The Wild Czech Ammunition Story Makes Czechia Look Bad

Sending weapons to Nazis in Ukraine and jihadis in Syria? Great job. Highly moral.

Editor’s note: The author, blogger Insomniac Resurrected, is a Czech national educated in the UK, now back in the homeland.

What have we discovered in the official version of the Petrov and Boshirov? (Although I personally do not think it is credible.)

1. The Czech Republic sells weapons to Ukraine and to Syrian rebels. I have long suspected that during the height of the Donbas war the Czech Republic helped the Ukrainian government. Ukrainian government cargo planes were spotted in the Prague Airport. It really begs a question, are Ukrainian nazis and Sunni fanatics in Syria our allies, or is our government just doing the bidding of our Transatlantic masters?

2. Shady Bulgarian businessmen store ammunition in evidently unsecured warehouses that can be invaded by Petrov and Boshirov and blown up. This does not seem very safe.

3. The Czech government are total cucks, who would break at even the slightest of Murican pressure.

4. Petrov and Boshirov are supermen, who should be made into comic strip heroes.

Source: Insomniac Resurrected

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18 days ago

Czech Clowns.
If they believe anything that squirts out the back of , “Goon Britain,” promoted by their very own Buff head Boris there is still hope for TV comedy. The comedian from “Dads nazi-land,” has a job opportunity awaiting him….in fact a staring role. He could be quite literally be shot into stardom.

Russia’s Three Grumpy bear, Scary bear and Cuddly bear, might consider it a good financial investment. Its gonna be show time on the “surface of the Sun.” And the Bear in the back said everyone attack and it turned into a ballroom blitz.

16 days ago

2 amerikan LGBT agents excited about their new CIA issued dildos torched land mine storage facility illegal per 1999 UN convention —czechia a signatory
after dimwit cz loses more diplomats, now cz prez admits now evidence that CIA is Russian

Leos Tomicek
16 days ago
Reply to  yuri

The Czech president is one of the few brave politicians that did not buy into the conspiracy theory and demanded solid proof.

16 days ago

The One World Order’s private American media , relies on getting the fake story out on all its networks at once, and then retracts the propaganda , when the facts come out. The retraction is usually buried in a later edition of mad magazine, or someother late edition. 2013 Obama signs the Propaganda Law ” We now have the right to use Propaganda , Against , the US Citizens.” And no one called this out because the media re-worded it , in order to make it sound like it was – Nothin.

3 days ago
Reply to  GMC

Freedom of the Press but only for a certain few who tow the line.