Horrible Man Won’t Take Second Dose of Vaccine After Wife Died of Blood Clot

No green passport for you, Mister!

How selfish can you get? Leicestershire man says he won’t be getting a second vaccine dose because of a teensy-weensy non-event where his common-law wife and mother of three died after getting one:

“I still don’t think I’ll get my second dose after everything that has happened. I’m not saying people shouldn’t get vaccinated. It’s every individual’s choice.

“I do know how rare it is for things to go so badly wrong but it has happened to us and that has affected how I think about things myself.”

Doesn’t he know that if he doesn’t get a vaccine our vaccines won’t work either?! Some people are just so selfish!

Mark said: “We were so happy and looking forward to the future and then suddenly I’m having to explain to Orson (5) that his mummy has died.

“I’d already told him that mummy had gone into hospital because she needed medicine.

“Then I told him that the medicine hadn’t worked, and that mummy couldn’t come home then a couple of days later I told him that she had died.

“Our world has been turned upside down.

“Every day I wake up and Lucy is the first thing I think about.”

Blah, blah, blah, poor little Orson, whatevs. Forget about this Orson person, what about us??? We’ll be getting vagzinated and then it won’t even work because you didn’t get yours!

Mark said: “I don’t want people to be put off having a vaccine but I do want people to know that there are risks.

We’re not anti-vax. Lucy certainly wasn’t – she was so excited about getting it.

“She’s stuck like glue to all the lockdown rules and saw the vaccine as a step to getting out again and seeing her and hugging her mates.

“She couldn’t wait to get it but nobody thought this would happen.”

Blah, blah, blah! More propaganda from Mister Selfish! Mr. Claims-not-to-be-anti-vax-but-won’t-take-his-shot! Well, no vaccine passport for you then and your extremist anti-vaxxer family! Hope you’re stuck in your house forever! Enjoy not being able to go anywhere! That’s what happens to you when you’re selfish!

Thirteen days after her jab Lucy was taken to the Leicester Royal Infirmary where blood clots were diagnosed.

Her condition worsened and she suffered a massive stroke.

She was transferred to the intensive care unit at Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre (QMC) but, despite surgery, consultants said there was nothing more that could be done for her and recommended her life support be switched off on April 10.

Mark said consultants said Lucy’s severe illness was vaccine-related. Her death certificate says she died of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis and vaccine-associated thrombosis with thrombocytopenia.

  1. Ultrafart the Brave says

    “We’re not anti-vax. Lucy certainly wasn’t – she was so excited about getting it.
    “She’s stuck like glue to all the lockdown rules and saw the vaccine as a step to getting out again and seeing her and hugging her mates.
    “She couldn’t wait to get it but nobody thought this would happen.”

    This is very sad, even tragic, on so many levels – especially as so many people have been so well trained that, even as their family and friends drop dead, they still cannot fathom what is going on.

    The teeming lemmings are just expendable playthings for creepy Bill and Uncle Klaus and the rest of the Davos crowd’s Game of Thrones.

    The eugenic technocratic Globalist dictatorship, the One World Government.

    And juicy profits, lots and lots of it, for the very very few, while the rest of us “will own nothing and be happy”.

    German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich lays it all out – crimes against humanity on a global scale.


    1. Zack says

      It’s sad because it’s due to lack of proper knowledge, especially lack of critical thinking and intellectual skills required for analyzing information in the age of misinformation. Most people want to avoid the arduous labor of thinking. With what result? The “herd stupidity” aspect prevails in our today society. Still, I feel for the man after his terrible loss.

  2. ken says

    “She couldn’t wait to get it but nobody thought this would happen.”

    “but nobody thought this would happen.” What kind of bs is this. People are dying all over the place,,, not from covid or whatever disease they are relabeling,,, but from the kill shots.

    These are the kind of individuals that scream the rest of us, that can think and reason, to take the killer shots.

    They soak up everything the msm tells them like a sponge to water never bothering to fact check. In fact they believe the ‘fact checkers’ online as if they were angels from heaven.

    And afterwards repeat the mantra,,, it’s a rare thing and the shots are safe and effective.

    Politicians and pharma murdered his wife and he is still apologetic. There is no hope for someone this stupid.

    Here is what he and his wife overlooked,,, probably totally unaware.

    On June 19 the number of dead in the EU was 15,472
    On July 3 the number of dead was now at 17,503

    Which means 2031 people died in 14 days and tens of thousands irreperably harmed.

    That’s 145 per day! Does this sound rare? I don’t give a shit about how many shots were delivered.

    In 1976, in the USA they stopped the vaxxes for the swine flu when the deaths reached a total of 50.

    Apparently people weren’t nearly as gullible as today’s brainless masses.

    Look at the stats,,, does this look rare? Does this look safe and effective? And do you honestly think that Bozo the UK clown and Dementia Joe in the USA are getting the same shot!

    1. Ren says

      Scary and sad how TV brainwashes people.

  3. genx says

    Depopulation is a real agenda. Wake the fuck up.

  4. Mike Carroll says

    I didnt want her to die but I must say she has in her own foolish way helped replenish the tree of liberty ever so slightly. Hopefully her kids will grow up fierce warriors and extract their revenge on the current set of politicians that will be in old age homes by then.

    1. XSFRGR says

      It’s very unlikely that her children will survive their teachers, and the media.

      1. GMC says

        Or the vax !

    2. Daz says

      I sincerely hope we do not allow any of the people responsible for this genocide to live one day past their trial, let alone allow them to be in an aged care home.

  5. MrLiberty says

    I had no trouble finding out the truth about these death jabs on the internet. Why didn’t she? I feel bad for the guy, but people have been screaming at the top of their lungs since the first “vaccines” were put before the criminal government approval goons months and months ago. Every week the death numbers are updated and they going up by hundreds every week.

  6. Tom M says

    While this is another of 10’s of thousands of regrettable stories, there is no doubt that this man should avoid any further injections. The big pharma drug companies couldn’t care less how many are poisoned to death by their nefarious potions.

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      Maybe, if this has been a wakeup call, he will prevent them from injecting his child, too.

  7. kkk says

    Zionist mafia making money

  8. Juan says

    Depraved élites sad that the victim had a chance to breed! Population reduction FAIL.

  9. Mr Reynard says

    IMHO, that schmuck must be the butt joke of the century ?

  10. Dick says
  11. Dan M. says

    Three important links to information the mainstream media censors. If you disagree with any of this, then I suggest that you run right out and get yourself jabbed. Have a nice day!




  12. Ren says

    They can take the upper tier. I prefer the section in this global prison where I can avoid Dr. Mengele.
    Not sure how long the upper tier will last. I guess that’s why they need large numbers.

    Nice impersonation of a Covid karen too. “Everyone who won’t cater to my insane whims–which I pick off of TV–is a selfish meanie. They must sacrifice EVERYTHING to make me feel safe. That’s called being considerate.”

  13. Malatok says

    Ouch Witz waits with open gates for all the u$€less eaters…coz Kill Bill and fellow pedovore Mossad kiddy porn director Maxwell Epstein need you dead and the sooner the better.

    How can you ‘ave any pudding, if’n you can’t afford the meat?

    Pfizer macht frei…when you are tired of life and your own humanity. Then let the animals jabb your ass.

    And yes I am not only against all the pharma cartel filth…iIam against all the filth the pharma cartel scum peddle. So stick your vaxx in the appropriate orifice.

  14. Tokwa says

    Marko, that man is going to be a Father support to his kids left by his wife. Horrible is not the term. Remember? Kids, kiddos left by the poor wife to her poor husband. Could you take and Father for them all? Please?

  15. jha says

    if you don’t want the vaccine then don’t get the vaccine.
    i frankly do not care whether you die from the virus or the vaccine.
    just as long as you die.

    1. Rob Ambrose says

      Thank-you for your kind words. I think we all die eventually (physically) but our souls are eternal, so I find your comment a bit confusing, as though you haven’t already figured that out or are being ironic (unless your American, obviously.) :0

  16. Steven Rowlandson says

    People can’t be blamed for not committing suicide via an inoculation. Selfpreservation is normal and natural. Taking the shot isn’t..

  17. Jimmy Scott says

    I won’t get a vaccine because I am certain we did not have a pandemic. That being said claiming everyone who dies 2 weeks after the shot is dying form the shot is foolish.

    People die and millions have taken the shot. many of them would die even if it was just saline.

    The pandemic is designed to get people to blame China and the flu for the US federal Reserve Note hyper inflating and eventually crashing. We should blame the people who crashed the economy by creating wealth from nothing and passing it to their ethnic group.

    The people who are loyal to Tel Aviv are responsible for this mess.

  18. Afshin Nejat says

    So when it causes not (yet) lethal symptoms (harm), it is said that “it is working”.
    When it kills you, is it then also working? According to this man, mummy went to hospital because the “medicine didn’t work”. That’s just not in any way honest. It’s not medicine, but it did what it was designed to do, which sometimes has lethal side effects. Goodness people are thick.

  19. abinico warez says

    This insane push to vaccinate against what is nothing more than the flu must have some ulterior motive. Pharma profits? Maybe. World control – also maybe. But no matter how you look at it – it is very strange.

  20. Zang says

    Only problem with this article is what happened to his wife is not that rare ! Check out the VAERS website and understand that less than 10% are registered.

  21. Thomas Turk says

    But.. nobody held a gun t her head to get it, right? If better informed, and not following other dim sheep, she’d b be alive

  22. Mr. Natural says

    5% of the world’s population is planned to survive the culling. These are the 390 million people hand-selected to serve and protect the elite “gods” of the coming New World Order, the One World Tyranny. The wealthy elites, all Jews, are estimated at 10 million including extended families, and will be joined by powerful non-Jew friends from political, corporate, military, intelligence, religious, educational, and other major fields, bringing the total of elites to about 20 million. Those elites will be served in the same luxurious ways they are currently accustomed to by their chosen servants.

    This plan isn’t so bad. The servants shall live as well as a middle class American family lives today and will be free to travel ALMOST anyplace on earth. The point is to keep them happy to keep their work topnotch. Due to the severe loss of humanity, the planet shall rebound fairly quickly (40 to 100 years) to the condition it was in 1,000 years ago (when the population was equivalent).

    Clean air, water, earth, flora and fauna shall enable all living beings from fish to birds to humans to flourish and be healthy. So if you are part of the elite or selected to serve, it will be a good life indeed. If you haven’t a chance of being chosen, FIND A JEW TO MARRY AND DO NOT DELAY!

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