Hilarious: In 2014 Vice President Biden Claimed China Was Inherently Incapable of Innovating

Certainly an 'innovative' thing to say, even in 2014

From “incapable of innovating” to $600bn infrastructure bills in a hope to keep up with it

Vice President Joe Biden blasted China on Wednesday in a speech about foreign policy, arguing the country hasn’t produced anything innovative.

“China-and it’s true – is graduating six to eight times as many scientists and engineers as we have. But I challenge you, name me one innovative project, one innovative change, one innovative product that has come out of China,” the vice president said forcefully.

His comments came in a commencement ceremony at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. The vice president stressed that the country’s record on human rights has stymied its progress on other fronts, like innovation.

Biden recalled that during the 90s, there was growing concern Japan would become a major threat and economic competitor–”that Japan was the future,” he said.

Then, he said, people started saying the same thing about China. That’s when he made his remark that even though China is producing more scientists, they aren’t producing innovative products.

“And I want Japan to succeed as I do China,” he continued. “But give me a break.”

The vice president has argued in the past that China struggles with innovation.

When he visited the country in December, he urged young students at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing to challenge the status quo, saying “innovation can only occur where you can breathe free.”

It’s an argument he has brought to Chinese President Xi Jinping, as well.

“Everyone who made their way to America in the first instance came because their human rights were not being totally valued,” Biden said he told the Chinese president. “It’s stamped into the DNA of America.”

He has also talked about what he sees as a lack of Chinese innovation during trips to Iowa in 2012. At Iowa State University, he told students that China is “not innovating.”

Other themes from Biden’s speech Wednesday echoed President Obama’s same-day address on foreign policy at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

As the combat mission in Afghanistan comes to a close, Biden told the graduates that they’re still entering a world of obstacles.

“As we end an era of war, your mission may be different, but you will face challenges no less formidable and complex. Your work will be every bit as vital and we badly need you,” he said.

“The poet Thoreau said, ‘A bluebird carries the whole sky on his back.’ Well you are Falcons, and you carry America on your back,” he continued. “You carry America on your back. And America will have your back forever.”

Source: CNN

  1. Sally Snyder says

    As shown in this article, one of America’s largest defense contractors accidentally shared defense technology with China:


    Fortunately for the company, their significant expenditures on lobbying and campaign contributions resulted in a relatively paltry fine.

    1. ken says

      accidentally…. lol

  2. ken says

    Other than how to extort people out of their earnings and liberties,,, what could a politico con who accomplished nothing of value his entire life know about innovation?

    Today his big goal is to coerce 70% of Americans to get the kill shot by “Independence Day” while simultaneously his entire freak regime stooges are doing everything they can to deride those that founded the country.

  3. Raptar Driver says

    In 1999 he said all Serbians are illiterate baby killer’s.
    This is the type of criminal muppets we have as leaders.

  4. Zhonghua says

    The old bitch Biden needs to STFU

    China has surpassed the US in AI, robotics, 5G, and already has hypersonic missiles in service.

    The BRI seems to scare him so much that now he wants to copy it lol

    The only innovations coming from the USA is pure stupidity!

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