India Blocks Imports of US Products Made in China Following Deadly Border Clash

Customs officials at major Indian ports are holding back imports coming from China, which include US goods manufactured in China by companies like Apple, Dell, Cisco, and Ford Motor Company.

According to Reuters, a lobby group representing US firms, known as the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum, has addressed the curbing of imports in a letter to India’s commerce ministry.

“Authorities have abruptly halted the clearance of industry consignments coming in from China (and perhaps other destinations) at most major ports and airports,” the group said.

On Wednesday, the India Cellular and Electronics Association (ICEA) revealed its members were recently told that airports in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai would have a “new examination procedure for all consignments coming from China.”

New Delhi is reportedly working on a list of alternative countries that could be suppliers of critical components that cannot currently be manufactured domestically.

The need for import substitution has come to the fore in India after disruptions to raw-material supplies from China in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Calls for the process to be expedited have increased, following a deadly border clash this month between soldiers from both countries along a disputed border in the Himalayas.

The Bureau of Indian Standards is expected to roll out tougher norms on at least 370 Chinese products, to ensure items that can be locally produced aren’t imported.

The new regulations on Chinese imports come as India tries to attract multinational corporations. The nation has been boosting efforts to lure more than 1,000 US businesses out of China, reportedly offering to ease tax and labor laws, and allowing easier access to land. The new subsidy initiative is part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s larger plan, which aims to stabilize India’s economy.

Last month, reports revealed that Apple will transfer “nearly a fifth” of its manufacturing from China to India. On Tuesday, the world’s largest contract manufacturer, Foxconn, announced it would significantly increase its investments in India in the coming months, diversifying away from China.

Source: RT

  1. Rowdy-Yates says

    This is a “war” China can do better than India. It can stop exports to India and imports from India. It can stop Indian researchers, technicians, students and businessmen from staying in China while increasing investments around India. Bypassing India altogether including putting pressure on other nations to do the same would force Modi to take care of India’s economy instead of getting the nations attention away from it.

    China could fully fund the Maoists who have a strong presence in around half a dozen Indian states and in Nepal. Called the “Red Corridor” they are armed and funded with the goal of replacing the government of New Delhi with a communist one. In addition there are about a dozen militant separatist groups within India and several terrorist groups emanating from Pakistan.

    They could keep the Indian army busy across India instead of dealing with border issues. If things get really bad China can slap a no fly zone over China, Tibet and the Central Asian nations who are members of the SCO. that would ground India’s transcontinental flights

  2. Rowdy-Yates says

    The new regulations on Chinese imports come as India tries to attract multinational corporations. The nation has been boosting efforts to lure more than 1,000 US businesses out of China, reportedly offering to ease tax and labor laws, and allowing easier access to land.

    Good luck. India has a poor infrastructure to support these companies, many of whom generate their own electricity due to poor electrical output. To put this into perspective China produces 115 Quadrillion btus per year & America produces 100 Quadrillion btus per year. In comparison India produces 25 Quadrillion btus per year which increases roughly by 1 Quad btu per year through construction of nuclear, thermal, hydro electric plants. At this rate india will take 75 years just to catch up to America’s present production. By 2030 China will surpass Europe (120 quad) and produce around 140 Quad btu per year.

  3. Inferior says

    One may ask; what India produces that others want actually?

  4. cechas vodobenikov says

    while the Indian economy has improved dramatically in the past 20 years, improving social conditions, they lag behind China and Russia—if this boycott remains it will harm the USA more than China—one of the few nations that has resisted covid fascism—their economy is expected to grow by 2% in 2020–most European economic predicted to contract by 5-10%, the USA by 30+%
    It should be noted that India enjoys a positive balance of trade w China—exporting far more to China than the reverse. The history is important Kashmir voluntarily sought the protection of India in exchange for status as an autonomous region and agreed to annexation of Tibet; there are few Buddhists in India today, far more Muslims. majority Hindus. China already is plagued by Uighers terrorism—Turkic Muslims….many r found in among the ISIS fundamentalists in Libya, Syria. Today Buddhists are mainly in Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Mongolia, some in Japan and autonomous Russian regions, Kalmikiy, Tuva, Buriyat—there r different sects as is true in Islam, Judaism, christianity—christianity most empasisizes thinking except orthodoxy, others the physical–Buddhism/fakirs, others feeling/the spiritual—judiasm, islam, orthodoxy–,-guilt and shame r conceived of differently, collective responsibility, etc…only Calvinists permitted usery; by 1820 the USA had more banks than any other nation—if violence can be assigned to religions, which I doubt —the 2 most violent have been protestants and Buddhists—the Spanish/French empires (Catholic=similar to orthodoxy) murdered far fewer than anglo empires, this could also regard culture….it is no accident that the most violent crime and murders in Russia, per capita, occur in Buddhist populated regions

  5. LS says

    The Indians are going to try to ape the Chinese. I predict they fail. They just don’t have what it takes.

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