Herd Immunity Is Not a Choice. One Way or Another It’s Happening

The only choice we get in the matter is if we allow the pillaging classes to package all manner of evils with it

Herd immunity is not a choice. One way or another it’s happening. The only choice we have in the matter is if it’s going to come about in the least painful way possible where the vulnerable are protected and normal life goes on. Or in the most painful way possible where unprecedented damage is dealt to the division of labor, an enormous number of lockdown and deprivation deaths are added to the virus toll, as well as a police and a surveillance state, and a further entrenching of the pillaging elites.

Mammals and seasonal viruses have co-evolved for millions of years. To think the infinitely biased, self-interested, virtue signaling, and self-deluding, corrupt parasitic classes and their cronies, cheerleaders and lackeys are suddenly better equipped to handle this for you than something that has been developed through millions of years of evolutionary trial and error is the height of folly.

That is, it would be folly if it wasn’t coming from a place of self-interest where identification with the elites, the system, and the pillaging classes makes your automatic brain (“the elephant” in Haidtian terms) see that expansion of their pillaging power, the entrenchment of their predatory hold on the society, and the further growth of their status against the new serfs is to your advantage.

That your conscious brain (“the rider” in Haidt’s terms) actually believes that is not true, and that you are carrying water for the establishment solution for “the good of all” is of no big significance in the mater. As evolutionary psychologists will tell you humans have evolved to actually consciously buy their own self-serving nonsense no matter how idiotic it actually is, because protestations of virtue sound better, and are likelier to fool others when they are actually believed by the signaler himself.

In other words, natural selection actually favored those capable of lying to themselves, and believing in their own righteousness no matter how high they were stacking up the bodies, which explains both the original Khmer Rouge, and the today’s version.

Death to the COVID Rouge!

SIDEBAR: Vaccination is nothing but pushing forward the onset of that same herd immunity by artificial means.

However, seeing that vaccinated individuals will actually still develop (a mild or asymptomatic) infection and even possibly shed virus, there is no reason why the low-risk segment of the population should not go out and acquire the same immunity right now through exposure to the actual virus.

To anyone mostly healthy a vaccine is unlikely to be any safer than exposure, and even if it would be, the risk is already so small it’s not worth the insane medical martial law being waged against you to spare you the infection (not that it is fulfilling that purpose anyway).

It is curious that the policy of the pillaging classes has been to do everything to stop the one thing that would actually work and that would not require they do anything “for us” or to us. Fortunately for us, so far the evidence is that lockdowns do not even delay the build-up of herd immunity. While the pillaging aristocracy has had great success in cowing the society and lording over us as Maoist gods, our biological natures are another matter entirely and are coming through to our rescue. It is the only silver lining in all of this, that despite the ferocity of their attempts to keep us vulnerable to the virus, herd immunity is nonetheless marching ever nearer. Our mammalian immune systems may yet deliver us from the clutches of the managerial class tyranny that we have not been able to free ourselves by our wits and courage.

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