How to Participate in Corporate Spoils: Get Vaxxed, and Get Woke

With lockdowns having devastated smaller businesses the corporate world can afford to go full ideological

The Great Reset progressed from conspiracy theory to desired policy quickly. There are bumps in the road like the pause in passing Biden’s Build Back Better. Covid is a process and a tool. Regardless the passage of BBB, the entire private sector is undergoing a reset. What should emerge is a much more progressive corporate bureaucracy.

Covid has switched from just being a disease that may kill off portions of a firm’s workforce to a useful political weapon. It is a political weapon. Citigroup announced they will fire unvaccinated employees by the end of January. We now know the vaccines do not stop transmission. The Supreme Court rules on vaccine mandates soon. Citi itself likely has a significant slice of employees working remote. What purpose does it serve but to fire politically unreliable employees?

Vaccination status became a part of partisan identity. Polls are a bit unreliable but per Brookings, 40% of Republicans did not plan on getting vaccinated vs. just 3% of Democrats this fall. If someone is unvaccinated, they might be right wing or they just might be skeptical of approved narratives. The vaccinated listen to science and perform the progressive rituals. These are politically reliable employees to staff bureaucracies. A potentially revealing fact might be white collar firms that do not allow remote work above a specific management tier, and if those tiers must be vaccinated due to being in an office over fifty percent of the time. That can close doors for unvaccinated employees. Suddenly, there is an implicit political loyalty test to apply for employees, allowing the left to reward only its adherents.

This is one vector of attack as nothing lives in a vacuum. As Chris Rufo has exposed, giant firms are deploying Critical Race Theory training for employees, with some special sessions for executives. This is another political tool to make sure that employees are good soldiers or are willing to bend the knee to play along. A next step for Rufo would be uncovering initiatives to mandate specific goals for hiring non-white candidates for roles and how high those roles may be.

This is the second political loyalty program. Firms will either staff their bureaucracies with loyal, progressive employees or employees willing to execute on progressive goals. This takes time but pushing this at the executive levels makes sense as a trickle down effect will happen. Someone’s firm target X%. Each division needs to aggregate to that target. What do you think hiring, firing and promotion decisions will be when that target is tied to compensation? Everyone has metrics to check, and progressives and their clients win again!

Someone might argue this is self-sabotage but the other covid factor playing into the reset is the great shuttering of small and even medium businesses. Not everyone is a monopoly like Google, but many industries are cartels where a handful of major firms dominate and everyone else squabbles in niche markets and the remaining 20% of the market. Not many articles on struggling airlines because the sector spent the Obama years consolidating into a cartel. The other factor in this is that big firms often only engage with other big firms who can handle their size of business. Small firms never get a chance at those business to business contracts, and mid-sized firms may not have the capacity or would see their client pool dominated by one such mega-sized contract.

It is often lamented that Main Street has been wrecked by lockdowns, with countless reports of the razing of small firms under 250 employees. The destruction of smaller firms that often relied on customization and customer experience for their market share, plays into big firms being the only game in town. Smaller firms will likely see worse service and options as those small, flexible firms that provided goods and services disappear. We may see mid-sized firms without pricing power fold as the supply chain crisis continues. We haven’t even touched on Blackrock’s control of investment and its highly progressive CEO. Sorry, mid-cap, you won’t be getting billions for expansion until you kiss the progressive ring.

Now the big firms dominate their markets. The economic gains will be shared with shareholders and the professional class that executes on the captured market. They can house-clean out the politically unreliable in multiple ways. Private political commissars may be a drag on profits (may), but it does not matter when there is no threat to the firm’s survival. The same team can split the spoils. We won’t build back better, but these firms will emerge more progressive.

Source: American Sun

  1. Iapetus Ducq says

    I think this touches on an important point, one that is difficult to see without context. Many writers are introducing the model of a ‘movie’ into their dialogue. The idea is that in a society which in actual fact, only one out of ten workers is doing real service or production, companies are mostly ‘fluff’; that is, constructs. Movies. A construct that responds primarily to the political entities empowered to reward it. Hollywood has producers and writers that can put together great plots, but this does not happen, nor will it.

    When news, politics, social interactions, and even grocery store shelf options are merely collections of movie snippits, those who wish to live will leave the theaters, go to where there are no screens, and live.

    Create. Breathe. Sing. Discover. Love.

  2. GMC says

    There is no decent plan for the future and if you look at the past 3 or 4 decades the plan was to loot, cover up, program and destroy the domestic American Free Spirit. The gig’s up and nobody has a plan. They want you to think there is a plan but there isn’t and this is why many alternate writers are telling their readers to get ready to be on our own or find a group of folks that you can rely on. Even some individual States with a few realistic leaders are starting to make plans for the big F.. Up { Reset} to come.
    Look at all the idiots on board with the Wars, the Blame Games, Covid scam that you would have never thought – would be. Now this is Massive Brainwashing – at its best.

  3. dr.sardonicus says

    what if war is coming and the vax and qr codes are anti-espionage measures as well as a means of culling the elderly population? just spitballing.

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