Hungary Is Experimenting With Wide-Ranging Pro-Demographic Policies. No LGBT Content in Children’s Material Is Part of That

Eastern European demographics are in a steep decline. This is one nation's attempt to survive

Hungary’s culture war has gone nuclear, with the passing of a law to prohibit the dissemination of LGBT ‘propaganda’. The controversial law, passed last week, will prohibit the teaching of LGBT issues to schoolchildren, and restrict the promotion of LGBT culture in public materials viewable by children. The move will severely restrict the presentation of LGBT-positive content in the public sphere, from education to advertising.

The bill has been met with widespread condemnation. LGBT rights organisations in Hungary and around the world have described it as an unacceptable assault on freedom of speech, and the most blatant move yet in the Hungarian government’s portrayal of LGBT culture as a threat to ‘traditional values’.

Yet the new law is only the latest step in ruling party Fidesz’s campaign to limit LGBT freedoms. To understand the situation in Hungary one needs to grasp the social concerns prompting Fidesz to adopt this hostile attitude.

Anti-LGBT legislation in Hungary is closely tied to a much wider ‘pro-family’ agenda underpinning the social policy of Viktor Orbán’s government. The most recent example of this came in May, when Hungary and conservative ally Poland spearheaded a ‘pro-familia’ declaration, alongside their Visegrád Four allies, asserting the importance of the traditional family model.

The innocuous document contained no reference to LGBT rights, but garnered criticism nonetheless as a supposed pretext for regressive policymaking. Earlier, in December 2020, a constitutional amendment sparked controversy by stipulating that ‘a mother is a woman and a father is a man’.

Such pro-family policies are being driven by a long-term societal issue in Hungary. Like many other central and eastern European countries, Hungary faces a serious problem with population decline. In 2019/20 alone, Hungary’s population shrank by 0.25 per cent — around 24,000 people. A study from last year placed Hungary 14th in a list of countries with the highest predicted rate of population decline over the next three decades. The study predicted a 12.3 per cent decline from 2020 to 2050, which means a drop from 9.7million inhabitants to 8.5million.

This poses a major economic and societal problem for Hungary. This is why Orbán’s government has implemented a range of measures to encourage people to form families and have more children. In 2019, the government’s Family Protection Action Plan raised the huge amount of public spending dedicated to family support still further. Other offers of financial assistance for families include: interest-free loans for married couples; a home-purchase subsidy programme; mortgage-loan repayments for families with two or more children; lifetime personal income-tax exemptions for women with four or more children; and grants for vehicle purchases for families with three or more children.

In 2020, the government made infertility treatments and medications free of charge, as part of its nationalisation of fertility-treatment centres.

But the measures haven’t worked. Hungary’s fertility rate remains stagnant, at around 1.5 births per woman – well below the 2.1 needed for population levels to remain constant. The UK has a low fertility rate, too (around 1.7 births per woman), but Hungary’s population problems are exacerbated by Fidesz’s hardline anti-immigrant stance.

It is against this background that Fidesz is turning its attention towards elements of society which it perceives as threatening the traditional family model. Greater freedoms for Hungary’s LGBT community are hardly likely to influence the negative population trend, with only 1.5 per cent of Hungarians identifying as LGBT. But Orbán insists that, by limiting the exposure of young people to LGBT-positive content, his government can minimise the influence of values perceived to be at odds with traditional family-building and child-raising.

For this reason, Fidesz portrays a majority of its anti-LGBT laws as efforts to protect children, and in so doing, safeguard Hungary’s future. Meanwhile, by taking a tough stance on LGBT rights and other issues relating to multiculturalism, Orbán paints a picture of Hungarian resistance to the ‘decadent’ Western liberal orthodoxy, which appeals to his conservative voter base.

From Black Lives Matter to LGBT rights, Western progressive values are portrayed by Fidesz as alien threats which, in the context of population decline and globalisation, pose an existential threat to the Hungarian way of life. Sadly, the consequences of Fidesz’s attempts to isolate Hungary from such threats will be borne by Hungary’s own LGBT community.

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  1. David Kennedy says

    Victor Orban is absolutely right on this matter in my view. Throughout most of nature, there are females and males; females produce the eggs, males fertilise them. Aberrations occur, but they are sterile. Variations do occur in human (and animal) behaviour that is sexually self-satisfying, but unproductive in terms of procreation.
    Strangely and sadly, these unproductive, self-indulgent aberrations have gained a major voice in recent years and seem to have captured most of the propaganda channels. ‘Straight’ people seem afraid to speak out, such is the power of aggressive propaganda. It is time to speak TRUTH to PROPAGANDA.

    1. Dramatic smile says

      Throughout most of nature homosexuality exists, nature’s reason for creating it are far too complex for dullards like yourself to understand.

      Your comment is fascist propaganda of course.

      1. Mr Reynard says

        Yupp.. But as long as they were in the closet & behind a locked bedroom, I didn’t give a crap , what they were doing in their own privacy !
        But what are they doing now ! I’m totally opposed & would like to terminate those with extreme prejudice ?
        Note.. One elderly who was in the media, & admitted that he was homosexual & was against Gay Pride marches, same sex marriage & propaganda spreading to children ??
        Guess what ??
        Lost his job a few days later..

        1. Fexton says

          ”But what are they doing now ! ”

          What are they doing now? Have they made it compulsory?

          Simply telling the population that black people exist, is not propagating back people.

          You don’t have a choice to be gay it is not a lifestyle nobody can choose to be gay. No child can be made gay. It is scientifically impossible.

          1. Mr Reynard says

            You remind me of a Joke by Dave Allen ?

  2. ken says

    Pretty sad a law has to be passed to prevent sexual deviants from grooming young children for their own pleasures.

    Even sadder are the nations somehow treating perversion as some sort of human rights issue with them suggesting some sort of higher moral plane. Picture in your mind these perverted acts with children and then try to justify them as moral and good.

    Sadder yet are the ‘parents’ that teach their children that these perversions are natural and good and those trying to protect them from these perversions are evil.

    Has anyone noticed that any perverted immoral idea that decreases fertility,,, abortion, homosexuality, etc seems to be a human ‘right’? If you think about it, I bet you might see how abortions,,, sexual perversions,,, genocide and the kill shots are all interconnected with one agenda.

    “Eastern European demographics are in a steep decline…”
    Demographics? Author probably means population,,, actually both. Governments are genociding their present demographics with the importation of different races with far different cultures and especially different religions using population reduction as a excuse for the ongoing genocide.

    Governments as well as citizens ignore the rape and assault of women in the target demographic. Even the feminists of the targeted demographic have no issue with this.
    Reporting a rape committed by the imported race will result in the victim being labeled a racist.

    Genocide: is the intentional action to destroy a people—usually defined as an ethnic, national, racial, or religious group—in whole or in part.

    The ignorant populations appear to be unaware of their demise and are actually participating in it.

    There is little difference between genocide and democide. The results are the same.

    Some races today are so intellectually pathetic that even their extinction is considered a good thing.

    1. Dramatic smile says

      Most cases for child abuse occurs when a FATHER molest his daughter. So the problem of child abuse is MOSTLY, by a vast majority of cases, in the Christian family, not from strangers.

      1. Mark says

        An extremely broad extrapolation with zero substantiation to back it up. The homo crowd always shouts that homosexuality occurs in nature – since it is natural, then it must be normal. That, too, is a pretty broad series of extrapolations. The inborn purpose of species is to survive and thrive, and homosexuals cannot reproduce. A race comprised entirely of homosexuals which indulged only in their own preference would only last a single lifetime, that of the youngest member, presuming that member died of natural causes.

        Nobody cares what you do in private. But that’s not good enough for the homos, who have to make you first recognize it, then celebrate it.

        1. Fexton says

          My statement is back-up by FACTS, you may have heard other people use them.

          The rest of your comment is so stunningly dumb:

          ”purpose of species is to survive and thrive”

          but not to ‘swamp’ the environment, so sometimes it survives better by not reproducing endlessly and stupidly.

          ” entirely of homosexuals ”

          Nature creates only 10% homosexuals to fulfil their role.

          ” then celebrate it.”

          You are a failed person, fall of fear and hate, you go out of your way to find people to victimize, you are active in hate, nobody makes you do anything. Equality means the right to answer cretins like you.

  3. Jerry Hood says

    In 2032 ends Anno Magnus.Apocalypse of the world will follow, by FIRE and Global Earthquakes, with repolarisation of the Earth. Bible is a such cycle, from Flood,starting civilisation, Fire ends it…AT THE END TIMES, THE WHOLE WORLD IS CORRUPTED, FULL OF SODOMITY AND PERVERSION! All teligions tell you that! In 2033, Novus Ordo Seclorum takes over!!! And new cycle of life takes over, with birth of new civilisation, from few survivors…Nothing new under the Sun, it was here in many cycles! That’s what is the Great Year/ Anno Magnus about!!!

    1. Dramatic smile says

      Most  ‘SODOMITY’ occurs in heterosexual couples.

    2. XSFRGR says

      REVELATION 18 !!

  4. Oscar Peterson says

    This article says that the Hungarian government’s measures to raise fertility rates haven’t worked.

    That ridiculous. They were enacted in 2019 and 2020 and we’ve had COVID for the last 18 months.

    It’s obviously too early to say whether Fidesz’s policies will have a positive impact or not.

    1. Dramatic smile says

      Supressing gays will not increase fertility rates. You dullard.

      1. Oscar Peterson says

        Did you read the article? There are multiple measures taken to help offset the expense of raising children, you dullard.

        1. Fexton says

          Victimizing minorities is just hate, committed by the failed, angry, and bitter. I hope you are eventually victimised for your ‘difference’, so you finally understand what you are doing.

  5. Raptar Driver says

    Strange that basic common sense and human morality have to be legislated.

    1. Dramatic smile says

      Common sense being? ………….victimise gays and your fertility rates goes up? is that the common sense you are talking about?

      Of is the common sense find a Victim to demonise and your political power increases in a fascist state?

      1. Raptar Driver says

        You are dead ends.
        The human race needs you not.

        1. Fexton says

          Your political hate will fail again, and end in mass death, that is the destiny of all fascists.

          1. XSFRGR says

            Love make people feel warm, and fuzzy while HATE; burning, righteous hate is THE MOTIVATOR. I have a white hot core of hate in my soul for those who are destroying my race, culture, and civilization, and I am not alone.

  6. Dramatic smile says

    I can’t really see how hiding information from children about homosexuality and restricting peoples freedom to live their lives as normal people, increases the numbers of children.

    This is just a fascist states using homophobia to distract from their destructive failed economic policies.

    If you want to increase the number of children, make it cheaper to have them and increase tax incentives for marriage.

  7. Walter Fox says

    ”Hungary Is Experimenting With Wide-Ranging Pro-Demographic Policies.”
    It turns out that this ‘experiment’ has been run before, and Germany murdering 6 million Jews, Gays, communists and Romani, didn’t really improve their country very much at all and certainly didn’t assist in population increase.

  8. Fexton says

    The US is behind Oban who destroys the lives of the Hungarian people through corruption and bad management, so what better solution to keep him in power and create a split with the EU, then to find a victim for the people to hate and to prompt the EU to eject them as barbaric.

    The CIA use many many tools to aid US economic success. maybe they should just abandon their dumb ideology, and get their economy in order, rather than try to destroy the rest of the world so they can be ‘the last man standing’.

  9. Sally James says

    ‘Chechnya’s Horrific ‘Gay Purge’: A 4-Year Timeline of Abduction, Torture and Murder’
    ”It all started on April 1, when Novaya Gazeta published an article reporting the disappearance of several gay men. First, two television reporters vanished. Then, a waiter went missing. The paper said that all three may have been killed as well. The article further explains that Chechnyan police had arrested as many as 16 to 50 men. According to Novaya Gazeta, the police detained the men “in connection with their nontraditional sexual orientation, or suspicion of such.”

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