If You Want to Inject Yourself With Every Vaccine With Proven Benefits That Has Completed Its Trials You Are an Anti-Vaxxer Now

Sorry lemmings, you can't just rewrite the meaning of words

Do you love vaccines? Do you love injecting yourself with vaccines? Would you shoot a vaccine into your eyeball if there was nowhere left to stick it? Yes? Well, read on because you might be an anti-vaxxer.

If you think vaccines are the best thing after sliced bread and love injecting them into yourself and your children as long as:

  • They are against a disease that’s actually severe and an actual threat to them.
  • They are proven to actually help.
  • They have concluded their long-term safety trials satisfactory and safely.

If that is your position then since 2020, You Sir, are a science-denying anti-vaxxer stupid person!

To be a Science Believer in 2021 you have to inject yourself with anything that politicians label a vaccine, as soon as it hits the shelves, against an illness no matter how trivial to you.

So you better do it, because of course you want to be a Science Believer. That’s the crowd that all the rational, cautious, conservative, non-excitable, independent-minded, and self-assured people are a part of.

So get your chemical cocktail today! You wouldn’t want to be left out of the herd, would you?

  1. Andra says

    Pure & simple logic…free of any globalist edicts!

  2. Sally Snyder says

    Here is the roadmap that governments around the world have used to create the Cult of COVID:


    Political leaders have used the COVID-19 pandemic to reinforce and strengthen their powers and ensure that their subjects will be willing to submit willingly to measures that would not ordinarily be under consideration, for example, an untested, highly experimental vaccine and the extraordinary use of police powers.

  3. ken says

    The data ‘proving manufactured vaccines work is controlled by the same people that manufacture them. Most disease was already in steep decline by the 1940s due to better sanitation and food. The CDC owns patents on the concoctions they say will do this or that. You don’t suppose there is a conflict of interest there? Maybe?

    The only vaccine I know of that worked was for small pox. They injected you with cow pox which had far less symptoms but made you immune to small pox.

    Polio actually gave people polio. They now have relabeled polio to many different diseases so it appears it was eradicated.

    The new mRNA concoctions have been around for a few years but failed animal tests every time. The animals eventually all died. Therefore they could never get ‘approved’. So the only way to get this out was to create a emergency (covid) by using the easily manipulated PCR test and then push it as a emergency use vaccine.

    A: there is no emergency
    B: the concoction is not a vaccine as vaccines are defined.
    C: the manufactures state it only relieves ‘some’ of the more harsh symptoms.
    D: no isolation of the virus therefore the PCR does not have the genetic sequence of a real virus,,, only one they made up.

    The masks are to create a cult. People actually like to belong to cults. It identifies you as belonging. Nations are cults. Flying flags identifies you as part of the nation cult. License plates identify other cults. Clubs are cults in most ways. Most cults are harmless but some like the Nazi armband were dangerous. Jim Jones and other religious cults are dangerous. Any cult that demands you adhere to their dictates is bad. The mask cult demands you wear the mask so it is another dangerous cult that can actually be bad for your health. In fact worse than the alleged disease it claims to prevent.

    There’s the red pill. Take at your own risk as it is much easier to go along to get along where no thinking or action is required.

  4. Maiasta says

    More “coincidences”: 24 Post-Vaccine Deaths in the Philippines https://yvymaraey.blogspot.com/2021/04/coincidence-theory-again-24-post.html



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