishment voices more apparent than Dr Anthony Fauci, who has totally flipped on the lab-leak theory after dismissing it out of hand last year.

Why the sudden change?

That’s a very good question. And one that we can’t answer until the current craziness picks a direction and goes with it. Suffice to say, last year it served the establishment’s agenda to rubbish the lab-leak theory, and this year it serves their agenda to endorse it.

This could be an attempt to scramble together a “pandemic” narrative that has never made much sense, it could be a sign that the unified “Great Reset” policy is crumbling and China is going to be scape-goated. It could be nothing but noise and chaos to distract people.

As usual, what the mainstream and politicians are saying has absolutely no bearing on the reality of the situation, and can tell us nothing about anything, except their current agenda.

However, the lab-leak theory does serve the Deep State agenda in one fashion: it reinforces the idea that the virus is a real problem that needs to be solved, rather than a fear-based control narrative.

Fear is fear, and whether it’s of a zoonotic virus or a bioweapon, it can be used to bend a population to your will.

…OK, but seriously, could Covid be a bioweapon?

Well, obviously it could be. We don’t know enough to say that it’s impossible. But it’s not very likely.

For one thing, there’s the question of efficacy.

It’s still a matter of some debate whether the Sars-Cov-2 virus has been isolated to the point it has even been proven to exist. Supposing it definitely exists as a discrete entity, it hasn’t at this time fulfilled Koch’s postulates to the point it is proven to cause disease.

But even if you accept those two questions as resolved: The virus does exist, and it does cause Covid19. Well, you’re still looking at a disease that is symptomless in the majority of people exposed to it, only ever mild in the vast majority of people who get sick, and has a 99.8% survival rate.

If Covid is a bioweapon, it’s a rubbish one.

Secondly, there’s the question of efficiency and expense.

What, exactly, would be the point in a bioweapon which is no more deadly than common flu viruses? Why go to the trouble of creating a pretty much harmless virus in a lab?

Supposing you were interested in creating a pandemic, would that be a good way of doing it? Would it be worth the expense? Wouldn’t it be simpler to just make-believe there was a plague through fear-porn and statistical sleight-of-hand?

After all, an imaginary pandemic can infect whoever you want, spare whoever you like, start and stop at your convenience, obey any rules you care to make up and be cured instantly as long as everyone pays you for your “vaccine”.

* * *

In conclusion: No direct evidence that the alleged Sars-Cov-2 virus was created in a lab has ever been produced. It’s nothing like as virulent as you’d expect a bioweapon to be, and logically an actual virus would not serve the Deep State agenda as well as a largely imaginary one.

Maybe the virus was grown in a lab, maybe it just jumped from bats to people. Since all evidence suggests it’s not very dangerous, it doesn’t really matter.

The debate sure does make a good distraction though.

Source: Off Guardian

  1. edwardi says

    Well this author is simply not up to date on the science relative to the certainty that this is a man made and lab created virus. It is a fact. I will not presume to get into the details here, but ample evidence is now all over the web, with detailed lengthy analysis of how the prions or whatever the hell were perfectly adjusted to mating with human cells whereas if it had naturally evolved it would have taken much more time to become so refined. I can post links but it ain’t worth it since this author is simply farting out his behind pure B.S., with comments like it really doesn’t matter because it’s not very dangerous : well the vaccines put out by US Pharma in response sure the hell is/are. The Virus was never anything but a test balloon to get these very profitable vaccines to market, and funny thing, now millions of people no longer have a natural immune system to deal with infections, instead just this Spike Protein pump that never shuts off and is the main cause of harm from the virus. So this “brilliant” science has isolated the main cause of harm from the virus and injected it into millions upon millions of people in whom it will forever manufacture the harm. Gee, perhaps They can lend a few of these warp speed scientists to Monsanto, or is that where They got them ?

  2. ken says

    A pretty decent article. It’s correct when stating the lab creation its a distraction.

    The fictional virus not a bio weapon,,, it’s a mental fear weapon.

    The bio weapon is the injection. Thousands dead and tens of thousands injured and its only been about five months. It must be mentioned that the injection deaths, unlike the fictional virus deaths, these deaths and injuries are real. No faking here.

    What is enlightening is the fact that the people that have taken the jab have could care less for the dead and injured. They want others to die taking it so they can feel safe from the fictional virus.

    So what we have is a targeted population assisting those that are targeting them over a non existent threat. This shows the true nature of humans.

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      “The fictional virus not a bio weapon,,, it’s a mental fear weapon.
      The bio weapon is the injection.”

      Your overall position is indisputably correct, but I would nitpick one detail.

      The Corona Chan bug is definitely man-made. The “spike protein” has been deliberately atteched to an essentially harmless coronavirus, elevating it to a highly contagious but still relatively benign virus hardly any worse than a regular old influenza virus (the CDC’s own published figures confirmthis).

      But as you state, the real bioweapon is the family of fake Corona Chan “vaccines”, which flood their targets with astronomical numbers of “spike proteins” which have been engineered to be even more deadly than those found on the Corona Chan bug. Corona Chan has given the Globalists the opportunity to inject everyone on the planet with custom-made eugenic drugs disguised as “vaccines”, to supposedly protect us all from a bug specifically engineered to stage this pre-planned “pandemic”.

      Who knew that the US government holds a patent for the “spike protein”?

      So far, Florida is one of the few places where common sense still reigns, but there appears to be a growing push-back against the Great Reset’s Corona Chan “pandemic” and the experimental Corona Chan “vaccines”, with encouraging noises now coming out of Texas –


      Dr. Richard Fleming – Event 2021 Corona Chan Information Conference (Video – 4 hours 30 mins)

      [ ]
      [ ]


      If we’re very lucky, the groundswell of rebellion amongst the American people might put a stop to the Corona Chan fraud and the Great Reset before we all pass the point of no return.

      Lord knows there seems precious little reason to have much hope anywhere else in the Western world.

  3. ken says

    Please consider giving help to this site by your donations. It’s one of the few sites that doesn’t restrict your speech and even allows you to post pics. Today this is extremely rare. Use some of that ‘free money’ for a good use.

    Disclaimer: I am not connected in any way with the site or the editors.

    1. Mark says

      They keep running bullshit articles like this they won’t be around much longer. They ran an especially hateful article against America and Americans last week. Maybe the Chinese will fund them! The vax is the weapon you stupid twit!

      1. loongtip says

        “They ran an especially hateful article against America and Americans last week.” Truth hurts, yeah! Triggered much!

  4. Yaffle says

    This could be a trial run using a relatively innocuous viral chimera, affecting chiefly the old and the otherwise infirm – what has been termed “useless eaters” – that allows a live study of population- reaction to a pandemic they are told is a real threat: a possible prelude to something very much more serious.

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      “This could be a trial run using a relatively innocuous viral chimera … a possible prelude to something very much more serious.”

      You’ve stated an all too real possibility here. Creepy Bill is on video – I’ve got a copy – after complaining about how Australia and New Zealand and Korea “got ahead of” Corona Chan, smirking and stating “the next one will make everyone sit up and take notice” and then exchanging cheeky knowing grins with Melinda sitting right there beside him.

      These people are unapologetically evil, they craft and implement their plans in broad daylight and get away with it time and time again, because apparently there’s no one in the world with the courage or the means to stop them.

      Prepare yourself for Corona Chan Mark 2 to be unleashed on a clueless world – a new virus that in creepy Bill’s own words “will make everyone sit up and take notice”, PLUS the WEF’s preplanned global cyber attack to bring down the global financial system later this year, as revealed by their planned simulation “Cyber Polygon 2020” ( ).

      Stock up on canned food and other essentials, kiddies – we’re going to need it.

      As for the author’s concluding comments –

      “Maybe the virus was grown in a lab, maybe it just jumped from bats to people. Since all evidence suggests it’s not very dangerous, it doesn’t really matter.”

      Pig’s arse! Corona Chan was defineitely man-made, it consists of a plain old cold virus with a bioweapon payload, the “spike protein”, attached. This matters very much indeed, because Corona Chan has provided the gateway to inject everyone on the planet with astronomical numbers of the lethal bioweapon “spike protein” (for which the American government has a patent – WTF?!?!) disguised as a “vaccine” for an otherwise relatively benign viral bug.

      Why would they use an essentially harmless Corona Chan bug (no worse than a regular influenza virus according to the CDC’s own published figures) to launch their Great Reset economic destruction and depopulation agenda? Pure genius in it’s deceptive simplicity – the Corona Chan bug, while relatively harmless, is highly contagious, so they can’t control who is actually going to catch it. The “vaccines”, however, which are the real eugenic bioweapon, can be targeted specifically to each individual on the planet, with all the details being recorded. They know precisely who they have injected with which “vaccine”, and precisely who has so far escaped the net.

      They are in control. We’ve allowed them to take control, and are now marching submissively like sheep to the slaughter.

      “The debate sure does make a good distraction though.”

      He got that right. Sheep gabbling and arguing amongst themselves are way less likely to get organised and turn on the shepherd.

      1. Aardvark-Gnosis says

        HIV…now that is a man made lab problem… it is said, this Sar’s virus has HIV in the virus… now tell us it is not a bio weapon??? If reading is not the average persons pass time… I suggest mo people read the conspiracy theory mind sets… The printing press was a great invention and allowed more lies in print to be read by everyone that can read… Thusly, Intellegencia 101, the ability to create a lie and when believed by enough people it becomes the status quo truth and thusly the delusional mind excepts the printing to be passed down from father-mother to child… The believed the lie and now the system that we call social public political correctness distorts the foundations of our Constitutional formulas of free enterprise and freedom of speech with the false logic of the Legal system and lawyer-Judge insanity that rules us all if we can’t see through the insanity.

      2. loongtip says

        You clearly identified yourself as an Aussie with that “pigs arse” comment!

  5. Yaffle says

    We are NEVER told of how much is saved by pension funds from the deaths of the elderly.
    What might be the need for s really serious pandemic: the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and the no-longer need for toilers/workers.

  6. yuri says

    if a bioweapon obviously created by incompetent amerikans—covid only kills people already near death

    1. yuri says

      senile vegetable prez is bioweapon vs amerikan people

  7. Mr Reynard says

    Is SARS-CoV-2 a Bioweapon?
    To that question, I have another question ?
    Do Bears crap in the forest ?

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