Iraq and Russia Prepare to Boost Military Ties as US Threatens Sanctions

In summer of 2014 when ISIS invaded from Syria Obama dragged his feet and set pre-conditions for arms sales to Iraq but Russia delivered what was ordered right away. Iraq was part of the US-led anti-ISIS coalition, but also of a parallel Iraq-Iran-Russia-Syria coalition headquartered in Baghdad

Iraq’s Anti-ISIS Fight Relied More on Its Converted Soviet Cargo Planes Than Its F-16s

In more continuing fallout over the Jan.3 assassination by drone of the IRGC’s Gen. Qassem Soleimani, Iraq and Russia are preparing for deepening military coordination, reports the AP

Iraq’s Defense Ministry announced Thursday that increased “cooperation and coordination” is being discussed with Moscow amid worsened relations with Washington, which even last month included President Trump issuing brazen threats of “very big” sanctions on Baghdad if American troops are kicked out of the country.

This week Iraqi army chief of staff Lt. Gen. Othman Al-Ghanimi and Russian Ambassador Maksim Maksimov met to discuss future military cooperation. Crucially, Gen. Ghanimi highlighted Russia’s successful anti-ISIS operations over the past years, especially in Syria where the Russian military has supported Assad since being invited there in 2015.

On Russia’s role in Iraq, Ghanimi said Moscow had provided “our armed forces with advanced and effective equipment and weapons that had a major role in resolving many battles,” according to the ministry statement.

It’s been long rumored that since late summer Baghdad and Moscow have been in talks to deliver either Russia’s advanced S-400 or S-300 anti-air missile defense systems – a prospect which US officials have condemned.

Like other areas of the Middle East, as US adventurism heightens pressure for a US withdrawal, Russia appears to be seizing the opportunity to move in. This much was affirmed in AP’s reporting, via at least one anonymous senior official:

A senior Iraqi military intelligence official told The Associated Press that Russia, among other countries, has come forward to offer military support in the wake of fraught US.-Iraq relations following Soleimani’s killing.

“Iraq still needs aerial reconnaissance planes. There are countries that have given signals to Iraq to support us or equip us with reconnaissance planes such as Russia and Iran,” said the official, who requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the information.

Many military analysts have of late noted that the “blowback” from the incredibly risky operation which killed Soleimani will be a hastening of American forces’ exit from the region.

It could also actually serve to increase Baghdad’s dependency on Iran – something which appears to be already in the works. And now we have confirmation that Moscow will seek to benefit as well from the worsened US-Iraq relations, certainly now at the lowest point since the 2003 invasion and US attempt to build a new government.

Source: Zero Hedge

  1. thomas malthaus says
  2. thomas malthaus says

    What an interesting strategy it would be for joint Iraq-Russia oil field operations if they surrounded those of American military-multinational oil operations.

    Probably would make the ability to ship it out somewhat encumbered.
    A nearby Russian airbase and infantry garrison would make it so.

  3. CHUCKMAN says

    A hopeful sign.

    Open official opposition to an occupying force that refuses to go when asked.

    And the possibility of genuine assistance from Russia.

    I’m not sure it has a solid chance to succeed, but the very fact that it is happening at all is encouraging.

    America’s illegal presence in Iraq and and perhaps in Syria will die from a “thousand little cuts,” rather than any big dramatic turn of events.

    I’m pretty sure that approach will characterize Iran’s ongoing efforts to see Americans leave.

  4. Chris Chuba says

    But how does Iraq move their bank account out of DC, I bet it isn’t as easy as doing a normal bank transfer. Until then Iraq can never truly be free. They need a 3rd party to try to shame them into doing that.

    Even our vassal states can’t defend that practice with a straight face. Nah … who am I kidding, we can always invent a story, we can accuse the Prime Minister of corruption and accuse him of trying to pillage the Iraqi people. Anything is possible when you are shameless. It’s wonderful being God’s sword of justice on earth. The expression of his very Word to oppose evil in all its form #sarcasm just to not be misunderstood.

    1. Jesus says

      The Fed account will soon become history since Iraq is getting involved with China for major infrastructure projects and likely banking of its oil currency.

      1. CHUCKMAN says


        Let’s hope China can get quickly past the coronavirus which is hurting its economy and its ability to help others.

        1. rightiswrong rightiswrong says

          Coronavirus has a death rate of 1%, lower than SARS or Ebola.

          US designer virus doesn’t work, stop spreading US propaganda.

          1. Richard Seeto says

            Did you know that the US has the biggest and best funded Biological Warfare laboratory and it has recruited that horribly evil Dr Iishi of Unit 731 Harbin fame which the British wanted him hanged for his crimes but the US protected him in exchange for the grisly volumes of data he collected from his experiments on live humans?

          2. David Bedford says

            I don’t know if any countries around the world could have contained it as quickly as China did, I know here in Australia our government are too busy trying to prove that government cannot do anything so they can privatise sectors of the economy. Liberal and National party are scumbags.

    2. Monte McKenzie says

      reply,to chris , ray and chuck theman and all those who read and agreed,
      I’m Korean war vintage we need to support TULSI and Bernie and get the bastards that keep destroying the democratic party, out in the open so all americans can see what they are another branch of the American dictatorship that is just liberal enough to keep the myth alive that democratic party means democracy! 10 years or more ago the no one polling agency released a statementmthat of the 67 most wanted changes in American political reality had been wanted for several administrations leading the list was universal health care that list was as of the NIXON adm. so here we are in 2020 and littlem has changed except we have more billioneirs every year ! WHY? The Vietnam war ended when there was a near muntiny of our troups who saw the hipocracy of the operation! , America is on the ropes our infrastructurenis rapidly failing 2 years ago amajor dam was seen failing in n. cal. and they called for an emergency evacuation of 200 000 people! the cost to each family was great so in the end it held till they propped it up and let out some water but the problem hasen’t gane away , all of you and I hope many more google KIRK SORENSEN thorium liquid salt , watch , Kirk is an American hero he uncovered the facts of America’s long burried cheaper safer nuclear electric generator that is safe enough to be placed in your back yard Hope you have a big yard! Holland India Russia and China are now coming to market with a version of the U232-3 liquid salt electric generator America could have been producing and selling since at least 1965m or ’70 at the latest instead of the mcrap we have 166 of and 1400 world wide like the disaster in fukushima, you all know that story! Nixon wanted nukes he scraped the liquid salt and went with what gave him weapons ! Why do you think they murdered JFK & RFK ! This government is now totally conflicted and controlled by the FFindustry who have spent billions keeping their money making electric generators and gas guzzelling trucks and cars the best selling American transporation equip! “A real MAN” Owns a truck ! somewhere we have to find a polition who has the guts to fight city hall and I think TULSI & Bernie will be brave enough to take them on!
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