Is It Too Much to Ask Those Pushing the Injections Do Not Exempt Themselves From Liability?

How about some skin in the game?

Hey, I have a deal for you. Go ahead and inject yourself with this awesome chemical cocktail we came up with. It’s perfectly safe and will protect you from a disease that for those under 55 is less serious than the flu. We’re vouching for it being the safest injection ever.

It’s so safe that we have no doubt that at least 70-80% of the global population should be injected with it as soon as possible, and we’ll devote enormous collective resources to make that happen.

In fact, to motivate you to get injected we may not allow you to go back to your normal lives ever. Without your “green pass” forget about plane travel, or eating out, or enrolling your offspring in schools, or working in a school or hospital. But it’s okay because we are 100% certain it’s safe, and we’re vouching for that. And oh yeah, we also want an exemption from all liability. If you do suffer some ill effect from the injection soon after taking it, or years down the line, you’re all on your own. We don’t want to have anything to do with that.

In fact, we already passed the appropriate “laws” that spell out that injection developers and manufacturers will be exempt from all liability, and in many cases so will be the governments propagandizing for the injections and softly mandating them. That’s how much actual faith we have in the injections and how much of OUR OWN SKIN we are willing to invest.

Yeah, you can really trust us that injections are safe and we’ll try to ruin your life if you still do not believe us, or just reject the no-guarantees, no-skin-in-the-game injection as a matter of principle.

Sounds like a good and equitable deal? Yeah, we really know how to signal we consider you a dignified equal in a fair and egalitarian society, peasant. We’re all in this together. If you follow our diktats and things go bad for you, be assured, we’ll still be a-okay.

  1. ken says

    The covidian morons are still lining up for the jab.

    Do you think they would buy a home or car or anything under the same rules?

    Were sorry Sir, Once you drive it off the showroom floor or occupy the home its your baby,,, defects and all.. And no, you cannot sue us if you are killed or injured by defective parts or design.

    I doubt they would go along with that,,, but hey,,, a jab under the same conditions that could kill them or worse,,, no problemo!

    And they say WE are covidiots!!!! (LOL)

    1. Justin says

      Exactly! Just the no liability factor alone, eliminates it for me. Apart from all of the other problems they have. How can anyone trust any company or product that has no legal liability? Only Covidiots could for sure!

  2. Jim Hogue says

    Don’t let the lemmings run you over on their way over the cliff.

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