Intellectual Massacre: Covid Lockdown Loonies Praise Successful “Psy-Ops” During Deeply Humiliating Cambridge Union Debate

A predictable defeat for the "scientific case" for lockdowns

The virtual debate on the merits of the Global Covid Police State, hosted by the Cambridge Union on April 23, was a total fiasco for Team Lockdown. Team Sanity, led by Peter Hitchens and Anders Tegnell, easily prevailed. The lockdown loonies never really had a chance, but they made it worse for themselves by being horribly and hilariously bad debaters. They even made eloquent arguments against their own position.

We’re not joking. The first #StayAtHome goon to take the digital stage was Professor Karol Sikora, an ex-director of the WHO’s cancer unit and a former advisor to Number 10. Sikora described the lockdown in the UK as a very British lockdown, a very gentle lockdown.” Yes, he said that with a straight face. But then he followed with this stunning admission (boast?):

Very powerful psy-ops came into play. The familiar slogan “stay home, protect the NHS, save lives” is familiar now to all of us.

And that was the creation of the behavioral insights team in Number 10 Downing Street. Remarkable psychology behind that. I think the team were even very surprised by how well we behaved.

Incredible. An ex-advisor to the British government bragging about the effectiveness of a mass manipulation operation. Isn’t he supposed to be arguing in favor of lockdowns? By the way, here’s how the British military describes “psy-ops”:

It gets better. Another member of Team Lockdown, Imperial College professor Christl Donnelly, could not even be bothered to make a passionate argument: She read her remarks directly from her computer screen, tripping over words that were apparently too complicated for her. Consulting notes is fine and normal during a debate. Reading from a personal teleprompter is not. Those watching the livestream immediately noticed what was going on:

The flood of negative responses resulted in the livestream chat being disabled. So much for the brave Cambridge Union.

After the dust settled, Cambridge Union announced the winner: the Lockdown loonies win, 46% against 40%! Even though support for lockdowns fell 43% from the pre-debate vote. Math is hard.

Watch the debate for yourself if you think we’re exaggerating. The pro-lockdown crowd have nothing to support their insane Fear Religion. This was an intellectual massacre.

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