In New Matrix Movie, Neo to Just Tell Humans to Stay Home, Stay Safe in Their Pods

Stay home, stay safe!

The Matrix was a groundbreaking science fiction film with a lot to say about dystopian governments, the dangers of technology, and the need to rebel against authoritarian systems.

So, of course, the movie’s message is very out of step with American culture in 2021. To that end, the upcoming entry in the franchise, The Matrix Resurrections, will have Neo just telling all the humans to stay home and stay safe in their pods.

“Alright, listen up, everybody,” Neo says after exiting the Matrix. “The important thing here is your health and safety. We’re all just going to stay home and stay safe in these nice, comfortable pods. It’s much less dangerous than being free in the real world.”

“@#$% your freedoms!” he then shouts at some humans waking up from the Matrix. “Do you want grandma to die?!” He immediately alerts the machines in charge of making sure humanity is safe, and the humans are mercifully killed.

Neo then turns over the members of the human resistance to the authorities for endangering everyone’s health and is praised as a hero. 

Source: The Babylon Bee

  1. ken says

    The only thing wrong with this article is we have no Neo or any other person taking leadership of the feeble resistance today. Lots of talk,,, no walk.

    Another protest on 9/18 (probably organized by fbi stooges) will likely be filled with government provocateurs that will radicalize the protest so that the tyrants can declare another insurrection thus ensuring those already incarcerated for crimes against Caesar will suffer even longer. Julian Assange rotting in jail for telling Americans what they don’t want….. truth!

    While government inflicts massive violence on the population it accuses the population of violence against it. Interesting eh?

    Citizens and their children killed by government goons and the goons honored. The latest goon bragged he shot an unarmed protester to protect the traitors and was exonerated by said traitors. Even went on national tv to basically brag about it. Ruby Ridge,,, Waco,,, nineleven I,,, nineleven II,,,Finicum, 1/6 coup protest. It’s amazing the punishment the lemmings will absorb.

    Today we are threatened with loss of job, loss of liberty even starvation for not taking a experimental jab that has killed tens of thousands and injured millions. Of course they say that’s not violence…. Well what is it then?

    The willful treason of the police and military to defend this scum against citizens when even they are targeted with the same demands is shockingly unbelievable! If they stood down the whole shitshow would end in minutes. The traitors in government would head for the nearest rock to hide under. But I digress…….

    1. Raptar Driver says

      That is so true however they spent decades getting decent people out of the police forces and instead filling the ranks with the mentally disturbed and other borderline people.

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