How Much More Evidence Do You Need That Turkey Doesn’t Belong in NATO? Get the Nukes Out!

"It’s time to realize Turkey is not our friend and move on"

It’s time to talk common sense and cut our losses. An Islamist country, one that promotes Sharia Law, buys Russian weapons, and fires on American troops, should not be in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The Turkey that joined the alliance decades ago in 1952, is not the Turkey of today. At that time, Turkey was developing into a secular state, well aware of the consequences of Islamic extremism. Erdogan has turned the country into a modern version of the Ottoman Empire; the nation does not resemble the vision that Kamal Ataturk promoted after the fall of that expansionist regime.

Turkey is active in the Balkans, attempting to radicalize and undermine Western influence in Albania, and other Islamic but formerly secular countries like Bosnia, Kosovo.

Turkey has long agitated Western European capitals with the Turkish diaspora, attempting to disrupt the rule of law and democratic ideals in-country. Germany is especially troubled.

Turkey is buying Russian advanced anti-aircraft weapons that could be used to develop tactics against Western stealth aircraft.

Erdogan envisions developing his own nuclear capability, which is a whole other level of policy challenge.

EU nations are placing arms embargoes on Ankara due to its invasion of Northern Syria. And yes, Turkey shelled American special forces in the region just yesterday.

It’s time to realize Turkey is not our friend and move on; NATO expansion has been a massive mistake and needs to end. Having nations part of the alliance that are not reliable allies is just suicide. At this point, President Recep Erdogan is more friends with Vladimir Putin than he is Donald Trump.

Turkey has used its NATO membership to develop its military capability. As the United States rearms to face the threats of the future, Turkey should not enjoy future technological developments or learn future NATO tactics.

Perhaps the Trump administration has a goal of enabling a change of leadership in the troubled nation, which would be beneficial for Turkish citizens who are tired of the corrupt Erdogan regime, and sees a way to coax Turkey back into the fold.

However, at this point, all I see is a return to the Sultan’s reign and Sunni attempts at domination of the region, versus Iran’s Shia rise.

I don’t know if the U.S. military still has nukes at Incirlik; if so, it’s time to get them out.

Donald Trump is right, we shouldn’t be in the middle of an Islamic tribal civil war.

Source: Tsarizm

  1. Richard Hollembeak says

    If any nation questions DC’s foreign policy they are soon demonized to justify what is to be done to them for their disobedience .

    1. Canosin says

      I am not a friend of US policy….. but in this case I do 100 % agree with the author …. Turkey is a threat to peace….. must be thrown out of any organization…..

  2. CHUCKMAN says

    Just American jingoistic crap.

    1. Canosin says

      bs Sir……. the author is 100% right…. Turkey should have been kicked out long ago already…..

    2. silver7 says

      That’s because NATO is attack on one is an attack on all. Turky has helped NATO and therefore the US.

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