Is “Long COVID” Mostly a Mental Disease?

Self-reported 'long covid' doesn't actually correlate with having had covid

The Journal of the American Medical Association has another stunning paper out, this one on post-Covid symptoms in almost 27,000 French adults.

Researchers asked people to report whether they had had Covid and whether they had any of 18 lasting symptoms like insomnia, fatigue, or cough. They found that self-reported Covid was very strongly associated with nearly every symptom.

But the scientists then went a step further.

They also had Sars-Cov-2 antibody test results for the people they had surveyed, so they didn’t have to depend on self-reported Covid. They knew who really had had Covid and who had not.

They then compared self-reported symptoms in people with antibodies – that is, people who had actually been infected and recovered from Covid – to the general population. And they found no difference in almost any symptom.

Covid was not a risk factor for chest pain, or breathing difficulties, or trouble focusing, or stomach pain, or any of the many, many other complaints that long Covid “patients” and interest groups say are real. There was one interesting exception; people with Covid antibodies did have a much higher rate of anosmia, losing one’s sense of smell. Because anosmia is a known and lasting side effect, it serves as a useful control of sorts.


The researchers also found that almost 60 percent of the people with antibodies HAD NO IDEA THEY HAD EVEN HAD COVID AT ALL. Meanwhile, while more than half the people who said they had had Covid had no antibodies. (Welcome to the plague so severe most halfway healthy adults don’t even know they’ve had it.)

The study strongly suggests that many people are using previous Covid diagnoses – either real or imagined – to help explain away common physical symptoms such as joint pain or cough. It also suggests that actually being infected Covid is far less risky than thinking you have been infected with Covid for many people.

The researchers concluded by explaining that people who claim they have long Covid may need help “to identify cognitive and behavioral mechanisms that may be targeted to relieve the symptoms.” Which is a very polite way of putting the truth.

This study should slow, if not stop, the rush to medicalize long Covid. It is yet more proof that the illness is a group of squishy (if painful and difficult) symptoms looking for a name – and more importantly a billing code.

But so many patients and physicians and public health experts are now invested (in some cases literally) in making long Covid real that the gravy train will likely roll on.

Source: Unreported Truths

  1. ken says

    They also had Sars-Cov-2 antibody test results for the people they had surveyed, so they didn’t have to depend on self-reported Covid. They knew who really had had Covid and who had not.”

    Oh dear God. Another pile of horse hockey!

    That antibody test is as accurate as the PCR. If you have had a cold (a coronavirus) in the last ten years it will likely show positive….

    These people are hypochondriacs or scammers looking to get free stuff.

    “Researchers asked people to report whether they had had Covid and whether they had any of 18 lasting symptoms like insomnia, fatigue, or cough.”

    I had all three for over two years! Gosh, Golly, Gee,,, I must have the covid! (lol)
    Found out it was my blood pressure medicine causing it. Stop the medicine,,, stopped the symptoms. And it was I that discovered this,,, not my godly MD with 7 years of medical education.

    Sars Cov 2 has never been purified to a single virus,,, sigh for the millionth time. It is a computer fantasy simulation.

    Everybody is in on the scam… you can buy these perverted bogus tests on Amazon. They even have a smell test to verify you have had the covid! (lol)

    Tell you what,,, you want a smell test, just let Doctor ken know. Send your $50 and your return address. I have a source of smell that will definitely diagnose covid.

    Oh God,,, I need a drink!

    1. SimmieQ says

      I suffered the same with blood pressure medication some years back: annoying, tickly cough just as I was falling asleep that would persist throughout the night. Had I had a ‘sleep survey’ (another bizarre medical innovation, imo) during that time the quacks would have diagnosed me with apnea. Or something equally long-lived and or terminal.
      Otherwise, 100% agree that ‘long-term covid /fauci disease’ (actually, fauci can have AIDS … by rights, should give this one to gates) – for that matter, even ‘short-term’ – is psychosomatic, idiotic, and very much contrived nonsense.

    2. Debra B Rushing says

      The tests are a scam…but, the bioweapons are real. LongCOVID is like Chronic Lyme disease …another bioweapon issue swept under the carpet for the last 50 years. Symptoms are almost the same as COVID…go figure. Both Long Haulers and Chronic Lyme feel exactly the same (I’ve had both…and still trying to recover from LongCovid…probably a lot of the same cooties involved in their manufacturing process.. I’m pretty sure that Plum Island (Nazi Scientist/Operation Paperclip) was the precursor to this Satanic ploy to kill and maim as many as possible. Keep on trying till you get it right…so it seems. No we are not crazy or wanting attention…we are sick and no one cares or believes…till they get it.

  2. gaxa says

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    1. bob says

      whoring pays well eh ?

    2. bob says

      I thought you said you were going to fix this,where is the ‘flag’ button ?

  3. Cap960 says

    Another mental illness is to believe in the vaccine!

  4. bob says

    ALl COVID is a mental illness. COVIDIOCY.

  5. Debra B Rushing says

    Long COVID is real…as is Chronic Lyme Disease. Bioweapons attack the old/weak/toxic…sooner…but, everyone will know the next time a virus/flu comes around and they too land on their butts…and finally realize just how real these symptoms are and how life-destroying. It is so comforting to hear you need to go to a shrink when your body is falling apart… the doctors are part and parcel of the problem…They make megabuck pushing pharma. These bioweapons, if they don’t kill you…make you a customer for life…unless a person wakes up and realizes God has a much better health plan…which does not require pharmakeia….they will just get sicker and die.

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