Hong Kong People Have a Superiority Complex About Mainlanders

Since it's not possible to get the Brits to recolonise the city the next best thing is to get Westerners to interfere as much as possible

For a long time, I thought protesters who waved the colonial, British and American flags and sang their national anthems during protests were doing so just to spite Beijing and Chinese nationalists.

There is surely a strong element of that. Now, though, I realise some of them actually mean it. I have seen too many videos showing protesters and rioters who immediately calmed down, reacted reasonably and/or even backed away when Western-looking people intervened in their actions.

Whether it was blocking road traffic, rallying at the airport, stopping MTR trains from running or in a new YouTube clip, arguing with an expatriate woman who was tearing down messages from a “Lennon Wall” – they amazingly showed awe, respect or deference.

If a mainlander or a local did it, they would beat them up.

Given the chance, there is a small but vocal subset of Hong Kong people who really want the Brits to recolonise the city or the Americans to take it over. But since that’s an impossibility, they accept the next best thing, which is to get those Western countries to interfere in Hong Kong as much as possible.

That may be hard for outsiders, especially mainlanders, to understand. Didn’t Hong Kong get over a century and a half of colonial rule like it was yesterday?

But forget about Britain’s legitimate interest in Hong Kong; or debates about China’s obligations under the Sino-British Joint Declaration and whether the treaty’s main functions have been superseded by the Basic Law, the city’s mini-constitution. Those are afterthoughts, justifications used to invite the Brits to interfere. They are basically academic.

We are not even talking about the viability of communist or authoritarian government. At a gut level, many Hongkongers believe they are fundamentally superior to mainlanders, so there is something deeply wrong about being ruled by barbarians. At the same time, they believe they are equal or possibly inferior to Westerners. Well, if they have to be ruled by someone, their preference, however unrealistic, is clear. Ironically, that’s a common Chinese trait – to place peoples within a “barbarian hierarchy”, say, South Asians, Filipinos and Indonesians in Hong Kong.

Whether and to what extent they succeed in realising it, most Western societies at least have a strong cultural attachment to the ideal of equality. It’s rather different in Chinese societies. Perhaps if more Hongkongers admit their inferiority-superiority complex about mainlanders, we may all have an easier time coexisting.

Source: South China Morning Post

  1. JustPassingThrough says

    seems to me the best thing they can do is keep rioting until they find themselves at the level they think the mainlanders are at.
    burn baby burn until you burn yourselves out.
    were any of these folks alive when the brits were in charge?

  2. All_has_An _END_. says

    The West is evil and broke and full of Hubris and will treat them as Second class citizens.
    Why would anyone join this club ???

  3. LS says

    All of that may be true–I have no way of knowing from where I am sitting. If it is, someone should tell them that the English are a race of inherent idea-o-logues and conformists. They also lack intellectual honesty and moral courage. Oh, and a good number of their males are weaklings and strange sexual perverts. They can barely produce a decent physical male or female specimen. Why a Chinaman would admire them, I have not a clue.

    Anyway, the sooner the mainlanders start rolling heads, the better. If there is anything I cannot stand it is young people who think they understand anything. They simply do not.

    1. LS says

      Furthermore, I am heavily invested in China and Russia, and I accordingly do not want to see either tolerating Western-engineered seperatist movements or lefty cultural changes. None of it should be tolerated. Violence should be used to end it immediately. No tear gas. No water cannon. Tanks, clubs and firing squads–that is how you handle it.

      1. James Willy says

        And use the tanks, to drive down the streets and run over these scum. Squash them under the tracks, >then< bring in the water cannons to wash the blood and guts out to sea.

  4. Nex says

    What’s even funnier is that these delusional HKers are pandering to a West who has nothing to offer to them but virtue signalers AKA loudmouthed keyboarding cowards.

    1. pooi-hoong chan says

      It is the Stockholm Sydrome

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