Huawei Now Barred From Making Phones Able to Run microSD Cards

US government weaponizing American-held IP "rights" to the full

Goes to show the extent of war waged on China’s premier tech company, as well as the nonsensical nature of IP. Why does anybody else gets to say whether Huawei’s hardware will be able to recognize and read a certain storage card? 

The effects of the United States’ Huawei ban continue to grow, with the Chinese hardware company now barred from being a member of the SD Association (the trade group that agrees upon standardized specs for SD and microSD cards). In other words, Huawei is no longer allowed to put official SD or microSD card support in its future phones or laptopsvia9to5Google.

The SD Association has confirmed to Android Authority that Huawei’s removal from the group was due to Trump’s executive order, making it the the latest blow to the besieged Chinese company as the result of that ban. MicroSD cards and SD cards will continue to work on existing Huawei hardware, but being barred from the SD Association means that Huawei won’t be able to use the standards on future products.

The SD Association is also by no means the first to cut ties: GoogleARMIntel, Qualcomm, and Broadcom are also among the companies that have stopped working with Huawei due to the ban. The Wi-Fi Alliance (which sets Wi-Fi standards across the industry) has also “temporarily restricted” Huawei’s membership due to the US ban, and Huawei has also voluntarily left JEDEC (a semiconductor standards group best known for defining RAM specifications) over the issues with the US as well, according to a report from Nikkei Asian Review. All this could severely hamper Huawei’s ability to produce hardware at all, much less compete in the US technology market.

Losing SD cards may not be the biggest issue for the company right now. Like with Android and Windows (which Huawei is already developing replacement OSes for) Huawei has prepared for an microSD card outage too: the company has its own, proprietary Nano Memory Cards that are physically smaller than microSD cards and which have replaced the more universal standard entirely on its newer devices.

Source: The Verge

  1. BillA says

    gotta love it, now the United States of Hypocracy is banning obsolete technology
    what a gift to Huawei to introduce a better product

    1. The Globalist says

      It really makes you wonder how long it will take Huawei to develop a lot of its own propitiatory standards and leapfrog the US. It is like trying to kill a worm by cutting it in half (each half can go on to produce a new worm).

      China is so focused on millions of graduates in the area, developing innovative technology through coordinated planning, all the while combing the world for leading companies to buy. Moves by others to try just to kill the enemy sound ominously desperate. Perhaps it is a better strategy to just compete in the market place by producing the best product, like Apple has always done.

    2. Mikhail Garchenko says

      LOL, the imbeciles keep shooting at their feet!
      It´s incredible.

      1. Carlwilliam says

        Why do most people continue to vote for imbeciles in almost every country. Democracy just doesn’t work any more.

        1. Nassim7 says

          Direct Democracy – when people vote on issues – would work. Just look at how unpalatable UK’s politicians find the Brexit Referendum!

          1. Carlwilliam says

            Direct democracy has worked well in switzerland. All important issues should be handled by referenda where everyone votes.

  2. Rowdy-Yates says

    Huawei has prepared for an microSD card outage too: the company has its own, proprietary Nano Memory Cards that are physically smaller than microSD cards and which have replaced the more universal standard entirely on its newer devices.
    So because of the Ban Huawei expands her own version microSD cards thereby breaking the monopoly and diversifying the industry from the American held “SD Association”.
    It is hard but each time Huawei overcomes such hurdles it is a defeat for Trump and his Jewish bankers.
    Every time Trump and his Jewish overlords throw a challenge to China and she overcomes that challenge it is a big loss for Trump and Tribe

  3. Alberto Garza says

    this could open the way for new technologies from huauwei lets see it this makes them or breaks them .

    1. DarkEyes says

      We are talking “chinese business men and women”.
      My experience in the wide world is, there is no better tradesman than a China man/woman, and reliable. Which does not mean American businessman / woman is not reliable, not at all.
      Do not worry about China might break. No way.

  4. Femi Obileye says

    I thought the issue was that the Chinese firm will follow orders from Chinese Government…Exactly what U.S Government and firms are doing?

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