“I’m Not Quite Sure”: Fauci Can’t Explain Texas COVID Cases Continuing to Drop Despite the State Reopening 100% a Month Ago

The sky was supposed to fall

“I’m not really quite sure.”

26 days have passed since Gov. Abbott reopened Texas with no mask mandates or anything, and 34 days have passed since he announced the reopening. The number of new cases, deaths, hospitalizations, ICU occupancy, and positivity rate have all fallen since then.

Source: Not the Bee

  1. yuri says

    pope fauci can explain his obscene salary

    1. Jerry Hood says

      He is satanic jew!

      1. Who D. Who says

        No he’s not, you idiot. He’s a Sicilian-American. As Catholic as they come.

        1. Revo says

          Yeh he is a Catholic just like Madeline Albright until it came to light she is a jew

          1. Mr Reynard says

            Yupp.. Remember she didn’t know for 50 years or so that she was Jewish ??
            Remember that comment .. Because when I heard it I injured myself falling from my chair laughing …

        2. irish says

          doesn’t mean a thing when he works for their agenda.

        3. Mr Reynard says

          Nahh.. He’s Dr Faust & sold his soul to Satan !

    2. Robertsgt40 says

      Spoken like a true Jesuit operative.

  2. ken says

    Every one of these cases are probably a positive PCR test.

    Yes,,, It seems no matter how many times it has been shown/stated that the PCR does not look for a virus, easily manipulated, and the inventor said it should not be used as a diagnostic tool,,, here it is. The cases, THe cases, THE Cases!

    Not only is the PCR useless, only a little over a year ago one had to be showing symptoms to be a infection or a case. Not today. Walk into your doctors office happy and healthy,,, walk out a covid case quarantined for two weeks in some of our hell hole states.

    Adding insult to injury, the fools taking this useless test are giving these laboratory goons their dna which is being sold off to other labs and given to government leeches to add to their database on you. You just can’t get too much stupider than this.

    1. Jerry Hood says

      He is satanic jew!

    2. Andra says

      Bullseye! The fools. The cases. The media. The s t u p i d i t y.

  3. Jerry Hood says

    Look at that satanic,italian khazarian squint eyed,big eared, vampire jew!!! Satan does not lie as that mofo!!!

  4. Mr Reynard says

    Dr Fauci ? Dr Faust ? Both sold their soul to the Devil ?

    1. Eileen Kuch says

      Yes, Mr. Reynard, Dr. Faustus and the Medieval Faustus sold their souls to Satan. The current Faustus – as well as the Medieval one – are and have been pathological liars most of their lives.

  5. Juan says

    He is not even certain of which arm was (supposedly) pricked with a syringe.

  6. Joe_Below says

    “Can’t explain” means he can’t come up with any B.S.

  7. annie goossens says

    how are the hospitals doing ?

    1. Revo says

      Just the usual tik tok dance videos because of boredom

  8. irish says

    fraudci proves he is a clueless pencil pusher for big pharma. what does he know? nothing. his lies are exposed.


    the Narrative is dead

  10. Mr Reynard says

    I really can’t understand, why the MSM is misspelling that name ?
    It’s NOT Dr Fauci but Dr Faust !

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