In the Last Six Months Russia Sealed $8.7 Billion Worth of Arms Deals With India, Has Another $6 Billion in the Pipeline

Moscow has in a dramatic fashion regained its position from the US as India's main defense supplier

They jointly developed the excellent BrahMos anti-ship missile

At  a Putin-Modi summit in New Delhi last October India and Russia signed a $5.5 billion deal for Russia to export its S-400 air defense systems.

Since then the two also sealed a $1.5 billion agreement for Russia to deliver Krivak-class frigates and a $1.7 billion deal for the joint production of 750,000 AK-203 rifles for the Indian army in India.

The two are close to completing negotiations on a $1.5 billion deal for short-range air defense systems, and are talking about a $0.8 billion deal for a batch of Su-30 fighters, and a seperate $0.7 billion deal for a batch of MiG-29 fighters.

They have also signed an initial agreement to open negotiations on a $3 billion deal to complete and lease to India an Akula-II class nuclear submarine after 2025.

That makes for a total of $8.7 billion in finalized deals — a staggering sum for a period of just 6 months — and another $6 billion in potential transfers.

That means that Russia has, in a dramatic fashion, regained its position as India’s main arms supplier, after a decade where it had been actually edged out by the United States.

Test firing of the BrahMos by the Indian Navy

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