In the Free West, You Can Lose Your Job if You Have the Wrong Social Media Accounts

So guys, I allowed myself little trolling at Carl Bildt’s Twitter today, and almost immediately Twitter suspended my account without even explaining the reasons. In the free West, you simply do not troll certain politicians, even if they happen to be lying snakes. The account is now inactive but not deactivated because it seems the suspension prevents me from taking that action. But logging out and deleting the App is the best I did…

So, Gab is the only platform I am left with and I could not even remember what their website is named now. That’s how obscure it is. So I put “GAB” into DuckDuckGo and low and behold, this story pops up.

Agent Fired from Literary Agency for Using Parler and Gab

And yeah, I am already hearing that private companies can hire and fire whoever they want and for whatever reason. But in the West, try not baking that wedding cake for a same-sex couple, try not allowing black people to enter your establishment. This is the statement from the agent about their termination:

“The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency was distressed to discover this morning, January 25th, that one of our agents has been using the social media platforms Gab and Parler. We do not condone this activity, and we apologize to anyone who has been affected or offended by this,”

People now are offended by people that have accounts on Gab. Is there any defense against that?

Source: Insomniac Resurrected

  1. edu says

    Why would you not allow black people to enter your establishment? Are you racist?

    1. Ilya G Poimandres says

      Why would you not allow people who express a conservative opinion to work for you or enter your shop?

      It’s pointing out hypocrisy. But perhaps it jabs in the wrong direction.

      (one reason however would be easy to point out – 6% of the US population (black males) commit about 50% of homicides, so there is that!)

      1. edu says

        It jabs in the wrong direction, whatever false accusations of racism can be made by some people with an agenda. Besides, it is improper to allow oneself to mix race and homosexuality or any heterosexual behavior against nature, etc., in an allusion to that agenda.

    2. Insomniac Resurrected says

      Can you read?

      1. edu says

        Perhaps some of you think that I am a leftist or something like that because I mention racism, but I am not, in fact, should I work for anti-christian corporations, I would be a perfect target of discrimination. Nonetheless, freedom does not mean to be able to do anything, it means to be able to do what is correct, and not allowing black people to enter your establishment is incorrect. (By the way, I am not American.)

      2. edu says

        I am not inferring that you would not allow black people to enter your establishment, but your mentioning it is already wrong.

  2. ken says

    I have to laugh at this. Many of the people and sites complaining have banned thousands,,, I am one of them. No explanation, nothing,,, just “you have been banned” or your post never shows up.

    Now that THEY are being banned it’s “Oh my God”!

    As for so called social sites. I grew up old school. Privacy was vital. “That comes under the heading of MY BUSSINESS” was commonly the response when someone was being too nosy.

    Today people put their entire lives on these sites which makes nosy governments happy. Actually being kicked off might be a good thing as government then has a hard time tracking you.

  3. yuri says

    never underestimate the hypocrisy, stupidity of anglos

  4. Jerry Hood says

    Sorry, but Gab is still far behind the Fakebook, and only low IQ american patriots site…

  5. Mark says

    I, too, have been banned from commenting on Karl Bild’s Twitter, as well as those of Michael McFaul and Anders Aslund. And for nothing more, as far as I can see, than arguing with them. I did not swear, or threaten. They just did not want to hear what I had to say.

    However, from occasionally having had to ban people as commenters myself (not on Twitter, which I rarely use), I can say that sometimes people are banned because the user feels they are a disruptive influence; because their own supporters all go off in a pack chasing the newcomer, and the user feels he has lost control of his account because he cannot control their behavior. Sometimes people pop up who are there for nothing else but to distract the conversation.

    That’s not to take away from the fact that you should not lose your job because of social-media accounts you have, especially if you otherwise have a good work record and those platforms are not illegal. But people did it to themselves by being sucked in to social media, it’s so easy, it’s so much fun, bla bla. Now employers are a little leery of hiring anyone who they cannot easily find on social media, because it’s such a great tool for snooping on your employees and if they don’t have a social-media presence, they must be trying to hide something.

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