If Anti-Empire Disappeared Would You Miss It?


Anti-Empire was down yesterday for 9 hours.

What if one day it went down forever?

Would you miss it?

At that time what would it be worth to you to bring it back?

What is it worth it to you to keep it, and to see it continue to broadcast the message you believe in?

  1. cechas vodobenikov says

    if they had a postal address I would contribute via friends in the USA

  2. bob says

    Why would you miss it?

    You can get pretty much the same on,

    Fort Russ

    Russia Insider

    RT International

    South Front


  3. thomas malthaus says

    When the internet goes down, will it matter?

  4. SKA99 says

    I was in cold sweat for a few hours😭 – what a nightmare😅

  5. hoyeru says

    well i recently discovered it and it is one of the siets that check first thing in the morning, right after RT so yes I will miss it

  6. IM DeRose says

    What if I decide to donate and A-E simply disappears like it did yesterday?

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