Irish Grandma Who Violated Face Diaper Compulsion to Be Imprisoned for 6 Months

In Ireland you are not free not to practice the rituals of the Covid religion

The mind virus fashion police strikes

An Irish grandmother who violated the nation’s mask mandate is to spend Christmas behind bars after being sentenced to a year in prison.

Margaret Buttimer, a 66-year-old grandmother, will spend this Christmas behind bars after being sentenced to one year in prison for violating Ireland’s mask mandate, with six months of the sentence being suspended.

The grandmother was initially imprisoned last week after breaching her bail terms by going Christmas shopping, having been ordered to stay away from stores.

According to a report by the Irish Examiner, Buttimer was sentenced after being found guilty of not wearing a mask in a restaurant.

The judge presiding over the case made reference to what he called the grandmother’s “absurd selfishness” and “willful disregard of others”.

He also refused to hand down community service to the woman, claiming that it would be contradictory to do so as she was engaging in “persistent community disservice”.

The 66-year-old now has multiple convictions for breaching public health guidelines, having been jailed twice for her actions.

Buttimer had no previous convictions prior to the pandemic, according to the Irish Independent.

The wearing of face coverings in shops, restaurants, and public transport has been mandatory in Ireland since last year, with the country having yet to relax the measures since their initial implementation.

A Covid passport system — similar to the controversial 2G rule in Germany — has also been in place since last summer.

Under the regime, only those who are fully vaccinated against the Chinese coronavirus, or have recovered from the disease, are allowed access to indoor dining in bars and restaurants, as well as gym facilities.

The passes are also a legal requirement in order to visit nursing homes within the country.

Unlike many other European countries, the requirement to show proof of vaccination cannot be bypassed using proof of a negative Covid test.

A number of Irish politicians have questioned why the practice of excluding unvaccinated individuals from a wide variety of services hasn’t been further expanded to the likes of supermarkets and public transport.

“If you want to participate in society, you need to be vaccinated,” said one ruling party politician, saying that those who wished to refuse the vaccine could just stay home.

“You’re putting the rest of us at risk, and you’re putting the economy at risk,” Senator Gerry Horkan alleged.

Source: Breitbart

  1. Cap960 says

    Freedom in the west is an illusion. Yet they just can’t stop talking about China’s drastic laws. Funny!

  2. Rebel Forever says

    Where are the grown men in Ireland to break this courageous woman out of jail? Are there any? Or is it just a country of sissies and sheep?

    1. Helga Weber says

      sissies and sheep it is.

    2. Mr Reynard says

      Seeing what is happening in Ireland today, Michael Collins is spinning in his grave & the IRA IMO is a castrated gelded body …

  3. ken says

    An old woman with more balls than all the men in Ireland. Hell, probably the entire planet.

    “called the grandmother’s “absurd selfishness” and “willful disregard of others”.

    What a joke,,, If they cannot recognize the scam after two years there’s no hope. I always thought the IRA was a bunch of wusses,,, now I know they are, allowing a elder to go to jail over a ‘rule’ that everyone knows is bullshit.

    Stupidity has no bounds.

  4. Ultrafart the Brave says

    “You’re putting the rest of us at risk, and you’re putting the economy at risk,” Senator Gerry Horkan alleged.

    Let’s see now, the “vaccinated” are more susceptible to catching and spreading Corona Chan than the “unvaccinated”, and the hospitals are filling up with the “vaccinated” maimed and dying from their poisonous “vaccine” injuries, while “vaccinated” mothers spontaneously abort their unborn children and kill their nursing infants…

    … so what exactly are the “vaccines” for? And more importantly, how exactly do the “unvaccinated” present a risk to anyone?

    This is just my personal opinion, mind you, let me make that very clear – but it seems to me that the rest of us, the economy and the world at large would be a much better, a much safer place if someone – anyone – would do us the very great service of permanently removing the likes of Senator Gerry Horkan from the planet.

    Perhaps we will have to wait for the Nuremburg 2.0 trials for that small satisfaction.

    And by the way, let’s all understand, Margaret Buttimer is a hero. The world would be a better place if we had more people like her.

  5. Helga Weber says

    My daughter, twice vaccinated caught Covid, guess the Omicron variant, sick only a couple of days, we the parents, not vaxxed, had nothing, grandchild nothing too. We are following the Zelenko protocol for months now.

  6. Phil says

    Compared with Ireland and Australia, North Korea is a free country.
    Irish people fought for their freedom, before. It was a long time ago…

  7. willy says

    When the vaccinated drop dead, we can step over them and continue.

  8. Bob says

    My people are dying from COVIDIOCY.

  9. jack says

    A brave lady, she got it right. There is no risk to anyone. Those who are VAX are now shedding “spiked proteins”! I had the VID and followed 1918 protocols. Sunshine and wind in my birthday suit. After the 4th. day it snapped, after the 6th day I was much stronger. On the 7th day of he sheriff’s came into my camp and said “you have 24hr.vto vacate.vI did so much stronger. One extra note. Our hospitals didn’t know what do do. Because I a Senior Citizen I knew what to do. Please prescribed Presidone a steroid. I had relief in about 20 minutes. hour

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