Insane Trump Declares WW3 to Give Himself Cover for Tiniest of Counterstrikes vs RussiaHoaxers

The cowardice of this man and his daily political needs are setting up the US and Russia for a war

Trump just revoked the security clearance of Obama’s CIA director John Brennan. Moreover he let it be known he is considering revoking clearances of nine other openly subversive former high ranking officials and deep state apparatchiks including James Clapper, James Comey and Susan Rice.

This does much to explain how come Trump administration last week — literally just three weeks after the Putin-Trump meeting in Helsinki — totally out of the blue declared far-reaching sanctions on Russia akin to those passed against “rogue states” on the wholly unproven and frankly idiotic premise that Moscow deployed chemical weapons in England to poison the inconsequential figure of Sergei Skripal who in any case survived the “attack”.

The sanctions now make Trump-sense (which is in no way related to real sense). Trump was planning a long overdue but still quite puny strikeback against the most openly subversive elements of the deep state — and felt that to protect himself politically even for such a minor move he needed to declare Russia a rogue state and jump start a program to attempt the total economic strangulation of that country, which naturally pushes Moscow — which can not adequately retaliate economically, but can do so militarily and geopolitically — closer to war.

Trump is a coward and self-absorbed beyond even your regular run-of-the-mill psychopath running for high office. His cowardice in passing far-reaching measures that set up Russia and the US for a fight to the death, not out of conviction, but to serve his irrelevant and inconsequential personal daily political needs is unmatched, and somebody is going to end up paying a very large price for it down the road, perhaps the entire Planet.

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