Heroic England Fans Stormed Stadium With 23,000 Empty Seats — Hundreds Made It In

23,000 seats cordoned off by the COVID Rouge

The anti-human media keeps denouncing them as “ticketless” fans, but the reason they were ticketless was that attendance was capped at 75 percent by the COVID Rouge. There was still plenty of empty seats, the tickets for which they would have been happy to buy.

In a normal scenario ticketless people forcing their way in is a problem because it leaves people who paid without seats, but in this case, there were 23 thousand (!) seats still available. Plenty of room for all.

The UEFA football authorities are already notorious for releasing a low proportion of tickets for sale to fans and preferring to instead distribute them in various crony ways. But when you cap attendance for ideological reasons on top of that, that compounds the problem and raises the anger.

There was no good reason for caps. 18 thousand were allowed to see the opening England match against Croatia. This was raised to 67 thousand for the final game, but could have been the full 90 thousand if not for the restrictions for restriction’s sake.

Everyone who made it in, or just made the attempt — we salute you! Life over death cults!

The Daily Mail:

Police have launched an urgent bid to find the ticketless football fans who stormed through the security barriers and entered the Wembley Stadium ahead of the Euros final.

Dozens of fans were filmed trampling down the security cordon before running into the Club Wembley entrance, the closest point of entry from Wembley Way, as stewards and riot police desperately chased after them ahead of the national side’s biggest game for more than half a century.

The stampede of invaders draped with England flags were then seen rushing up the steps to the stands and barging their way through stunned security guards as hundreds of fans inside the stadium tried to stop them, with some even throwing punches at them.

A total of 19 officers were hurt trying to stop them and the Metropolitan Police Federation criticised the groups responsible.

It said: “These people should be ashamed of themselves. They are not fans. They are thugs. We wish our injured colleagues well.”

Footage showed a massive surge of fans crushing their way through security barriers at Wembley and then running away from stewards as scenes descended into chaos.

Elsewhere, ticketless spectators inside the stadium were thrown to the ground and kicked and punched by other fans after they pushed past security and tried to make their way into the football ground.

One man was also seen covering his head as an angry crowd threw punches at him as he lay on the ground.

The ticketless fans were then spotted blocking stairs, corridors, aisles and disabled spaces inside the stadium as onlookers at the game pleaded with stewards to remove the intruders.

It came as England lost the Euro 2020 final on penalties to Italy, extending the Three Lions’ 55 years of hurt with Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka missing from 12 yards like manager Gareth Southgate in 1996.

Despite two saves by Jordan Pickford, England missed three consecutive penalties crowning Italy champions and breaking hearts in front of 60,000 fans at Wembley.

Following the chaotic scenes tonight, the Metropolitan Police confirmed there had been a ‘breach of security’ at the stadium and said they were working with stadium officials to ‘identify those without tickets’.

A spokesperson for the force said: ‘Earlier this afternoon there was a breach of security at Wembley Stadium, which resulted in a small number of people getting into the stadium without a ticket.

‘Officers worked closely with security officials to prevent any further breaches. We will also support action by Wembley Stadium officials to identify those without tickets and eject them.’

A Wembley Stadium spokesperson added: ‘There was a breach of security and a small group of people got into the stadium. We are now working closely with stadium stewards and security to remove these people. Anyone inside the stadium without a ticket will be instantly ejected.’

Following the scenes, the Football Association denounced those who forced their way in as ‘an embarrassment’ and vowed to work with authorities to ‘take action’ against them.

In a statement posted on Twitter, a spokesperson said: ‘We strongly condemn the behaviour of a group of people that forced their way into Wembley Stadium before the EURO 2020 Final. This is entirely unacceptable.

‘These people are an embarrassment to the England team and to all of the true fans who wanted to enjoy one of the most important matches in our history.’

One fan inside the ground told The Independent: ‘There are hundreds, maybe over a thousand, fans who have got in without tickets. There’s no police or security. People are scared. It’s an absolute disgrace.’

The force later confirmed that they had made a total of 45 arrests while policing today’s Euro final.

They said: ‘We have made 45 arrests while policing today’s Euro2020 final.

‘A number of officers remain on duty, helping fans leaving Wembley or central London. We are there to look out for your safety.’

It comes as England fans flocked to Wembley in their thousands to be part of one of the biggest nights in English football history.

At half time, there was a mix of optimism and nerves among the several thousand who cramped outside the main gates of Wembley Stadium.

Despite the rain, the ticketless supporters huddled together, watched by lines of police, singing and letting off flares.

Student Jemma Lord, 18, of Hounslow, said: ‘I’ve never experienced anything like this. My dad, who is 56, was in tears all day as there is so much hope.’

Ahead of the game, England fans were sent into a frenzy as they clambered onto buses outside Wembley, packed out pubs and set off flares in King’s Cross and Leicester Square.

In Piccadilly Circus, one fan was spotted leaping from the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain into a crowd of excited supporters and outside the Wembley Stadium others were spotted climbing onto traffic lights and poles.

Meanwhile drunken supporters thronged other parts of the capital, gathering en masse in Leicester Square and at several major railway stations, to revel in one of Britain’s biggest sporting occasions in decades.

The heart of London was heaving from mid afternoon, with fans singing on London underground trains and thousands drinking and dancing outside Trafalgar Square.

Accountant Greg Stinson, 39, from East London, said: ‘I was at Wembley for the semi and that was rocking, but it’s almost as good here with a quality atmosphere. I’m just hoping it doesn’t go to penalties.’

And Pharmacist Khai Nguyen, 34, draped in a St George’s flag, said: ‘Italy are tough but I think we can do it. Whatever happens, the team has lifted the whole country after Covid.’

As the chaotic scenes began to unravel, British Transport Police – which patrols the country’s rail network – reported ‘multiple cases’ of flares being set off inside London stations.

‘We’re working with train operators to ensure the continuation of services & to ensure everyone can travel safely,’ the force said, adding: ‘these incidents are offences & will be investigated’.

The scenes came as a man was taken to hospital after he was struck by a bus on High Road, Wembley, at around 5.50pm, police said.

As the chaos ensued, London’s Metropolitan Police and Mayor Sadiq Khan were also forced to take to Twitter to urge fans not to travel to Wembley without match tickets, with the force noting officers were ‘on hand engaging with crowds and to keep people safe’.

Yesterday, crowds of fans draped in England flags arrived outside Wembley, the Home of Football, several hours before kick-off. Some even climbed on top of a bus outside the grounds, while others outside King’s Cross station in the capital let off red and white smoke during the celebratory build-up.

Although tickets quickly sold out, a category A seat became available at 2pm for around £810, and was snapped up almost immediately. MailOnline previously found tickets selling for tens of thousands of pounds on so-called ‘touting’ websites the day after the semi-final against Denmark.

Ahead of the game, the Metropolitan Police urged fans not to come to London unless they have match tickets or somewhere booked to watch the game.

The sad state of Wembley for England-Croatia
  1. Ultrafart the Brave says

    Gatecrashers – heroes.

    Corona Chan stooges – idiots. A huge pool of intellectually malleable candidates for the next police recruitment drive.

  2. ken says

    Yeah,,, the cowards will storm the sports stadiums but not the political centers that are issuing killer fatwas. They’ll charge the police for ‘the game’ but gladly hand over their children to the medical nazis for vaxxes that will do them serious harm.

    Hero’s? You tell me….

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      Not particularly bright – but heroes nonetheless.

      1. speciem libertatis says

        Well Said

    2. Jerry Hood says

      You coward, you just bitch from your sofa…

      1. Robert I Bruce says

        Hey Jerry, the guy is right. Storming a football stadium just to see a game does nothing to those behind all of the madness. One of their agents might have instigated it. The whole thing is called safety valve. Let the plebes let off some harmless steam for a moment and the next day the go back being the good drones they are.

  3. Helga Weber says

    On the topic of Covid, good video to see:

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      Thanks for that link Helga.

      That video is absolutely critical for anyone who wants to understand both the history and the scale of the planning and collaboration by creepy Bill and Uncle Klaus and the rest of the Davos crowd to get the Corona Chan “pandemic” up and running.

      The audacity and sheer evil of the project is astounding – these people must be ecstatic that they seem to be getting away with it..

  4. Jerry Hood says

    We didn’t see Fauci-sm in Budapest,Hungary filling up Puskas Arena to the last seat! 9nly the Western ZioNAZIS, terrorise its mostly goyim population! Still, those who got into the game without tickets, beat up the ZIOnazi regime!!! Great job!!!

  5. speciem libertatis says

    the Sheep at their best behavior

  6. Mr Reynard says

    Heroic ??? A fun for the scum, while we the masters & lord are making money on them

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