I Keep Hearing the Capitol Protesters Were “Let in” So I Am Having a Hard Time Understanding This Video

And people outnumbering and physically overtaking law enforcement officers

Editor’s note: On the other hand why was the police unprepared and under-strength? Surprise, miscalculation, underestimating the enemy, or did somebody plan to fail?


People keep telling me that these rioters were calmly let in and peacefully assembled inside the Capitol. What exactly am I missing here?

Please watch the video.

Also, below is the clip people keep passing around to “prove” that the protesters were “let in.” Do they not notice the fact that tons of people were already inside the perimeter (see first video) and beckoning these other folks inside? What were the cops gonna do?

I am open to understanding why I might be wrong.

Update: Here’s a new one:

Source: Not the Bee

  1. yuri says

    a tepid response by police—probably embarrassed that they were required to defend a fraudulent election

    1. Vonu says

      They were probably there as a deterrent to law-abiding citizens and to direct the Antifa where they were to riot.

  2. GMC says

    Because the Antifa guys who dressed up like Trump people had a deal for a photo shoot inside the Capital buildings – so that the rest of the Peaceful protesters would be blamed for the — Horror . Criminals , like those that run the USGov. are way ahead of the people. Thanks A E

    1. james says

      still behaved better than antifa/blm did, how many mam&pap stores have they burned down?

      Has any widespread looting taken place?

      People are upset that an election was stolen right in front of their eyes, although what was trump thinking giving nancy all she dreamed of.

    2. Hoyeru says

      yes, those Antifa magically appear when always needed. Now you ahev gone so crazy, you invent Q stuff.

      1. GMC says

        Well, it could have been anyone – I’ll admit it – actors, democrats, regular folks, and I guess if I was a couple of building security guys and noticed – I have no back up — why not save those doors from being trashed – and open them up. because those folks were most likely coming in – one way or another.

  3. ken says

    If in fact there were collusion, does it really matter? The fact remains that 535 folks in the legislature and those in the Executive and Judicial are destroying the lives, the economy, a way of life for their own cheap and selfish reasons for over 300 million people.

    The Antifa/BLM rioters,,, like the Bolsheviks or Brownshirt fascists,,, will pay as dearly as anyone else,,, likely with their lives.

    The American revolt shows what happens when a government will not listen to the multitudes that simply want to be left alone.

    1. james says

      the swamp has its casus belli,and they now want blood

  4. Voz 0db says

    This is the usual moron slave action! Always going after the WRONG targets…

  5. Mr Reynard says

    Dog & Pony show, for the peons ! IMHO ?

    1. 7.62x39 says

      It’s just getting started

  6. Hoyeru says

    simple. the “fight” was to be filmed and shown on CNN. The actualy thing that happen is that the protestors WERE let in. Dont try to outQ Q

  7. yuri says

    the fascist liberal media labels this terrorism, insurrection, no different than their lies about WMD’S in Iraq, or the communists bolesheviks that protested against war in Vietnam…the liberals prefer to celebrate a career criminal–G Floyd and justify assassinations by antifa/BLM children w no manners

  8. Vonu says

    I am open to understanding why I might be wrong.”
    Do you believe everything you see and hear on the television or Internet?

    1. Joe Stephens says

      What a weak answer. This was a poorly organised coup attempt. Likely the only reason it failed is even Trump realised that it wouldnt work.

      1. yuri says

        false—the only coup effort was the mueller investigation, which largely succeeded

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