Iran’s Diplomats to UN and Families Kept in Virtual House Arrest in New York


Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif issued a statement Wednesday criticizing the US for imposing new travel controls on Iranian diplomats and their family members restricting their ability to travel around New York City.

The restrictions, which apply to Zarif, 13 Iranian members of the Permanent Mission to the UN, and all of their family members, allow them to travel only between the UN, the Iranian mission, the ambassador’s house, and the JFK airport. They are also given a very small area around Queensboro Plaza to visit. 

Zarif says it doesn’t really matter for him personally, because in his rare visits to the US he only ever goes to those buildings anyhow. He added that subjecting permanent mission diplomats and all their family members, who live in New York City are in “basically inhuman conditions” by being stuck in tiny areas of the city. 

This is a severe restriction compared to other nations the US doesn’t like, as officials from North Korea, Syria, and Cuba are all given an entire 25 miles radius around Manhattan to travel through. The UN has expressed concerns about the US putting so much restriction on Iran.

The State Department dismissed the complaints, saying what they did is consistent with their obligations under the 1947 agreement with the UN.


  1. thomas malthaus says

    And yet Bolton still has his employ. If this story has a thread of truth, the president might be going around the table to see who’s leaking.

  2. skinnerreturns says

    Reciprocity should be the name of the game.

    Iran should block the sale of deodorants within Western diplomatic missions, and put the diplomatic embassies next to a dump, and as close to Iranian missile batteries without any of them getting their hair singed when the Iranians fire off another missile to knock out a US drone.

  3. John C Carleton says

    Well, Israhell runs DC through blackmail with bribe and pedophile honey trap videos, and Israhell evil agents like the lusting for innocent blood, the evil zionist, Non Semitic Khazarian Russian Expat and Spawn thereof, John Boltion.

    Israhell hates Iran because Iran keeps Israhell from running amuck with Israhell’s evil to a greater extent, while Holocausting the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian souls in the Semitic Palestinians own Ancestral Home Land.

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