Is Saker Human Garbage? (YES)

Anti-Russian human garbage to be exact

Slavsquat has an interesting piece on what he deems “the Russophile media”. The critique I have of it is that it mentions Saker, but the Birdman isn’t and can never be a part of anything deemed “Russophile”. Kremlinophile? Sure. Russophile? Not in a million years.

In a piece The Saker blog vs the anti-COVID crusaders (Saker rant) — which was laughably published with commenting disabled — Birdman wrote thus:

My bet is that in 1-2 years the anti-vaxx hysteria will die down again, and that the majority of those who now say “never! never! over my dead body!” will quietly get vaxxed, and the few who won’t will have a self-inflicted and rather shitty life which, of course, is their right!

Take a deep breath and consider what is written here. Saker understands that efforts are underway to make the lives of the unvaccinated “shitty” and he furthermore expects these measures to stay in place for many years. He doesn’t find any problem with this. In fact, he finds that those whose lives will be made “shitty” deserve it and only have themselves to blame. Their lives will be “shitty” but that will have been wholly “self-inflicted”. Not only does he support the repression against the uninjected, he actually blames the uninjected for it and for all that it shall entail for them.

Now consider that in Russia 55 percent of the adult population is uninjected. (35 percent took the “vaccine” while it was still fully voluntary. Another 10 percent have followed involuntarily since coercion has started.) And consider also that the state in Russia is doing everything it can to make the lives of the unvaccinated “shitty”. Also consider that in Russia, there are still nearly 900,000 surviving World War II veterans. Easily 600,000 of them are uninjected. (Russia does not publish the figure for vaccinations per age, but two months ago Sobyanin was whining that only one-third of those above 60 had subjected themselves to S protein+chimpvirus injections.)

Now consider that all Russian regions have adopted “vaccine” passes barring those without them from theaters and malls, certain jobs, and in a few regions from public transport. Consider that many regions have adopted additional restrictions for the retired “unvaccinated” who are barred from leaving their residences altogether except to visit the emergency room, the nearest grocery store, or to walk a dog but no farther than 100 meters from their doorstep.

Consider that when all of these things are taken together this means that tens of millions of Russian retirees and hundreds of thousands of Russian WWII veterans are technically banned from visiting the mall or a theater, seeking non-urgent medical help, getting their groceries from the 2nd nearest store to them, or walking the dog 105 meters from their doorstep.

And what is the response of the alleged “Russophile” Saker to these outrages and indignities? His response is to find them completely unproblematic, to justify them as “self-inflicted” and normal, and to blame the retirees and the veterans for bringing them upon themselves.

What do you call a person like that? You call it HUMAN GARBAGE. That’s what he is. I wouldn’t run him through a woodchipper and fertilize my tomatoes with.

At a time when so many Russians, but particularly pensioners and even veterans, are being humiliated and oppressed this “Russophile” does not even have the level of class required to keep his mouth shut. Instead, he pens bizarre ranting essays on how the oppressed have no one but themselves to blame.

What he most closely resembles is the Bolsheviks, or better yet their toadie and apologist. The Bolsheviks and the violent Westernizer, Peter the Great, played the same game of being at war with the Russian people and spirit, of oppressing them from above, and of blaming the victim the whole time. At the end of the day, he is nothing more than a pathetic COVID Bolshie. Lenin at least left his humanity behind in pursuit of a grand vision of Heaven on Earth, Birdman abandons it in order to play the footsoldier for a virus cult and syringe fundamentalism that the Russian people do not want anything to do with.

Isn’t it “grand” to be sitting pretty in Covidianism-free Florida and be ranting in justification of humiliation and harassment of Russian veterans and grandparents? The Russians have better friends than that at NATO HQ.

The woman cried and said that without a phone she would not even be able to call an ambulance. The pensioner also said that she had recently buried her son and no one can help her. At the same time, the guards acted according to the rules and did not let the elderly woman inside the shopping center without a QR code.

The life of a Russian granny successfully made shitty! Birdman approves! She only has herself to blame after all!

Russian granny denied baked goods. Another victory!

Another Russian granny leading a “self-inflicted” “shitty life”.

Samara Online:

The pensioner wanted to go to the store, but she did not have a vaccine certificate. The woman was not allowed to enter the mall, then she began to fall to the floor and cry, her emotions overwhelmed her.

– “I have neither children nor grandchildren, I live alone. I need a piece of bread, I want to eat. Are you monsters not to let me in? I lie here on the doorstep and starve to death? If I die, take me straight to the churchyard, to bury me in the grave”, the woman said.

One more “self-inflicted” “rather shitty life” “which, of course, is their right”.

Ah yes, a Russian grandma in a “self-inflicted” brutal detention — “which, of course, is her right”.

Rabid driver manhandles a woman without a vaccine pass and pushes her off a bus. —More of that “self-inflicted” stuff Birdman loves so much.

Young Russian woman faces 5 years in jail for having bitten a paramilitary policeman on the hand while he was knocking her to the floor and giving her a concussion because she removed her facemask in a mall after it had become unusable. Put them in their place! Make their lives shitty! It’s all self-inflicted!

You storm Budapest to be told you can’t walk a dog farther than 100 meters

Keep in mind that all of these grandmas are someone’s mother, wife, sister, aunt… They’ve lived, toiled, contributed to Russia, raised a family and provided for it. In most instances lived a hard but productive and meaningful life — only to in their old age have a coterie of WEF-loving technocrat insectoids try to blackmail, harass and cattle-tag them. And for a Florida COVID Bolshie to pontificate on how they deserve it and how it is all their fault after all.

Russophile? Not to anyone whose mother or grandmother could have been one of those humiliated women. And that’s the vast majority of Russia.

When you’ve sided with a technocratic would-be QR-police state against babushkas and veterans you’ve become a steaming, radioactive pile of shit that doesn’t deserve to be consuming this world’s oxygen.

  1. Maiasta says

    Hope the Saker reads this site.

    1. nnn says

      Saker ??????? Must be Jew

      1. Mr Reynard says

        A hasbara troll ?? Having read some of his comments, IMO it could be correct ??

        1. Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist says

          Apart from the fact that he thinks Putin isn’t any zionist rulers shabby goy, despite allowing the zios to freely bomb Syria, I haven’t seen any evidence that he is a hasbarat. He is however extremely self important and does not tolerate the slightest deviation from his views, to the extent that these days he is second guessing even his own full time stable of censors, er, “moderators”, by flagging comments that sneaked through criticism of his divine worldview.

          How I hate the creature.

      2. Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist says

        Of course he is not a Jew. He is the half Dutch son of a third generation White Russian emigré woman whose father was a Nazi collaborator in WWII. He is a Swiss citizen who lives in Florida and has about as much right to speak about Russia as I do to speak about Bangladesh, the country of my paternal grandfather’s birth.

        1. Muffer says

          A Crypto Jew! NAZIs are the Elite Ashk-NAZIs like Klaus Schwab, Rothshilds etc Can you imagine a German Nationalist Party actually naming itself after the last 4 letters of the people it is pointing the finger at as being a problem – nonsense! NAZIs = National Zionism and Ashke-NAZIs and there are many Zionists who are not Jewish – Hitler was a stooge for the Zionists and was a Jew – Ashkenazis are Turkic Aryans – what was the fucking master race he was racially pushing – The Aryan One – it’s as clear as the light of fucking day!

      3. major pushov says

        Yes he is jew… he is also a CIA operative… one may call him the cia-faker..

        a loathesome little toad of a man, who works for the jewish fake alternative media..

    2. jimbogoofball says

      I just sent him the link to this article along with what I think of him and his big mouth. He will certainly see it in his inbox.

      1. Edward Slavsquat says

        you’re doing God’s work.

  2. Maiasta says

    I would leave him this little comment, but i fear that he would take it seriously and not see the sarcasm:

    Join in, starve the unvaxxed to get your old life back

  3. Bill T says

    When it comes to the coof the Saker is definitely a POS. I think maybe he is compromised because he lives in the US and has to spew this nonsense or get shut down or worse. But if that is the case then keep your effin’ mouth shut, Andrei. Obviously it’s his blog and he can say whatever he wants, and if he wants to self destruct then let him.

    1. SteveK9 says

      He lives in the only ‘free’ State in the country. He should move to NYC and see if he keeps his opinion.

      1. major pushov says

        The only reason Florida has any freedom, is because ‘they’ want it that way… the whole of wall street has second homes there…

        not to mention a certain demographic… which ties us back to wall street and ron israel de santis…

    2. Victor says

      The entire site is like a self-satisfied, arrogant little cult of Yes men to anything he says.

  4. Jimbo Jones says

    Strong article. The videos are heart-wrenching. I can’t believe that’s happening in Russia. This”pandemic” really is the ultimate means for separating wheat from chaff. Saker goes the way of Chomsky. Who would have thought. May he take his boosters and be fully protected.

    Hope the Russians find the strength to defeat this new and bizarre evil. God bless them and God bless Russia.

    1. Ray says

      All saloon intelectuals like the Saker have a low level despise of common folk even if they dont notice it, and think that they know better what is best for them

    2. EstibenDelMar says

      i couldnt watch the vids either. the mistreatment of senior ppl like that makes me puke. these policemen treating grandpas like that makes me believe that the immortal regiment and may 9 parade in the end are just pure propaganda used by the Kremlin for their political benefit and not the real reinvidication of the people that were used by the bolshevike Stalin to try to conquer the world. Perhaps putin is trying to reduce the “wholes” the grandpas are making to his annual budget?? it would be great if Luka replaced putin.

      1. Russian Observer says

        You’re so confused, EstibenDelMar. Those who wanted to conquer the world, or rather, spread their ideology throughout the world, were Lenin, Trotsky, Tukchchevsky and Co. Stalin was on the other side of things, and wanted to build socialism in one, his own, country. Secondly, The immortal regiment is a genuine grassroots movement (which government does want to appropriate), but this doesn’t diminish its real down-to-earth power. And thirdly, ‘Luka’ will never get to replace Putin.If he could, he would’ve done this long ago.

        1. EstibenDelMar says

          I wont discuss Stalin, bcause its not the point of the article. About the Immortal Regiment, whatever its origins, nowadays, after seeing this senior people harassed by the pigs, it has no real, factical nor practical meaning for the older ones, its just a day to get together and pretend they know what happened. And Luka, it’s just wishful thinking but i rely on the hope that reality overcomes fantasy.

      2. Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist says

        You know nothing about Stalin, do you?

        1. Mikhail says

          Drives me nuts when western folks start talking about Stalin, the Bolsheviks, Lenin, etc. This was my gripe with Saker and the reason I stopped reading him years ago, and now this is my gripe with Saker detractors. No one in the west, it seems, understands anything about Russia’s history from that period. Stalin to them is just some kind of bogeyman. No different from Hitler. Ingrates and ignorami! With not enough class to keep their mouths shut, might i add.

  5. Imdone says

    Thanks for this. I’ve been going on his site for years now. Just deleted it. In these times the shills are being revealed and we have to be rid of them.

  6. EstibenDelMar says

    yes, bolshevism is alive and well but this time is happening not only in russia but in several other countries. are putin final hours around the corner?

  7. Oilman says

    The truth is, we are starting to see the same happening in Australia, and many parts of Europe.
    They wanted to divide the people which makes governments enemies of the people.

  8. ken says

    You gotta love it when after seeing these elders and others treated like animals the wusses come out and say “but, but,,, we have to be peaceful!” Well,,, what about them!

    Tell me how it’s peaceful to starve someone? Tell me how it’s peaceful to throw an elderly person or anyone from a train or bus? Tell me how it’s peaceful to be coerced into taking an injection that has killed 40,000 in Europe and 20, 000 in the US in only 11 months. Tell me how it’s peaceful to get someone fired, to lose their home and watch their children go hungry for not wanting to risk an experimental drug, being called anti-vaxx. Since when is not wanting to participating injecting a untested drug, especially now that its proven not to work anti-anything?

    Since when is kicking some cops ass for mistreating granny or anyone a bad thing?

    This is happening all over the world, not just Russia. Sorry,,, Putin the not so Great is now just another POS low life politician just like the Biden thing and his merry bunch of despots or the clown in the UK, or the tripe in Australia or Hitlerette in New Naziland or the jerk in Canada, and how about little Austria.

    The Saker is just another asshole that thinks he is going to get something out of this tyranny. Lives in the free state of Florida (so far) while basically chastising others for thinking their body is their business. They’re all like this,,, Nancy Pelosi,,, assisted in completely destroying her state of California is looking for a home in Florida. They can’t even stand the misery they are putting their constitutents through.

  9. GMC says

    Well, Saker won’t let this sole, старый Американский in Crimea post any comments on his website either.
    As far as the elderly pensioner in the video, welcome to how some Russians – still have the old Soviet brainwashed mentality = Rules are Rules and we don’t care if you need a helping hand. Russia changed their name but they are still in the old hard core mentality.Some of them haven’t learned to think for themselves and only stick to the rules. This will be the downfall , because they won’t think about what is right – instead they will follow the Moscow rules. Saker must be one of those old Soviet types – ah – screw that old babooshka. – Disgusting

    1. Eddy says

      WOW ! Really had to laugh reading this crap, as everything claimed within this post is also very valid in the U.S. today. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve had to point out to posters, the USSR does not exist any longer, and the Communist Party is not in power in Russia today. So it’s abundantly clear to everyone, the same type of people exist on BOTH sides.

      1. GMC says

        My post is what I have seen in the past 10 yrs.I’ve noticed some people taking all these government rules way beyond common sense.The Old Soviet types are stil in Russia – just like everywhere, that there was a totalitarian regime – some people are still stuck in their old ways. I have never seen this in the Saki hospital or anyother place and never will because the Saki Hosp. and the community caters to many pensioners and 1 old American. lol

        Although this video is atypical , shit does happen because some people take their jobs – way too serious and forget that everyone is human. I hope these folks that treat elders in this manner – lose their jobs. My bet is the security guard got his ass kicked after this vid went viral.

  10. NeoS says

    Those cooperating with the evil are having to out themselves. The Birdman is one.

  11. SteveK9 says

    I have to admit, the Covid Plandemic has been a great dividing line for me. If you are on the wrong side, I simply can no longer respect you. I used to read ‘Moon of Alabama’ but gave that up 2 years ago. The Saker has some interesting comments, so if there is an article about Russia, I may read it. Ron Unz, the same problem. How someone that intelligent could get this wrong, I do not know, although he seems to be shifting a bit.

    The great wakeup call is from a reliable old Democrat, surprisingly, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s book The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health’ should be required reading for every adult on the planet.

    Marko, if you haven’t … it is $2.99 Kindle version on Amazon. They have done everything in the World to suppress this, including attacking one of their own, but it is still #1 on Amazon and has been for weeks.

  12. JEFF N says

    Thank You 👏🏾

  13. nnn says

    Putin dermo

  14. jimbogoofball says

    Will never go to his disgusting page again. The site is deleted. Absolutely shocking to learn this guy is like that. Kind of like a person that finds out his friend is a pedo after suddenly getting arrested. After ten years or more of thinking you know the person. Plonk go da saker. Reeking POS.

    1. Eddy says

      I gave up reading his posts after realising he contradicts himself often.

  15. Ron says

    This is “fake news” and not 100% true. There are regions where local mayors are enforcing the vaccine and NOT the entire county of Russia. The videos are select videos and not all are from the same point in time. Everyone is being played since no one here in the West can travel to verify information we see on the internet.

    WE have now become the prisoners in Plato’s Cave,

    1. Edward Slavsquat says

      the entire country has vaccine mandates now for certain segments of the population and national QR code legislation will be voted on within the next 2-3 weeks.
      nothing fake about it.

  16. Edward Slavsquat says

    Finally someone put a wooden stake through this shithead.

    1. EstibenDelMar says

      why u reckon birdman requires so much attention from you?? as far as i know he is marginal, even orlov is marginal in the internet. What’s your take on Andrei Martinov’s Reminicense’s of the Future?

      1. Edward Slavsquat says

        disagree. he has quite an impact. and many take their cues from him. he’s a major gatekeeper.

  17. Arius says

    The Saker’s ignorance of the mRNA issue is unfortunate. Otherwise on the problems in the West and with Russia is spot on. I never go his site on Covid or mRNA vaccine issues.

    1. Fred Mc says

      I would up-post you 10 times over your comment. On other Russian affairs, Andrei seems to be spot on. I cannot believe he is so wrong on the Vaxx issue. He needs to read Robert F. Kennedy’s book, with all of its factual information.

  18. Zhanna says

    I am from Russia, and, according to Goebbels, half of what was said is lies and propaganda. Much has been revealed as a staged video. You have a complete lack of information from Russia, and therefore you trusted
    a loser “Slavic hopak” or a Ukrainian Nazi who makes fakes a dozen a day. I can send it to you, but you will call it Kremlin disinformation.

    1. Edward Slavsquat says

      let’s see your sources

      1. Zhanna says

        good joke ! you don ‘t expect a motivated answer , do you ? has Orwell become your desk book ?

        1. Edward Slavsquat says

          “I can prove these videos are fake”
          “Okay show us”
          “haha, good joke!”

  19. ken says

    I just remembered that somewhere in Russia they threw a teenager in jail for 4 years for pissing on a sign displaying a portrait of a WWII veteran.

    Apparently that judgement doesn’t hold true when government and its goons shit on actual veterans and older folks that suffered through some very bad times during that war.

    Just saying…

  20. Finnian Reilly says

    If Dr. Bhakdi is right, the Saker (and anyone else stupid enough to take the jab) might himself start to have a shitty life as the result of his life choices. But he will likely remain “stuck in stupid” and not make the connection.


    Dr. Bhakdi explains how and why the gene-based COVID-“vaccines” trigger the breakdown of immunological defenses against infectious agents that lie dormant (“sleeping”) in our bodies. These include many viruses such as Herpes zoster (shingles), Epstein-Barr-Virus (infectious mononucleosis), Cytomegaloviruses, bacteria – particularly tuberculosis – and parasites.

    Moreover, our sentinel lymphocytes are vitally important in protecting us against tumors because they swiftly exterminate cancer cells that continually arise in our bodies. “Vaccine”- mediated destruction of these sentinel lymphocytes is going to have disastrous global consequences. Patients with dreaded “old” infections such as tuberculosis and with malignant tumors will flood the hospitals around the world.

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      Given that (so far) 80% of the Corona Chan “vaccine” injections have been benign and only 20% (or less) actually poisonous (though still enough to kill more people in less than one year than all other vaccines in history combined), it will probably take 2 or 3 or 4 “booster shots” to bring someone like the Saker back down to reality.

      But living in Florida, is there even any confirmation that the Saker has been injected with the Corona Chan “vaccine” (placebo or otherwise) at all?

      The author said – “What do you call a person like that? You call it HUMAN GARBAGE. That’s what he is. I wouldn’t run him through a woodchipper and fertilize my tomatoes with.

      I would.

  21. Adam says

    The Saker is a Tulmudist Fascist pontificating whilst he chills out in sunny Florida. I demand he present his Vax passport and his ugly face for all to see. This Saker shill is a Globalist Stool Pigeon running errands for his Tribe.

  22. edwardi says

    I still have not found or read particulars on the sputnik vaccine. does it force the body to produce the spike protein, same as does the mRNA pseudo vaccines. I am every more convinced the US vaccines are already causing massive deaths and injuries, and the best scientific thinking on what the vax is doing inside the body points to a distinct possibility that everyone, every last person, who has been administered a US vax will die in the short term or become so disabled they will wish they were dead. Chronic injuries. About a year ago now the foremost MD in Israel publicly lambasted the pseudo vaccine as a ” Poison Death Shot,” said Dr. Zelensky. It seems that the esteemed doctor was not wrong as Data, official Data is showing massive harms, with great potential they are under reported by an x factor. Obviously the Public is being Railroaded, as objectively any sane health Dept. would have prohibited the so called vaccines from the market long ago. Much speculation points to the obvious conclusion that this Poison Death Shot was and is an intentional effort at world population reduction. The shot has been delivered. I could post links to support all these dire warmings, but, this site took away my noble status after I asked a few simple folk who were ranting on about loving Adolph Hitler and all that if they were nationalist Ukranians, as who else ? but then, operation Gladio has planted little clubs all over Europe and the area. Just asked no harm intended. ? But what about this Sputnik vax, if that is as faulty as the US version, well, Mr. Putin himself will be in great trouble as these harms appear difficult to reverse. Chlorine Dioxide ? might help. Mr. Putin was quoted recently saying Russia needed more people. Well, then, Vladimir better get over his love affair with the WHO and vaccines as the inappropriate response to a caronavirus is obvious, and Russia may well be needing more people if the Vax kill off that 45% who got vaxed. Sounds Crazy. Phenomenal scope if turns out true. It would be the most diabolical act every commited in human history, Hitler would turn over in his grave. But hey despite the feelings here of being dissed, I was so proud to be a ‘noble’ commentator, LOL, not really a big whoop, but here is just one example of this utterly Dire probability, more than idle speculation as I can post in 10 minutes 10 more just like this with better graphs and longer from MD’s with plush credentials..but here is this one MD’s personal practice experiences and conclusions…Dr. Nathan Thompson: Bloodwork On Vaxxed Patient Is TERRIFYING! (

  23. jm74 says

    Has anyone made an effort to confirm Saker’s true identity?
    My opinion is that the World is going through a reset and that the West has an undeclared war going on against Russia, China, Iran, SK, Venezuela and maybe a few other countries.
    Some vaccinations are not recognized by some countries, for example Chinese and Sputnik V are not recognized in Australia and you can not enter Australia unless you have been vaccinated by a Australian recognized vaccine; what better way of sanctioning a country without actually declaring that their Visas are not acceptable?

    1. Edward Slavsquat says

      this argument would have merit if Russia really was taking a different path than Big Pharm re: the vaccines. Not the case, though. Sputnik V has partnered with Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, etc etc
      The tensions over “vaccine diplomacy” is mostly theater, it seems

  24. London says

    … “they” orchestrate from above the nations and professions of the world while not belonging to any …

  25. Hocus Pocus says

    I can’t believe Putin swallowed this shit. Senility must be slowly appearing. I wonder what will happen when the virus dies?

    1. Maiasta says

      But how does a virus “die”? It’s just a bundle of RNA.

  26. XSFRGR says

    Some years ago Saker published an essay promoting the virtues of exterminating the White race, and Western culture. After that I realized that the Dude had a head problem, and turned him off.

  27. steve kastl says

    Strongly urge President Putin to stop this criminalization of the unvaccinated. Please stop doing what the USA government wants you to do. Do not be a lapdog following corrupt USA orders.

  28. Martillo says

    The birdman has been fouling its cage for some time and screeching ever more shrilly. Nice that the feathered fool has now been exposed as the “shitty” little parrot that it obviously is. I stopped reading anything the buzzard had to say as the limited hangout parrot started squawking its covaid$ BS from the start.

    Meanwhile the frantic covaid$ death squirt clown show explained and how and when it is supposed to end if the globo pedovore filth can keep it going until real men are squirted and chipped. Not a hope!

    Melissa Ciummei: Plandemic will end when their Digital Monetary System is in place

    Because YOU really are the disease and their covaid$ death squirt really is the cure.

    This Pivotal Moment – Episode 1

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