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  2. Feudal Peasant says

    Incredible and amazing, only in China could this have been accomplished.

  3. Tom Surguine, already signed . says

    Pesky Chinese my foot! Don’t many of you know that the Chinese as a whole are firm, firm believers in work, work, work..like 18 hours every single day, including. ” who needs to take a vacation from making money” they say. If u don’t believe that, just take a look around the phillipines…Jollibee, Philippine Air, the S.M. stores anywhere & everywhere, all from a needle, thread sidewalk stand, along with hand done shoe repair, therefore the company name S.M. …gigantic to da max. Best Drs. I have ever had…all of them…have been the best Drs. I have ever known, bar none…and I’m just a white boy from usa “mix”! Expat tom

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