Inside a Single Week Syrian Troops Fought Turkey, Israel, the US and Al-Qaeda

In each of the cases on Syria's own soil

On February 10 Syrian artillerymen inflicted 6 KIA on the Turkish military when they rained shells on Taftanaz airbase occupied by the Turkish military from where the latter had been firing on Syrian troops in Saraqib.

On February 12 Syrian National Defense Force guardsmen opened fire at US armored cars in the village of Khirbet Amo in northeastern Syria, apparently after the US troops had killed one of the villagers. There were no US casualties.

On February 6 and February 14 Syrian air defense troops engaged Israeli missiles over Damascus in the south.

Earlier on February 3 Syrian artillerymen inflicted 7 KIA on the Turkish military on the outskirts of the town of Saraqib reportedly when they mistook them for rebels. (Albeit since it has emerged the incident took place during the day rather than night as initially reported that is rather doubtful.)

All of that as Syrian soldiers have continued the successful offensive against Al-Qaeda’s Hayat Tahrir al-Sham which still controls the northwestern corner of the country thanks to Turkish protection to which US protection if Pompeo has his way may very soon be added.

  1. […] In each of the cases on Syria’s own soil […]

  2. David Chu says

    Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad with hypocrisy! Or is it hubris?

    Imagine IF Syria or Iran sent troops onto Israeli-controlled territory (I hate to use the word Israel for Occupied Palestine). Or “missiled” a few Israeli helicopters. Or “missiled some Turkish town.

    Imagine the outcry.

  3. doodaa says

    Syria has oil and is one of the roots of the history of mankind. Iraq, also. Just who has the authority to make claims? Someone is trying to wipe out ancient history. WHY???? The Catholic Church. They have too much power to lose.

    1. Canosin says

      square idiot…… you cannot fool us you hypocrite murderous zionist settler….while sitting somewhere in an illegally build house in occupied Palestine… cannot fool us with your Hasbara bullshit

      1. James Willy says

        Stop replying to this filthy zionist joooo wannabe. Just hope and pray for more dead yankys or zioz like this POS here. Hope Iran can kill a few of them today.

        1. Canosin says

          you’re right…….this pos isn’t worth our time

    2. Mary E says

      How about the US? They are the most obvious ones to tear apart the history and
      icons of the Middle East only because they want their oil…what greedy bastards

      1. itchyvet says

        No, it’s not about oil, though there’s no denying, it comes in handy to pay the bills, and the rich get richer as a direct result. It’s all about dividing and conquering. Many people talk these days of the U.S. being unable to win any of the wars they start. It comes as a shock to such people, when they discovery the intention is NOT TO WIN ANY WARS, simply destroy infrastructure, economies and people’s HOPE for a better World. Such devastated communities are easily led astray by anyone who chooses to do so, and that’s where ISRAEL comes in for the great good.

  4. Garry Compton says

    This is what happens when the Pentagon and Israel teams up together in order to conquer. They call up Nato and the other bought off ” allies ” – then gang up on the small country, and usually , that’s history for their ” enemy of Democracy and Freedom”. Iran won’t go out so easy.

  5. cap960 says

    Brave men and women!

  6. Zaphod Braden says

    The REAL reason America killed Soleimani, he played a massive role in halting the spread of ISIS.
    Of course the USsrael is mad at Iran for fighting ISIS …. ISISrael is OUR dog.
    ISIS never runs out of ammunition or explosives. ………….. WHY?!
    ISIS never, ever, attacks ISISrael ………………………………… WHY?!
    ISIS is completely surrounded by supposed enemies.
    Everyone of the countries surrounding ISIS is SUPPOSEDLY an ally of the USA.
    Time for the USA to take a good hard look at it’s “allies”.
    Our “intelligence” agencies should have identified and destroyed those who are supplying ISIS but have not …… WHY?!
    “our” Generals have not destroyed those who are supplying ISIS ………… WHY?!
    You know DAMN WELL WHO supplies their weapons, that kill American Troops.
    The FIRST thing a general that WANTS TO WIN a war does ….. is cut off enemy supplies. Time to clean out the Traitors.
    The chaos in Syria was winding down. The TRAITORS in the Pentagon had spent 24 months at $10MILLION a DAY bombing sand. ISIS continued to hold miles long parades of OUR equipment complete with flags on clear, dry, sunny days, and the TRAITORS in the Pentagon “could not seem to HIT them with any of those thousands of bombs”. ..
    Then the Russians came in and blew the ISIS asses off. Did you notice the parades ENDED. We had no problem with thousands of stealth tankers daily moving oil from isis-controlled areas to turkey(Erdogan’s SON), and on to the entity. Too bad Putin blew ’em up, blew ’em up real good! “Russia didn’t want Syria turned into a #FailedState like Libya & entered the war on Sept 30th 2015. They started bombing 100’s of ISIS oil tanker trucks and oil fields with just 35 planes. ISIS revenues were cut by 50% & things turned around.
    ISIS has ZERO antiaircraft abilities. the TRAITORS in the Pentagon could have dropped bombs from HOT AIR BALLOONS or BIPLANES ……. We KNOW who the Pentagon is working for and it is NOT America.
    That would be a “tragedy” for Israel and Turkey who are BOTH plotting to seize Syrian land for “greater” Israel and the “caliphate” of Turkey all the while genocidally flooding White, CHRISTIAN Europe with muslum invaders …………. they had to get that war going again ….. Brother Nathaneal

    1. doodaa says

      Soleimani also liked to sodomize little boys. He would kill people while eating.

      1. Canosin says

        asshole…….the dumbest comment of the last 10 years

      2. itchyvet says

        Take one, to recognise one in someone else, hey ?

      3. Joseph Jojo says

        You knew him?.He screwed you?.Ignorant fool.Go sniff some more let IDS sodomize you.Go on.Skit.

      4. Mary E says

        Where did you hear that one? Maybe one of trump’s tweets??
        You know, some people blame others for what they themselves are doing.

      5. Zaphod Braden says

        Undoubtably … probably with Trump’s friend MBS …..
        Every Leader on Earth is pondering the fact America no longer respects White Flags or any other NORM.
        Trump has just shown Iran, North Korea, and every other country on earth why they HAVE to get and keep nuclear weapons.
        There is no such thing as a “preemtive murder” murder is murder. What if other countries start taking out our MISleaders?
        Trump created a martyr.
        If he was so bad …. why was he not arrested at the airport ???
        Going to tell me we do not have lots of Troops stationed at Baghdad Airport?!
        Soleimani openly traveled through Baghdad airport and we did not ARREST HIM??!!
        Trump claims we have all this proof of Soleimani’s crimes.
        We knew he was in the airport.
        We did not arrest him, we murdered him.
        We knew he was “Under a White Flag”.
        Trump has shamed and blackened the name of America Worldwide …..
        how could anyone trust a Nation that breaks Treaties & Agreements willy-nilly. Would You sign a Trade Deal with someone who will declare bankruptcy or just tear up the contract?
        Trump has now murdered a man “Under a WHITE FLAG””There was nothing to suggest to the Iraqis that it was unsafe for Soleimani to travel (he had a DIPLOMATIC passport) to Baghdad – quite the contrary. This suggests that Trump helped lure the Iranian commander to a place where he could be killed. It is possible that the president was unaware of the crucial role that Soleimani was playing in the attempted rapprochement with the Saudis. Or that he knew but did not care.”
        There can be no doubt that the Trump administration would have known in detail about Iran’s ongoing secret negotiations with Saudi Arabia, one of its closest allies, which were mediated by the Iraqi government, which was also operating closely and communicating frequently with Washington. This means the Pentagon and the White House fully knew, when they ordered the airstrike to kill him, that Soleimani was traveling to Baghdad in a diplomatic capacity as an emissary of Iran, and that he had a meeting planned with the Prime Minister to discuss broader de-escalation.

        1. Tony dem says

          Well said Zaphod Braden I couldn’t have put it any better.The USA can’t hide the fact that is behaving like the world Mafia that’s why the do things wily nilly now because they know the whole world know them for what they are Mafia gangsters with the attitude of we do what we want,what are you going to do about it?

        2. Mary E says

          Thank you for this great piece! But remember, the US was part of the group that wanted Iran to get to gether with Iraq to make peace with the Arabs….so definitely they were aware that
          Soleimani was in Iraq on a peace mission..the US cannot be trusted AT ALL…why do they continue to believe that rogue?

          1. Zaphod Braden says

            Because Saudi Arabia is dropping the veil and openly allying with ISRAEL …..
            The Saudi Royal Family Are Crypto-Jews
   By Abdulaziz Saud
            RESEARCH AND PRESENTATION OF: MOHAMMAD SAKHER , who was ordered killed by the Saudi Regime for the following findings:
            1. Are the Saudi Family members belonging to the Tribe of ANZA BEN WA’EL as they allege to be?
            2. Is Islam their actual religion?
            3. Are they of an ARAB ORIGIN at all?

        3. Joseph Jojo says

          He doesnt want Iran and Saudis to get along.When there is peace US has no reason to stay and no customers for the Military Industrial Complex (sTRUMPet) to sell weapons to.

          1. Zaphod Braden says

            When there is peace ISrael does not get it’s final, major, opponent demolished by American Blood, American Dollars, American Reputation destroyed,

      6. ddduke says

        Have you one shred of evidence to support this ridiculous propaganda? Don’t feed the trolls.

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