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Horror! The Taliban Allow In-Person Lectures, Male Students May Attend Unmasked

Here in the "liberated" West we prefer remote lectures and/or face coverings for both genders

Afghanistan’s new regime:

Women attending private Afghan universities must wear an abaya robe and niqab covering most of the face, the Taliban have ordered, and classes must be segregated by sex — or at least divided by a curtain.

In a lengthy document issued by the Taliban’s education authority, they also ordered that female students should only be taught by other women, but if that was not possible then “old men” of good character could fill in.

The decree applies to private colleges and universities, which have mushroomed since the Taliban’s first rule ended in 2001.

I don’t like that Afghanistan’s urban women are being ordered what to wear on their faces and threatened with repression if they do not comply. I think it’s a travesty. And as someone who opposes Western women being ordered what to wear on their faces and threatened with repression, I can say that. The COVID lemmings who spent the last 18 months screeching that governments must impose face diapers on women and men alike can not.

The COVID Rouge and the Taliban are both masking fascistic cults. The difference (aside from the Taliban allowing the men to go unmasked) is that at least the Taliban are an outgrowth of an ancient tradition that they were born into.  

The Taliban are born into a society where the modesty mask and mask mandates are normal and carry the prestige of having been upheld for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. (Sharia is actually a slight improvement on the Pashtun tribal code for women.)

The COVID cultists meanwhile were born into a free society and went out of their way to subvert it and “enrich” it with Taliban-style masks.

There is a world of difference between the two. If a rank-and-file Taliban defers to what for centuries has largely been the norm there is cautious, conservative wisdom to it. It does not take a fanatic to wonder if something that has persisted for so long is perhaps not for the best.

Meanwhile, the COVIDIANS threw themselves into a religious frenzy to impose on a liberal society the repressive and intelligence-insulting superstitions of a NOVEL cult cooked up in their brain-diseased minds in the space of a few days. They had a free society and they worked to make it infinitely worse, and don’t even have 1300 years of tradition to explain why they thought it was a good idea.

The bigger news is that, at least for now, the Taliban 2.0 represent a liberalization. Compared to their previous stint in power between 1996 and 2001 they are now allowing girls and women to receive schooling, including higher schooling in Universities. They are allowing female students to be taught by “older men of good character” when there are not enough female professors (meaning logically that they can not be against more women becoming professors).  And are even allow non-segregated classes separated by only a curtain when classes can not be organized differently. That is the actual new news here.

These are small steps, but they are in the right direction.

In the big picture, Afghanistan is tip-topeing in the right direction. Even its Sharia traditionalists are becoming slightly less tyrannical.

The West meanwhile is moving backwards, and by leaps and bounds. We are still living through something thought no longer possible — a nightmarish Maoist hysteria not seen since the Cultural Revolution, accompanied by the biggest government-caused loss of life since The Great Leap Forward and the man-made famines of Churchill and Stalin.

[Another difference is that albeit a “niqab” is an overkill and forced modesty is no modesty at all, there is at least a crude logic to more pieces of clothing equaling more modesty. Strapping a germ-incubator to your mouth and nose to fight disease, however, is the height of stupidity.]

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13 days ago

Pretty well explains it….

Shorts and no helmets,,, but they got their masks on pretty well explains the hypocrisy.

Motorcycle masking.jpg
Helga Weber
Helga Weber
13 days ago
Reply to  ken

that picture really says it all.

Mr Reynard
Mr Reynard
13 days ago
Reply to  Helga Weber

Must be “demorats” IMO ??

Reginald Martin
Reginald Martin
13 days ago

At least they are giving women some right’s when all people understand that women are mothers ,grandmother’s aunt’s sisters where we come from it will be a world.

13 days ago

The West meanwhile is moving backwards, and by leaps and bounds. We are still living through something thought no longer possible — a nightmarish Maoist hysteria not seen since the Cultural Revolution, accompanied by the biggest government-caused loss of life since The Great Leap Forward and the man-made famines of Churchill and Stalin.”

One of the best summaries of recent events I have seen.