I Do a Podcast on Stalin’s Disastrous WWII Military Failures

I was interviewed about my article Stalin Gifted Hitler Victory in 1941 and It Cost Millions of Russian Lives

If you’re in a need of a good daily news roundup — just a short, basic list of links to all the day’s most important stories to make sure you’re on top of everything (whether you delve into after that or not) — you could do a lot worse than subscribe to Kyle’s Fyles. Actually I rely on it myself and I highly recommend it.

What is best about it though is the creator, Kyle Anzaloe – a friend of mine, uses it as material for his nearly daily podcast on current international events, (hosted at Foreign Policy Focus and The Libertarian Institute) where he will go through these stories and provide his own commentary from a consistently anti-imperialist and anti-interventionist perspective. It’s a perfect set up; you can glance at his links with your morning coffee, then listen to his podcast on your morning commute.

Sometimes he breaks the mold and has a guest on instead. Last week he had me on to talk about my essay detailing the vast extent of Soviet blunders in the run up to WWII and its early stages and how they doomed the Soviet Union to an unnecessarily costly war.

So here for your listening pleasure:

On FPF #208, Marko Marjanovic joins the show to discuss the failures of Stalin’s centrally planned military leading up to WWII. The failures amount to the USSR having the most losses on one side of a war. While the Red Army had the equipment and technology to defend against the German invasion, poor strategic decision making allowed the Germans to have early success on the battlefield. Marko and Kyle discuss how the centrally planned military created the environment where the USSR took devastating losses during 1941.

In the show, we discuss Marko’s article Stalin Gifted Hitler Victory in 1941 and it Cost Millions of Russian Lives. Marko is the deputy editor at Russia-Insider.com. His website is Checkpointasia.net.

As for me all I can say is this podcasting business is hard. Writing you can do things at your pace and re-read what you have as many times as you need but after talking about something for 45 minutes without pause I barely remember what points I’ve made already and which ones I haven’t. But well, there’s only one way to get good…keep at it.

The Daily News Roundup:

Kyle’s Fyles, LibertarianInstitute

The Foreign Policy Focus Podcast:

Foreign Policy Focus, Libertarian Institute

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  1. Ottmar Straub says

    well – what is striking to me is that Russia still denies the fact that Stalin planned a war and that Hitler got the impression that pre-emptive war would be the solution – I do not maintain that Hitler did not want a war but I do critisize that the blame only goes to Germany which is wrong

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