Introducing Supporting Readers Facebook and Reddit Clubs

Best and least restricted way to interact with your A-E editor and fellow avid Anti-Empire readers

A logo concept for A-E, didn’t like how it turned out, but want to go back to something like it when an artist gets it a bit better

I’m always reachable if you have a tip, suggestion or a question via email but I’m thinking Reddit and Facebook could also be very convenient ways, especially for those of you who are already on there.

That’s why I created Anti-Empire subreddit and Facebook groups. The idea is you can share your tips or anything you’d like to bring to my attention there. But more than that, when we reach a critical mass of participants it’s when it really gets interesting.

You could have your link/input commented on by other participants who are also avid Anti-Empire readers, see what they are sharing, comment on their stuff, and read any discussions that develop or try sparking them yourself. Some of that already happens in the comment section with hundreds of comments each week, but comments are naturally limited by the headline topic. You can add to a discussion but you can’t start your own.

I might myself use particularly the Reddit as a depository of stuff that doesn’t make it into the edition but I feel could prove useful in the future so that might be interesting as well.

I would likely benefit myself from recycling the odd story or observation from the group for the site, but more than that, it would allow me to see what the most loyal Anti-Empire readers are into and what is important to you. Also, I could get your input on stuff like site redesign.

It’s also something I promised way back in September, so I’m finally making good on it.

So here’s the deal, anyone who has ever donated any amount to Anti-Empire/Checkpoint Asia and wants to get inside, go ahead and send a request to join either the Reddit or the Facebook group, or both. Just message me the email you used with the donation and I’ll let you in.

If you haven’t backed the site in this way before you can always do it now or in the next quarterly fundraiser.

Of the two I feel Reddit is vastly superior. Facebook has horrendous and censorious display rules, even for groups, plus there is the privacy issue. But many more people have an existing Facebook account so I created a group on there as well. But honestly, I really recommend even those of you who do not yet have a Reddit account but want to be in the Supporting Readers Club to also join the Reddit one.

If you don’t want to you don’t even have to give Reddit your email to register (but in that case you can’t reset your password later if you forget it or get locked out).

See you on the other side, and let me know if you have any trouble joining/signing up.

  1. All_has_An _END_. says

    the logo is honestly horrible

  2. XRGRSF says

    I DON’T DO SOCIAL MEDIA !!!!!!!!

  3. Mikhail Garchenko says

    …I can´t understand why many bloggers and persons that hate all this “system” are still using the “social networks” of (((them))), feeding in this way all those cockroaches…
    Is it so difficult to organize a “mass migration” to other networks ..?

    It’s a matter of trying, and doing it, and stop whining because “fb / ggl / twt / etc. spy on me”. There are alternatives, EVER.

  4. thomas malthaus says

    Place a map of Israel inside the US map. Surround with a red circle and inside that place a red “X”.

  5. CHUCKMAN says

    The artwork is terrible. A new approach definitely needed.

  6. All_has_An _END_. says

    I think most of us stay away from these platforms
    Facebook, reddit etc…

  7. Jakeb47 says

    If you really believe in your anti-empire position move to Gab. I don’t do Facebook and use reddit sparringly. Plus how can you say your anti-empire and then back more use of Facebook and reddit or any of the “Globalist” so called social media outlets? I’m going to have to re-think this site.

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