Hundreds of Thousands March Against US Presence in Iraq in Largest Protest Baghdad Has Ever Seen

Muqtada calls and Iraqis pour out

Sadr’s demands:

1. The closing of all US military bases in Iraq.

2. The closing of all bases and offices of American PMCs and cessation of all of their activities.

3. The closing of Iraqi airspace for flights of military and reconnaissance aircraft of the US.

4. The cancelation of all security agreements with the US.

5. Trump must cease to look down on Iraq and its decisions and statements with a sense of superiority, or face consequences.

6. Third countries must not interfere in our relations with the invaders if the US refuses to withdraw.

7. If the US refuses to leave, it will be considered a hostile country giving Iraqis the right to proceed with physical resistance against the invaders.

  1. Roger Bratt says

    Please Boycott American Products.

    The Sooner the Violent American Bastards are De-Funded,

    the better for everybody else.

  2. Tom Surguine, already signed . says

    ANTI WAR is doing a first rate job of bringing excellent photos, comment, letters to editor, just excelllent, excellent work which is most appreciated by this particular runaway from usa, 4 eva!

  3. Mary E says

    Now will the US take Iraq seriously?!? Just get the US militart out of there NOW!
    What are they waiting for? They’ve had their formal invite!

  4. James Willy says

    Now is the time for the people there to start gorrila type attacks and just start attacking these yankys where ever they are seen. Why are these people not all armed with manpads? Walking down the streets shouting is not going to help get rid of these basterds. Start killing them. Do it like Taliban do. EVERY DAY Talibans kill yankys or else some of their puppets. EVERY DAY. Best is simply to overwhelm them. Let’s get these millions of folks armed and put them to work. Shoot down their planes and helicopters. Start killing them where ever you can. Send them home in bags. Persistance will wear them down like Taliban do it. BRAVO.

    1. thomas malthaus says

      I had the same idea, more or less. US airpower may negate any gains.

      1. Mary E says

        Then it would be time for Russia to step in with their military!

        1. thomas malthaus says

          I’m under the impression Russia is going to move into Iraq’s southern region-militarily and with oil infrastructure.

  5. Roger Bratt says

    Looks like Iraq has a serious case of GTFO-itis. (which the US, if it had any decency, should obviously honor.)

    They should flea-bomb American barracks. All you need is 4 kittens in a room. Then vacuum up the fleas and empty the vacuum cleaner outside the barracks.

    They’ll be itching & scratching all the way to the hospitals in Kuwait.

  6. CHUCKMAN says

    America’s mainline press is making every effort to minimize the size of the demonstrations.

    1. ourblue says

      I suspect that beside the inability to truthfully report news the MSM suffer collectively from Dyscalculia.

  7. typhoidX says

    Yet another crowd that’s bigger than Trump’s inauguration. ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. jm74 says

    Iraq has a huge problem evicting the US and coalition and the following article explains US smugness.
    Interesting reading.

    Military Occupation and the Rule of Law: The Legal Obligations of Occupying Forces in Iraq.

    US can not be tried by the ICC due to Article 98 that have nearly 100 state signatories that give the US immunity against prosecution for war crimes. The problem are the 100 countries and unless they revoke their signatures the US will continue with their rogue actions.

    Article 98 Agreement

    “Article 98 Agreements, which are provided for in the Rome Statute that created the International Criminal Court, allow the United States to remain engaged internationally with our friends and allies by providing American citizens with essential protection from the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, particularly against politically motivated investigations and prosecutions.”

  9. thomas malthaus says

    About the only defense I see the average Iraqi having against US troops is to mass in groups of 100-plus and attack US vehicles on patrol.

    Sticks and stones would be mostly ineffective. As would flowers and plants, unless cacti is available.

    Other than being victims of a mass slaughter, the alternative is a slow death by occupation.

  10. Mychal Arnold says

    When the killing begins the ussa only have themselves to blame. It is not going to go well for them if they stay.The ussa Will not know who to trust.

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