If Syria Gets S-300 Anti-Air Missiles It Won’t Be the Export Version

Russia has no export versions on hand -- a quick delivery can only be made if its own domestic, more capable, variant is transferred

Building new export variants would take 18-24 months

Russia is technically capable of providing its air defense systems S-300 to Syria within one month, a military-diplomatic source has told TASS, adding that for this the launchers already at the Defense Ministry’s disposal might be used after the required reconfiguration, a military-diplomatic source has told TASS.

According to the official, there are two options of delivering the S-300 to Syria. One is Russia may provide to Syria the export configuration of the air defense launchers. In that case Syria will get them in 18 to 24 months from now.

The other possibility is the available systems may be retrieved from the Defense Ministry’s reserves. Those replaced by S-400 in the Russian army might be used, too.

“Naturally, the used S-300 systems that may be taken to Syria will have to be reconfigured to suit the standards of the Syrian air defense. This work may take about a month,” the source said.

ASS has no official confirmation of this.

Earlier, the daily Kommersant quoted its own sources as saying that Russia in the near future might start the delivery of S-300 Favorit air defense systems to Syria.

S-300 for Syria

Russia’s General Staff declared it might be possible to raise the question once again of providing S-300 systems to Damascus shortly after the United States, Britain and France on April attacked Syria with cruise missiles. The agreement with Syria on providing S-300 was signed back in 2010 only to be frozen due to objections from the West and Israel.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on April 16 said Russia might be prepared to consider all the necessary steps for enhancing Syria’s defense capabilities, including the supplies of S-300 systems. On April 23 Lavrov said the question of providing S-300 to Syria had not been settled yet, but Russian President Vladimir Putin had discussed that possibility with the Defense Ministry “from the standpoint of preventing a situation where Syria might turn out insufficiently prepared for aggressive attacks, like the one that took place on April 14.”

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov refrained from comment when asked if S-300 might be delivered to Syria in the near future.

Source: TASS

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3 years ago

Russia today is facing enemy at door because it did not stop them at allies’ door in Iran, Damascus or Libya.
Take another example of Russia missing her chance.

“I’m frankly surprised that it [the ban on S-300 deliveries to Iran] held this long, given that they were not prohibited by [UN Security Council] sanctions from selling these defensive weapons,” Obama said on Friday.
“This is actually a sale that was slated to happen in 2009, when I first met with then-Prime Minister [Vladimir] Putin. They actually stopped the sale, paused or suspended the sale, at our request,” Obama said.
So from the horse’s mouth –it is clear that Russia backstabbed her friend Iran and Syria to please her anglo enemies.
Of course Obama like many others in the wide world did not count on the passivity and coward ness of the Russian leadership in standing up for her allies.

For that reason Russia will never have any friend now nor an ally or any trust by anyone..
Compare that with how anglo evil empire stands behind her allies and stooges come what !
Even today after all this western aggression against Russia with Israeli collaboration ,mr. Putin is still coy about arming Syria and he has betrayed Syria too after taking its chemical weapon.
Quote –“The Russian president also refused to confirm that Russia decided not to supply similar systems to Syria at Israel’s request. Earlier this week, Putin said a deal “with a certain Middle Eastern country” for S-300s was canceled due to Israel’s concern the system would endanger all flights over its territory.

The country in question is widely presumed to be Syria, but Putin refused to confirm it directly.

“I said what I said. That is enough, I believe. Experts know what I am talking about,” he explained.” !!!
Quote “Halting S-300 supplies to Iran was our national decision,” Ulyanov said. “The arms embargo imposed by UN Security Council No. 1929 does not prohibit missile defense. That is, supplying such weapons is fully in line with the existing arms embargo regime and does not contradict it,” he added.
“Western colleagues got used to us making some significant gestures, and started to take it for granted,” the diplomat said. “If we review our decision, it is met with shock, [it is] not clear why,” he noted.
“If the Iranian side can sue [Russia] for $4 billion, this is not taken into account. It looks like the West proceeds from the assumption that Russia should act to its own detriment in order to get others to like it [Russia],” Ulyanov said. “The S-300 system is exclusively defensive, it threatens no one. The commotion around it is perplexing. All this goes against normal human logic,” he stressed.”
Delusional Russia doomed by fate.

the Russkies never managed to capitalize on the soft power of the Sputnik and space walks. They ceded the glory of the WW II victory to the USA and UK. Kazakh dances, Bolshoi ballet, Pushkin and Chekhov and Tolstoy, even Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff, and their once great movie industry never amounted to much eventually. They had some influence with countries like India with cultural fests and Misha the bear, and their massive book industry. But then Mir and Raduga publishers were among the first casualties of the demise of the USSR.

Quote -” Moscow agreed with its international partners about 10 years ago to not deliver the S-300 to Damascus. “We took into consideration their argument that this would destabilize the situation, despite the missile systems being a purely defensive system,”Lavrov said in an interview to RIA Novosti.” !!

Talk about wasted potential. Charles de Gaulle’s statement about Belgium comes to mind. “The country has great potential, and will always have.”

Richard Monette
Richard Monette
3 years ago
Reply to  dkkharanti

well you think you got er all figured out eh!?…thats bad, such articulate copy and paste yet you have overlooked one key fact, a fricken Big one. Russia especially under Putin, has moral fiber…it factors into their actions and behaviors…Russia / Putin considers his responsibilities.. The west and especially israel operate under no such burden Instead they have Agendas and a vast malevolent “deep state” that contrives opportunities. In essence they are like alien species…..It’s pretty clear who the earthlings are.

3 years ago

Russian treachery knows no bound !

Kremlin mum on Russia’s possible deliveries of S-300 air defense systems to Syria

April 19, 14:18UTC+3

Putin’s earlier statement contained no direct reference to the possibility of providing defense systems to Syria


Russia had moral and legal obligation to give s300 to syria and to Iran in 2008 but Russia chose not to and thus betrayed her allies.
Especially after putin took away chemical weapons from syria then Russians should have given defensive weapon like s400 to syria in 2013 which would have averted more killings by anglosaxon sponsored terrorists.
But Russia slept over it smugly then one year later she deservedly got ukraine shock and sanctions based on same type of lies on which russia had helped nato/ anglos cabal put sanctions on iran , iraq, syria and libya.
Russia deserves what is coming her way in near future -what russia helped nato in imposing sanctions on russian ally that will come back to bite Russia very badly .

Quote – ” Moscow agreed with its international partners about 10 years ago to not deliver the S-300 to Damascus. “We took into consideration their argument that this would destabilize the situation, despite the missile systems being a purely defensive system,”Lavrov said in an interview to RIA Novosti. ” !!
The problem with Russia is that it fails to stand-by it’s allies and friends and lets them down every time. If this attitude continues it may loose whatever few allies it has .

3 years ago

” white helmets ”

Correction- it is not american led but british created and british controlled outfit of false news making and video presentation done with british actors and their mercenaries like white helmets.
This is what british bbc itself said way back in 2011 when it was decided to destabilise Syria that british would produce propaganda movies to show to generals that assad side is losing so generals should defect away from assad side.
Even ex foreign minister Dumas of France admitted as such that it was England’s d’ s plot. Then why do people still distract from england’ culpability ?