Hunger, Misery, Chaos, Brutality, and Humiliation: The Nightmare That Is India’s Lockdown

There hasn't been a government that plunged so many of its people into such misery since the Khmer Rouge

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  1. Inferior says

    India’s working class are largely uneducated, their daily bread is earned on daily basis. No money no food for none of them. Grave diggers and pire torchers may be well off right now but millions upon millions who work as coolies, rickshaw pullers, fast food sellers, owner of small store or stall on the corner of the streets number in millions. They along with their families are perishing in India. You simply can’t lock up a population who’s very existence depends on cheap labor that are paid after the hard day of work. This is absolutely heart breaking to see a cruel government doing as it pleases while the mass is helpless.

  2. Undecider says

    Thank you, Bill Gates!

    1. voza0db says

      His OPERATION COVID is a success…

  3. Michael says

    I am so sick and tired of the mealy mouthed western media who feign sympathy and compassion for these Indians but do absolutely nothing to hold New Delhi accountable. I am really disgusted of Indians who claim that they live in a Democracy and then watch their fellow men role on the ground because a sadistic policeman made them do it.

  4. Michael says

    Indians get the government they deserve. New Delhi is an alien capital and as alien to a good deal of Indians as London was. All that “independence”did was transfer power from London to New Delhi and Karachi back in 1947.
    If this shutdown does not prove to Indians the autocratic nature of New Delhi and the need for India to dismantle and form new nations then nothing will. The heavy foot of New Delhi will be on their necks for the rest of their lives. i have no sympathy for people who will not fight for their own rights and dignity.

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