If You Badmouth Sputnik V You’re Going to Hear It From George Soros

Just ask Kazakhstanis

What the heck is going on in Kazakhstan?

Like many others, we’ve been following the developments over there with great interest. Russia has already sent in airborne units (sorry, “peacekeepers”) to restore the authoritarian status quo and guard against foreign meddling. Wait…

Look, anything is possible. But here’s what we’ll say with near 100% certainty: if this really is a color revolution it has nothing to do with “vaccine diplomacy.”

This is because Russia’s most hated color revolution guy, George Soros, pays “fact checkers” in Kazakhstan to shill Sputnik V. If you like to shill Sputnik V you keep very good company.

Soros-funded Kazakh “fact checkers”: Leave Sputnik V alone!

Yesterday we published an article about Dr. Alexander Redko and why he thinks Sputnik V is a massive scam.

As we were typing this blog post we received messages from several people asking: “hey, what’s going on in Kazakhstan?” What’s going on is that George Soros-funded Kazakh “fact checkers” are slandering Dr. Alexander Redko.

In May 2021, the sleuths at Factcheck.kz locked their sights on Redko, who correctly noted that people have been ordered to wear masks (which are useless) because Sputnik V does not stop transmission. FALSE, according to Factcheck.kz.

This is an interesting “ruling” because Alexander Gintsburg—the guy who allegedly invented Sputnik V—recently reminded everyone to wear masks (which are useless) because Sputnik V does not stop transmission.

Nothing surprising here. This is the art of fact checking, especially Soros-funded fact checking:

For the record: Kazakhstan uses Sputnik V, Sinovac, Sinopharm and its own halal-certified COVID shot, QazVac.

safe and effective and uses meat that does not violate Muslim law

Source: Edward Slavsquat

  1. TZVI says

    Oh for the days when RIA NOVOSTY had an english page, now we get dumbed down SputnikNews…thanks for the pics (in the link) in any case.

    Of course an attack on Russia’s allies in the Soft Underbelly should have been expected…it was only a short while ago the former President for life had to officially step down. The country was not the epitome of Stability.

    The question should not be “Is Sputnik V Effective”, the question should be is ANY vaccine really Sterilizing and therefore acctualy effective at preventing the spread of SARS COV- 2 ? The answer so far is “NO.”

    IN fact the paper below states that QazCovi-in does appear to allow asymptomatic spread (this is a six month study, twice as long as Pfizer, but with very few participants, aka small study group):


    “However, by day 180, 25% of them demonstrated antibody titre increase with GMT of 2 (1, 3) according to MNA. These volunteers declared the absence of COVID-19 within this period, which suggests asymptomatic infection.”

    However it may have “advantages” in the market:

    “In addition, the QazCovid-in® vaccine is stable when stored at 2 to 8 °C, which gives it an advantage over the vaccines developed by Moderna/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases [6] and BioNTech/Fosun Pharma/Pfizer that require the cold chain storage.”

    “After two immunizations, the inactivated whole-virion vaccine against COVID-19 induced humoral immunity with high titres of neutralizing antibodies persisting for 6 months, and T-cell immunity which was biased to Th1. ”

    It is claimed to be a WHOLE Virus vaccine:

    “To counter the pandemic, the Scientific Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems of the Republic of Kazakhstan has developed technology to produce QazCovid-in®, an inactivated whole-virion vaccine. The vaccine is produced in Vero cells, inactivated by formaldehyde, and adjuvanted with aluminium hydroxide.”

    What if QazCovi-in had something to do with it, a multi pronged attack, just anothe reason to upend that nation?

    By causing revolt Kazakhstan you attack a CSTO member, you might be able to halt oil and GAS to market, thereby affecting an already tight ( more US LNG sales). You also get to delay a real potential rival in the Muslim world, as QazCovi-in is Halal.

    (Germany is unlikely to approve NordStream-2 for now, so I don’t think Russia has motive on this one…let alone the thought of a new Ukraine situation and opening a new front with NATO. Sputnik V is not likely to be approved in the EU untill Covid is almost on it’s way out.)


    “Beginning in June 2021, the vaccine is slated[7] to be packaged in large bulk to be bottled in Turkey by a major Turkish company.[8][9] This will allow for a production capacity of 500,000-600,000 doses per month.[10] The contract is still being negotiated,[11] despite earlier claims suggesting that the deal had already been finalized.[12][13]

    There you go, BOOM vaccine related ( or not 🙂 )

    1. ken says

      “Oh for the days when RIA NOVOSTY had an english page, now we get dumbed down SputnikNews…thanks for the pics (in the link) in any case.”

      Boy, that’s the truth! Sputnik rivals CNN at times.

  2. ken says

    “Alexander Gintsburg—the guy who allegedly invented Sputnik reminded everyone to wear masks (which are useless) because Sputnik V does not stop transmission.”

    Well it goes without saying “it is impossible to transmit something you don’t have”. So obviously it doesn’t prevent you getting the disease. Of course,,, they leave that out as they think most apparently don’t have the cogent capability to figure that out. Looking at the situation they may be correct.

    I would guesstimate that 99% of what we erroneously call ‘leaders’ are little pricks that make up the wheel of the great reset. Taking that to the next step it’s obvious all these injections and their purpose are basically the same with minor differences.

    There has been a 40% increase in deaths claims an insurance group in Indiana USA. Insurance companies watch this data closely. Doubtful it’s an error. A little over half in Indiana have been “fully vaccinated” so you can see the data is tracking each other fairly close.

    As for Kazakhstan,,, likely a CIA/Mossad/MI6/SBU operation. Gas hikes are a poor excuse for overthrowing a government. Nice spot to plant US missiles though.

  3. nnn says

    Zionist mafia runs the show

  4. Mr Reynard says

    Ramon Mercader, where are you ?? Please come back we need you badly …

  5. Eddy says

    NONE of these so called vaccines STOP or prevent transmission of the alleged Covid they are supposed to. This is not just Sputnik V, it’s the whole bloody lot.

    1. TZVI says

      Agreed, simple fact. I wish more people would wake up…

  6. GMC says

    Well Edward – you are on to something here and I have thought this one out. If Russia were to take out the 20 to 30 BioWeapons Labs that surround us – Victory Day would happen twice a year and I really like those kind of celebrations .
    From Kazakhstan with their 6 labs and the 7th starting this year, , to Ukraine with the 12 labs , it adds up to over 20 BioLabs including Georgia and others. This is more than the Nato armies at Russia’s borders. Why is Russia spending all this time on moving Armies around when 30 Zirconia specials would do the trick?

    Are we looking at another Israeli Sampson Option when it comes to the BioWeapons Labs around the World. Big Pharma has Labs in every country that has Globalist animal and agriculture enterprises – Monsanto, Carghill, DuPont Lily Pharma etc. etc . etc. Your research has opened up a can of Caviar, and this old Alaskans – curiosity. Spacibo

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