In the COVID Wars You’re Not Allowed to Pick How You Serve

You're a conscript. As are your children. And you'll obey the Covid-bedwetter drill sergeant.

A Norwegian TV journalist penned a piece I Would Love To Die From the AstraZeneca Vaccine and what seems like the entire anti-lockdown alt media has jumped on it and proclaimed it an example of the extraordinary cultism of the COVID warriors.

I disagree.

“It probably sounds very brutal. But some must be sacrificed in the war against the corona. That’s the way it is in all wars. This time it may well be me.”

She thinks COVID is a big deal, and she feels that by getting herself injected she is helping, and for that she is willing to “take one for the team” and take on a small risk of a blood clot.

That’s great. Good for her.

The real problem isn’t that a Norwegian lady thinks she needs to take an experimental vaccine to do her part in the COVID wars.

“And we’re still at war. Against the corona. And our only weapon is vaccines. Vaccines are simply the way out of trenches. The road to peace.”

The problem is that getting yourself injected with experimental concoctions, staying between four walls, and wearing superstitious face coverings are the only officially sanctioned (actually mandated) ways for you to supposedly serve your fellow man.

If you want to help out herd immunity by getting yourself injected that is looked upon favorably. In fact, it may soon be compulsory. But if on the other hand, you do not mind risking exposure and infection for the very same herd immunity reasons then that makes you a criminal. A selfish, dangerous bioterrorist.

If you diaper your breathing pathways for a year to impede a virus, that makes you a “patriot“. But if you think the most important thing is for the society to stay calm and collected and not give in to hysteria and paranoia, and if you think that therefore it is important for you to go unmasked and to project courage, calmness, and normalcy into the world to help those who have lost their heads to collect themselves again then you will be persecuted.

If you want to keep yourself at home for a year then you’re being a loyal COVID war soldier. But if on the other hand, you think the best way for you to serve is to constantly be checking on your relatives and friends to make sure they’re getting enough human interaction, and quality time and do not end up with one precious year of their life entirely wasted, especially perhaps if they’re elderly and not long for this world, then prepare to be dodging checkpoints and curfews and forging permits.

This is the problem. The problem is that last March a lot of people connected to their “hive minds” and resolved they were ready to serve the greater good, but that the most fearful and hysterical elements decided their way of “serving” (hoarding toilet paper and hiding) was the only legitimate one, and that everyone who wasn’t doing it their way was selfish, worthless, dangerous scum.

Because somehow in the 7 billion of us we must all have the same priorities, fear levels, and risk tolerances?

Imagine a tribe where everyone had the exact same reaction to danger, or which enforced the exact same behavior in the face of risk on every one of its members. That’s a tribe that would go extinct in an afternoon.

“If you are afraid of that risk, you should consider stopping driving. Because three times as many died on Norwegian roads last year.”

So if there is a Norwegian lady who is very comfortable with shooting herself up with Big Pharma concoctions I say that is great. Great for her, and great for us. We need those kind of people because maybe one day in the future that might be the winning move, and those kind of people will show us the way, or will at least survive to continue the species.

But the problem is that while people who are happy to lead in this way and take on the associated risk get to be published in the regime press, the people who want to lead in other ways are met with crackdowns.

“I Would Love to Die From the AstraZeneca Vaccine” — OK, great. But where is the mainstream outlet that will publish “I Would Love to Die From a Herd Immunity Party” or… “I Would Love to Die From Hugging my Grandchildren”?

  1. Kev says

    She might feel a little different if she IS faced with death.

  2. ken says

    If she took the vaccine then why worry about others that haven’t? She is safe, She is immune. Right?

    Anyone care to tell me why I should take the ‘vaccine’ to protect vaccinated people that supposedly cannot get infected?

    I’m sorry,,, the thought of aborted fetus tissue, Ethanol, Glycol, Aluminum, formaldehyde and other really cool stuff injected into my bloodstream doesn’t spin my prop. The thought of hacking into my DNA to make my cells to produce proteins of a virus isn’t my cup of tea.

    You wanna be a Frankenstein okay with me but leave others that don’t alone.

    1. Mark says

      The makers are fairly candid that vaccination with the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines does not necessarily convey immunity to COVID. It is ‘guaranteed’ (although no guidance is offered on how this might be measured) to mitigate your symptoms so that you do not become as sick as you otherwise would if you were unvaccinated. Since around half of cases, at a conservative estimate, are asymptomatic or have such mild symptoms they are no more than inconvenience, that sounds like a pretty safe bet. But it is not guaranteed to prevent COVID infection and in fact this has been proven to occur in people who have been vaccinated, although very soon after.

      I would not be surprised to learn in a few years that the properties of the vaccine to convey immunity (whether or not it ever actually had them in the first place) were sacrificed as a a public-relations campaign solely to counter the argument that says “If you get vaccinated…why do I need to? I can’t give it to you; you can’t give it to me.” In much the same way that asymptomatic transmission was exaggerated out of all proportion in order to justify masking mandates; “My mask protects you; your mask protects me.”

  3. Mr Reynard says

    Quote:In just one week, the vaccines caused 3,964 deaths and 63 spontaneous abortions! And all this in the deafening silence of the media and the censorship of the Gafam! The Nuremberg Trials must include Media and Social Networks!

    See the above @

    Unfortunately it is in French, but for those who can read it …


    maybe you don’t know about me
    I AM the BADGER
    I ~ ALAMO…
    now copy that down

  5. dr abinico warez says

    Medical industry kills 300,000 yearly so the vaccine still has a ways to go.

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